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35 – Happy Fat Freeloader

「Hmm… Here, I guess」

I am currently sitting across Eleanor separated by a table.

On top of said table is a board.

On a square board separated into several squares, are a number of game pieces.

These pieces are divided up into a number of roles, each one dictating how that piece can move.

A game where we each take a turn to move a piece, and the one who crushes the enemy king is the winner.

When it was my turn, I picked up a piece, moved it over my enemy’s piece, and defeated it.

「…Well played.

It is my loss.」

I played something similar with the War God.

It took some time to get used to since the rules were a little different, but I got it around my fourth match.

This fourth match marks my first win.

Incidentally, Louto mentioned how she made a new sheathe for Mika, so Louto took her away.

She’s a holy sword that never leaves my side, but I guess that’s how much Louto has won her over.

Actually no, maybe she was just on edge, preparing for the inevitable clash with the Saviors when they come to take me back.

After seeing the War God’s letter and knowing that he plans to leave me alone here, she can relax.

「You did it, Rainy…! This is a victory brought forth by your Gladius-level ingenuity and indomitable spirit!」

The one yelling exaggeratedly is the Saint Marie.

Her fluffy, yellow long hair and beautiful skin are in good health today as well.

And now, two soft things are on my back.

That’s right, Marie is hugging me from behind.


Well done, Sir Rain.

Although, I could not help but be distracted during the game.

Ma-…Lady Marie, why are you hugging Sir Rain」

At first, I was casually playing a game with Eleanor, but then Marie appeared.

It seems she is utilizing her time off to come visit me.

Unlike how she rampaged her way here last time, she was teleported here with the Sage’s Space Element magic.

She understood that I was taking part in a game and wordlessly picked me up and sat down again.

I ignored this because I was focused on the game, but it seems like Eleanor couldn’t help but be bothered by it for some reason.

「Does a sister require a reason to hug her brother」

Said Marie, proudly.

The “Big Sis” I blurted out in order to get her to go home amicably turned out to be very precious to her.

「Gr… I have not forgiven you or any of the other Saviors for how you treated Sir Rain…!」

Eleanor is staring daggers into Marie.

Marie cocks her neck.

「Well, we did what was necessary to carry out the mission.

It was heartbreaking, but just how many lives were saved by Rainy’s efforts, hm I seem to recall that you are one of those lives he saved, yes」

「Are you trying to justify it…!」

「We are not arguing about what is just and what is not.

This is about what was necessary.

And what was necessary was the power of the Hero for the sake of Humanity and the innocent such as yourself.」

「Even so, you Saviors who forced him could have treated him like family-」

「Is that not for Rainy to decide」

This argument will never end.

Eleanor and gang’s opinions based on ethics or humane treatment are correct, of course.

However, just how many thousands or tens of thousands of people would not be alive today if the five Saviors had obeyed those rules

As for me, I don’t care about it anymore, so I don’t want you two to fight over it.

It’s not as if life with the Saviors was only filled with bad memories.

「I don’t really get it, but if you’re bothered by this, would you like to try it, Eleanor」

By “it”, I mean the whole hugging me from behind thing.

Marie is wary of how she behaves as a Savior, so she doesn’t act like a big sister in the public eye.

Since this is Demon Territory, she’s probably releasing her normally pent-up desires.

I think that’s fine, and I don’t mind if Eleanor is bothered by it.


I don’t mind…right

For some reason when I try to imagine it, my heart beats faster.


「That would not do! It is unwholesome!」

Shouted Marie, hugging me tighter.

The sensation of two soft things touching me from behind grew stronger.

「How dare you! Then, what of you…!」

For a moment, Eleanor’s face was one of pure joy but soon returned to one of anger as soon as Marie said that.

「A sister is considered an exception.

By me.」

「You tyrant! I can scarcely believe you are a Savior…!」

「Rainy is inexperienced with personal relationships, thus he might mistake the excitement from the slightest physical contact as feelings of love…!」

「You lot are the ones who forbade him from interacting with people in the first place…!」

「There are many who would foolishly wish to use Rainy! If he had tried to make a friend poorly, that person would surely use him to their advantage…!」

「While that may be true…!」

These two get into arguments really easily…

「Is that Hero kid here…!」

A beastman-type Demon with the head of a lion came into the room without knocking.

If I’m not mistaken, he’s one of the Big Four.

He was in that Demon King Army meeting room I went into before taking care of those guys who were holding a ritual to open a Rift.

He’s a guy, by the way.

A guy with a lustrous mane.

「Here I am.」

I used teleportation to get out of Marie’s grasp and stood in front of the lion man.

「I knew it.

Kid… You’ve gotten fatter…since the last time I saw you.」




「Not at all! Sir Rain was originally withering away, so this is what he should normally look like! Doesn’t he look adorable with his slightly chubby cheeks!」

Said Eleanor.

「No, it is just as that man said.

Eating and drinking to the heart’s content and napping whenever one has a break.

If one is fully supportive of all sorts of lazy acts, it would lead to health problems, no matter how happy it makes that person.

His body weight has most certainly increased since he ran away from home.」

Said Marie, calmly.

Have I…gotten fatter…

But all I did was eat some delicious food as much as I wanted, used Teleportation to get around, aside from playing with the kids, I barely moved, I finished battles in a flash, and I slept when I felt tired… So, how did I…

I just don’t get how I got fatter.

No, that’s a lie.

I get it.

It’s obvious.

「I do not plan to deny your treatment as a guest, but from what I heard, there is a lack of men around you.

Little Fripp is preoccupied.

If you wish to take back your childhood, I’ll lend you a hand.」

「L-lion man…!」

「It’s Leo.」


「Let’s go, Rain.」


I don’t mind gaining a little weight, but I don’t want to fall into depravity.

I need to shape up.

Also, I’m looking forward to what Leo is going to show me.

「So, Leo, what’re we gonna do」

「…We’re going camping.」


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