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[13th November 2133 - House Amoresse of Vale, Realm: Near-Way. Around the 6th hour…]




At the Villas training yard was the pompous swordsman Johnny Paige. He flickered and danced his blade, striking at the armored puppet at every direction with pinpoint precision.

The atmosphere was humid, yet he was glaze with sweat from top to bottom as he continued against the puppet that tried parrying against his strikes.

The puppets on the training ground were in fact automatons inbuilt with their very own difficulty settings to help the trainees push on through to the next stage.

Johnny was one of the few that had his puppet at max difficulty, where it proves to be up to par, was still not a match for him rendered at all of its weak points.

"Haah… Haa…phew…" He called it a day and the puppet went according to his will, and by its function went to its repair station.

By then multiple people especially the women who stopped their training to observe his began worshiping him in cheer.

"Heh…" He chuckled, taking his sweat tower, wiping himself down, then afterwards tossed it into the swarm.

He wasn surprised that they would fight over it, and by his words; "Im just that good." As he proceeded to take a selfie where even the fighting crowds was within his frame.

He would look unto the Villa, the same thing that always comes to mind:

"Lady Goldheart…" And the only thing he knows about this mysterious woman is that she is from a wealthy family in Uttoshelm, and contributed to their sponsorship.

He must admit he isn very knowledgeable about the natives of Uttoshelm otherwise known as the Dwarves, but what he does know is that they are among the most respected of all races.

"If I do meet her one day, I must thank her for this opportunity." Honestly, compared to the 100 ranked family, the 300 ranked family, and even the 500 ranked family within Near-Way, he is like a clog since he himself is from a low middle-class family.

When this new settlement was made and when Section C offered opportunities for a career for any nationality and family, he signed up for it.

Though there was a catch, and that is that the settlement would provide limited accommodation, and this was a slight for people like him who doesn have the connections, the family, nor was he an early bird for the limited spaces.

That was until Lady Goldheart decided to provide sponsorship for the likes of him. He had just been here for nearly two weeks and already entry the free housing, free food, free right, allowances, and its personal training ground.

"Does this partially have to do with her name?" He wondered, and whilst he was still within his thought, he heard:

"Where are they going?"

"What is going on?"

And hearing this commotion; "Huh?" He looked to see a dozen security guard were rushing across the hedges at a bolted pace.

He then looked up and saw one of the mansion carrier flying over as it began descending.

"It seems like the Factor is here…" Johnny turned in the direction of this feminine voice.

Before him was a young woman similar to his age. She has long black hair, green eyes, and clear skin.

She was adorned in a black top that was covered with a black coat, long white leggings, and black and white shoes.

Her name was Bella Osburne, and if one were to ignore her cat like ears as authentic, then they might not perceive her as a catkin. She was reading a book.

Am convinced that she didn look up when she said any of that! He was sure as this was a typical behavior of this unsociable beauty.

Regardless, "Its about time we know who this Herald is…" He was indeed intrigue, especially when being told this Herald was from Near-Way.

Heralds tend to be outsiders whom any being of sovereignty take a liking to and give to them provision whilst making them their agent.

Such was difficult, but such was even more difficult among the Dwarves, and this is one of the reasons why everyone here was curious on who he was.

"The Pearl of Lady Goldheart." It is what Bella said, and judging by that name alone, he must really be favored by Lady Gold heart and may be the reason he is her Factor.

"There is a rumor that he is just as pretty as I am, but I wonder if hes just as strong

" He must admit he would like to challenge this individual.


And with that Bella closed her book then looked at him incredulously; "is she mad?" Johnny wondered, since she has done this a few times whenever she finds others annoying.

"It wouldn be wise to attack an important person of The Patroness even if its a challenge, and for our sake we don know how hes like!" He eyes looked to him slightly feral as she kept her monotone.

"Jeez, am just joking…" He put his hands up, confirming that he will lay off.

"Hmm…" But she didn quite believe that, but turned away from him, following suit along with the others that went to see this Factor.


"Is this really okay?" Ask Saline as the Carrier was about to land. She was obviously worried on what was discussed earlier.

"I know what I said had frightened you, but it is yet to be confirmed. I would implore you to have confidence in me, I will protect all of you." Responded Sergile

"I will not let this repeat a second time if it proves to be true…" and his words bought a little more comfort for them.

And when the carrier had landed at the entrance of the villa, the girls on board couldn help but utter "Oh wow!" For what was before them was a mega sized luxurious villa with well-crafted road, and well-designed hedges.

"Ah, young master, you have arrived!" And greeting them as they came was a short and stocky man of 5.2ft (1.58 m) tall known as Mamre the Head Butler, who was also the house manager.

He looked to be an aged figure with short gray hair and Mustache. He was actually an automaton that may not be able judged accurately if they pay less attention to his eyes[That of which was digital], then again even that was fashioned with shades . Not only that, but he was constructed in Shirlene Forestry and was reprogrammed and remodeled for such works.

Likewise, the maids and every household worker that were not security or farmers were Automatons made by Shirlene Forestry.

"Hows it going, old captain?" So Sergile greeted in turn as their union broke out into a hug.

"I missed you very much…" Sergile expressed wholeheartedly lifting the man up into the air. Such a scene was heart-warming.

"Woah, easy now I may be made of metal but you

e not a weak little kid anymore…" Said Mamre in a struggle.

When they separated, they proceeded to laugh. Now:

"I also see that you had brought along guests, come, why not let us show you around!" Thus, he removed Saline and her maidens from Sergiles hands, who delegated them. Mamre ordered the maids to guide them to their rooms and show them around.

By then, Saline and her maidens had adorned a veil over their faces and wore a dress per Sergiles instruction that covered their entire body.

And yet, the men could still dictate their figure and gave lustful eyes openly. They fell not; the women were not offended by their gazes.

When this was being done, he nodded to both Riel and Edamame, who called the follow-up Security Personals on board before leaving on the very same carrier.

"I see thats you had kept everything tidy and sound, good job!" Sergile said as compliment to Mamre.

"Am just doing what I was programmed for, my Lord!" Sergile nodded and elaborated no further.

But before he went on, he asked Mamre:" Where is Rhea?" Since he was at least expecting a greeting from her, though, he hoped…

"She ran to the mart 15 minutes ago, but she also said that she will be a little late!" And with that answered, Sergile sighed in relief.

So Mamre guided his superior to the Manor, and under the heavy gazes of everyone present, he felt as though he was being treated like a celebrity:

"This is the Factor? He looks so young…"

"Yeah, he looked almost as old as us, but how is he already so favored?"

"He looks strong and incredibly handsome, too…."

"Man, I wish I was at least lucky to be in his shoes!"

And honestly, he can help but chuckled at some of these remarks mixed with praise, envy, and probably enmity...

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