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Xu Youyou was so embarrassed.

She did not dare to meet Mo Shenbais gaze at all.

Her gaze was lowered as she replied in a small voice, “No.”

Let alone kissing Lin Yin, Xu Youyou did not even hold Lin Yins hand or hug Lin Yin.

Mo Shenbais heart skipped a beat; he was pleasantly surprised.

He did not expect that they were about to be married, but they had not…

Xu Youyou was filled with grievances at this moment.

She said, “My first kiss was taken away by you during the wedding.”


That was the first time they had met.

Mo Shenbai raised an eyebrow slightly.

‘That kiss that was like a dragonfly skimming the surface of the water is her first kiss

Mo Shenbais fingers gently caressed her delicate and soft lips.

All his frustrations seemed to disappear at this moment.

Xu Youyou reached out and tugged at his sleeve before she lowered her gaze and said softly, “Since you took my first… my first kiss, and you dont have anyone you like, why dont you let me pursue you Maybe, maybe youll end up liking me”


After saying that, Xu Youyou raised her head slightly to peek at Mo Shenbai.

When she met his gaze, she hurriedly lowered her head again.

Mo Shenbai looked at her red face and her shy expression.

She was so clean and pure, and he found her absolutely tempting.

Nonetheless, he had no intention of granting her wish so quickly; he was not done with teasing her.

He wanted to see how much she liked him.

“Didnt you say before that Im too old and that you dont have daddy issues”

Xu Youyou was stunned.

Although she was groggy, she remembered she had said something like this before.

She bit her lip, embarrassed, before she said, “At that time, I, I… I havent fallen in love with you yet.

Moreover, its true that youre older than I am.”

A hint of defiance could be heard in her voice at the end of her words.

Mo Shenbai laughed when he saw her slightly disgruntled expression.

“So now that you like me, does it mean that you dont mind that Im old”

‘Look at her double standards…

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Xu Youyou scratched her head, looking as though she was in a dilemma.

After a moment, she answered truthfully, “I… I still think youre a little old.

However, love, love has nothing to do with age or status! I like you so I dont care that youre 9 years older than me! Even if, even if youre 19 years older than me, Ill still like you!”


Mo Shenbais breathing hitched.

He did not know if he was touched by herI like you or what, but his dark expression vanished immediately.

His eyes darkened before he suddenly said, “Stop the car.”

Mo Shenbai did not know if Cang Ming had done it intentionally or not, but Cang Ming slammed on the brakes, causing Xu Youyou, who was still dizzy from the wine, to fall against him.

Mo Shenbai reacted quickly and grabbed her slender waist, pulling her to him.

His other hand held the back of her head, keeping her firmly in his embrace.

Cang Ming, who was very tactful and observant, silently left the car and walked a distant a way to have a cigarette.

Now that only the two of them were left in the car, the atmosphere was ambiguous.

Xu Youyous face was pressed firmly against his chest, and his hand at her waist was hot.

It was as though he was branding her.

She slowly raised her head, vaguely smelling his woodsy scent.

She licked her lower lip slowly, looking as though she had been bewitched.

Then, she asked softly, sounding coquettish, “Mo Shenbai, I dont think you hate me.

So, can you let me pursue you If you really find me annoying, I…”

Before Xu Youyou finished speaking, Mo Shenbais fingers pressed her against her lips.

His fingers were dry and hot, causing her to fall silent.

She blinked at him in confusion.

Before she could react, she heard his low and hoarse voice.


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