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Chapter 1037: Real Shock

Chen Rui didnt move rashly.

He just kept his head up, looking up at thesun in the sky.

Although it was looking up, it seemed to be a parallel glance.

Thesun quickly transformed into a human shape, and the dazzling rays of light gradually subsided.

Those pure white eyes shot a sharp sword-like gaze, covering Chen Rui.

Raphaels mood at the moment could be described asrage with no outlet – That ant-likeArthur, actually deceived me! He deceived the whole Holy Light Mountain and even 1 of the supreme rulers of the entire human world!

Raphael was previously delayed by a mysterious purple figure at Light Divinity Temple.

Later, he gradually investigated and finally found therat.

He originally wanted to capture and torture therat, but it was very cunning.

In the end, he actually blew himself up and died with no remains.

Judging from the previous familiarity of the mysterious intruder with the ancient runes formation in the area of ​​Light Divinity Temple, it was definitely well planned, so there must be a traitor.

Since the last time Python led someone into the temple to steal the Wind Badge, almost all the inscription formations in the Holy Light Mountain area had been replaced and re-arranged by Michael and Raphael.

Even peak stage Pseudo-Gods like Python and Satan couldnt easily break through the protection and reach the top of the Holy Light Mountain, but this mysterious man could come directly to the Light Divinity Temple without being detected, and he can use the inscription array of the temple itself turned against him.

It must be a traitor who appeared after the Python incident.

In recent times, there was only 1 person who best met this condition: TheHoly Child Arthur handpicked by Raphael!

So Raphael rushed to the Cloud Platform immediately after eliminating the purple intruder, just in time to see the scene ofArthur suppressing Camael.

All the doubts in his heart were finally resolved.


The Golden Estate, the main altar, the Holy Light Mountain… The past events flashed through Raphaels mind.

He was over the roof – I have been fooled by this damn ant for so long!

A powerful soul might shot directly from the furious eyes.

Even ifArthur was able to defeat Camaels peak stage of the Demi-God, he would collapse under this blow!

However, in Raphaels vision,Arthur was still looking directly at his might, and the gaze was clearly mocking.

All of a sudden, in the golden eyes ofArthur came a radiance of incomparable brilliance: Purple brilliance!

Raphael seemed to see a huge purple star, and the star seemed to turn into the shape of eyes again with a vast and profound meaning.

His soul might seemed to have disappeared into the endless void.

“The Evil Pupil!” This familiar feeling made Raphael blurt out.

With a move of his mind, he easily broke free from thedeepness, then he saw that theArthur in front of him had undergone earth-shaking changes.

The gorgeous and elegant purple armor had 6 wings on its back, exuding star-like brilliance.

This brilliance spread to the entire shining Cloud Platform was filled with purple starlight.

Even theprison of the spirit gathering magic circle could not block it.

Even spectators with low strength in the distance could sense the boundless vastness and power emanating from the breath.

This transformation made Landbis feel a little familiar, but she couldnt identify it immediately.

The closest Camael only felt that his entire soul trembled involuntarily under this power as if it was about to break out of his body.

He was extremely horrified — This power… is definitely not Demi-God!

Stanwell and Kilanya were also shocked: Pseudo-God!

Hes actually a Pseudo-God!

“It turns out to be you!” Raphael finally fully understood that therat that mixed into the Light Divinity Temple wasArthur! Everything was planned by him! The one who blew himself up at the Light Divinity Temple just now was just an avatar!

“Die!” Raphael knew that this enemy was extremely cunning.

A silver long stick appeared in his hand, and he pointed toward Chen Rui.

Although there was only 1 blow, the power was like a violent storm.

Countless light rays splashed toward Chen Rui.

In an instant, the entire space was divided into countless fragments, and the power was extremely astonishing.

This was not the Light Divinity Temple, which housed the Book of Creation and had

heavy protection, but thehome court of the spirit gathering magic circle, where Raphael could activate his strongest power without hesitation.

Chen Rui was about to try to deal with it when he suddenly felt his soul tremble.

At the same time, a warning sound came from the Super System – Raphaels soul attack!

Although the Evil Pupil just now offset Raphaels attack, this time it was far stronger than the last time, and it was a shock-type attack.

Even the Super System couldnt nullify it.

He felt dizzy and almost fainted.

At this moment of hesitation, Chen Rui was completely engulfed by countless light rays.

He only had time to faintly hear 2 words.

[Slow As Forest].

Raphael, who succeeded in one move, frowned and looked in another direction, where Chen Rui, who should have been annihilated, appeared unharmed.

Raphael sensed some kind of law might.

His pupil suddenly shrank, “Time!”

This was no longer an ordinary law but a real might.

Just now,Arthur activated the time might, using the change in time flow to escape at a critical moment.

From the previous suspected ability of theEvil Pupil to the presenttime, Raphael thought of another old rival of the Demon Realm: Satan

This enemy was definitely not Satan, otherwise he definitely couldnt launch attacks freely like this.

However, it was certain that the opponent had a time might that was similar to Satan, which was quite rare.

Although Raphael was surprised, his movement didnt slow down.

He tapped the long stick, and his figure transformed into countless overlapping images, which spread around.

He instantly turned into hundreds of them.

Hundreds of Raphaels released dazzling radiance, turning into light streams that intertwined.

Chen Rui felt a terrifying pressure as the nearby space was completely frozen.

His body actually lost the ability to shift or flash.

Even time law could not avoid it.

The high-speed light streams stacked together to form a magnificent and huge throne.

There were thousands of lights behind it.

Raphaels own image appeared on the throne.

The silver long stick in his hand was like a rulers staff as though he was a god.

As soon as this image appeared, even Kilanya and Stanwell, who were watching the battle, had the urge to worship.

Many of the guests fell to the ground directly.

Raphaels eyes fixed on Chen Rui below, and he recited,

“The ignorant, who rejoice in their folly and still do not wake up, are like dead animals…”

“God has mercy on the people but not on the wicked and deceitful sinners…”


In the depth of Chen Ruis [Analytical Eyes], these gorgeous images were actually countless ancient runes that spread out, which was one of Raphaels killing moves, [Throne of Heavenly Sacrifice]!

Chen Rui once saw Raphael use this trick to completely annihilate the projection of Fear Lord Sosbach.

Now that he was in the scene, he knew the power of this might.

This blow integrated Raphaels soul might.

His soul, under the oppression and seal of the throne, was constantly disintegrating, almost annihilated.

Raphael secretly sneered when the opponents momentum was getting weaker and weaker under the power of the [Throne of Heavenly Sacrifice].

He was about to slam the silver long stick in his hand to end the short battle, but he felt a weakening of strength.

The long stick in his hand suddenly stopped going down.

It was not just the long stick, but the entire momentum of the [Throne of Heavenly Sacrifice] seemed like a gas-filled ball being pierced by a sharp needle, receding like a tide.

At this moment, Chen Rui had broken free of that kind of soul seal and appeared in the air in the distance.

“Deprivation might!” Raphael immediately reacted in surprise, “Who are you!”

Sariels power of the Evil Pupil, Satans time law, Pythons deprivation might… This person is most likely related to the Demon Realm.

When did the Demon Realm have such a character!

Since the one at the Light Divinity Temple was just a distraction, what is his real purpose of coming to the Holy Light Mountain

“Who am I” Chen Rui glanced at Lex the Great in the distance and laughed, “Am I notArthur”

This frantic laughter was full of sarcasm and disdain.

Now, everyone knew that this could not be PrinceArthur of the Dragon Bright Empire at all but a very powerful being.

A super powerhouse that could rival the strongest 3 archangels below god.

It turned out that Lex the Greats previouswarning is actually true! Its just that everyone took thistruth as a joke at the time!

Flames flickered in Lexs eyes as he looked at Chen Rui who was laughing wildly.

Only he knew that this laughter was to say goodbye to him again.

Although it seemed impossible to anyone today that this incomparably powerful being was Lexs son, Lex knew in his mind that this wasArthur.

Even if a considerable part of his memory was indeed fused with some kind of inheritance, he was stillArthur, his son.

He could sense it.

Lex finally understood why Arthur dared totake the risk several times to go to the palace without any guards.

There was no need for guards at all because this son was far stronger than any guard.

Now it seemed that some of his concerns and fears were ridiculous.

From the beginning, the yellow dragon wine, magic game, and the entire Golden Estate were gifts to his father.

– What you want is the path you choose.

Spread your wings and fly freely.

I get it now.

No matter whichArthur you are.

My son.

Lex took a deep breath and hugged Freya behind him.

The girl hid behind her father and stared nervously at the battle with big eyes.

“It doesnt matter who you are.” Raphael said ghastly, “Today there is only one way, death!”

Although Chen Rui showed the strength of Pseudo-God, and his means were quite strange, he was still quite far from the peak stage of the Pseudo-God after all.

Generally speaking, the higher the super-level, the greater the gap between the levels.

As the peak stage of the Pseudo-God, Raphael did not take Chen Rui seriously.

“Dont even give me a chance to surrender” Chen Ruis smile turned indifferent, “You are also the so-calledSupreme 3 archangels, but youre more petty than Michael.

No wonder youre ranked after him.”

The last sentence that implied provocation made Raphaels brows slightly pick up, but he had already roughly guessed in his mind.

With a flick of the silver long stick in his hand, there were ripples in the surrounding space that were shaken by powerful forces, “So its… Hmph! Where is Python”

“Dont worry,” Chen Rui shrugged, “She… is resting for the time being.”

“Its you who should be worried.” Raphael sneered.

Dozens of pillar phantasms appeared in the spirit gathering magic circle, faintly emitting lightning.

Some kind of special change had taken place in the nearby space, “Your biggest mistake is not escaping before I came.

Now, even if you want to go, its too late.

Even with the help of Pythons Tower of Glory, you may not be able to escape under the confinement of this great formation!”

“Python is really not there, and you seem to perceive an important thing wrongly.” Chen Rui smiled as his eyes glowed strangely.

The 2 pupils seemed to be entirely opposite, “But before I prove your mistake, I want to try the latest skill I came up with…”

The laughter suddenly overlapped, and Chen Ruis figure split into 3 in the blink of an eye, surrounding Raphael.

Holy Light Robes [Light Splitting]

Raphael faintly had a dangerous omen.

He couldnt believe that it was actually caused by therat in front of him.

The bodies of the 3 figures quickly shone with red light.

“[Invade Like Fire]!”

In the shout, a terrifying breath of incomparable essence spread out.

“Destruction origin! No, not only…” Raphael was finally shocked.

TL: He can already rival Pseudo-God

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