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Xu Youyou was sick, and she had just woken up.

She shook her head and said groggily, “I dont know.

If youre looking for Teacher Kang, shouldnt you go to his room Why are you looking for me”

The woman furrowed her slender eyebrows, and she grew even angrier.

However, in order to maintain her dignity, she could not vent her anger and could only suppress it.

At this time, Lin Zhihuan, who was standing next to the woman, stepped forward and said mockingly, “Xu Youyou, stop pretending! Someone said that Teacher Kang sent you back yesterday and didnt return.

He was with you the entire night.”

Xu Youyou asked in confusion, “Why are you here”

Lin Zhihuan raised her chin and said proudly, “This is Teacher Jiang Xue.

Shes my dance teacher.

Most importantly, shes also Teacher Kangs fiancee!”

Then, Lin Zhihuan looked at Xu Youyou provocatively.

Her expression seemed to say, “You didnt expect this, did you”

Xu Youyou was very calm as she turned to Jiang Xue and said politely, “Oh, so its Teachers fiancee.”

Jiang Xue sneered.

“Dont refer to me as your teachers fiancee.

Tell Kang Mingcheng to come out.

Since you dare to do this, dont hide!”

An expression of confusion appeared on Xu Youyous pale face as she said, “Teacher sent me back yesterday and left.

I really dont know where he went.

Why dont you call him if you want to find him”

Lin Zhihuan said impatiently as she looked around the small room, “If Teacher Jiang could get through to him would she have come to you He must be hiding somewhere, afraid that Teacher Jiang would find out about the affair!”

Xu Youyou coughed a few times.

Her bright eyes shone with anger as she said with a stiff expression, “Lin Zhihuan, Teacher Kang and I are innocent! Dont slander us!”

Lin Zhihuan laughed mockingly.

“Innocent Then, do you dare to let us search the room”

Xu Youyou was stunned.

However, Xu Youyous stunned expression looked like guilt in Jiang Xues eyes.

So, she gritted her teeth and said, “Huanhuan, search her room!”

Xu Youyou looked at Jiang Xue and took a deep breath before she said, “Miss Jiang, even if you dont trust me, shouldnt you trust Teacher Kang Do you think hed do something to betray you”

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Jiang Xue scoffed before she said confidently, “Of course, I trust him.

However, I dont trust you.

Ive seen many girls like you who want to get ahead in life using men.

In order to get money, become famous, or whatever reason, theres nothing they wont do!”

Jiang Xues voice was thick with disdain.

With these words, Xu Youyou no longer said anything.

She turned away with a helpless expression on her face.

Jian Xue turned to look at Lin Zhihuan meaningfully, and Lin Zhihuan tacitly began to search the room.

She opened the wardrobe against the wall, but there were only clothes and two towels hanging in there.

‘He must be in the bathroom…

Lin Zhihuan turned around and pushed the bathroom door open.

It was very small, and there was no place to hide.

With just a glance, she could see everything.

There was no one in there.

Lin Zhihuan returned to the room.

Her eyes were filled with confusion as she thought to herself,Impossible.

How could he not be in the room

Xu Youyou looked at Lin Zhihuan as she asked icily, “Did you find him”

Jiang Xue looked at Lin Zhihuan with a hint of confusion and blame in her eyes.

Lin Zhihuan did not notice Jiang Xues gaze.

She felt like Xu Youyou was ridiculing her with her words.

Her heart burned with anxiety, and her eyes darted around the room as she said, “A classmate saw Teacher Kang sending you back.

Everyone knows he takes extra care of you! Who would believe both of you are not having an affair”

The male classmate, who had been reprimanded previously, chimed in, “Thats right! Yesterday, Teacher Kang even bought her breakfast.

He didnt buy any of us breakfast!”



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