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The female classmate, who had been defending Xu Youyou over the past few days, did not speak up this time.

After all, it was true that Kang Mingcheng did not return after sending Xu Youyou back to the room yesterday.

Earlier, they had gone to Kang Mingchengs room.

The room was empty, and the bed was unslept in.

Moreover, it was true that Kang Mingcheng had always taken extra care of Xu Youyou.

Most importantly, she and everyone else were not close with Xu Youyou so they could not confidently vouch for her character.

For all these reasons, no one dared to speak out now that Kang Mingchengs fiancee was here.

Xu Youyou said to the boy, “Teacher Kang is a good teacher.

He only cares about his students.

Is this wrong”

Before the boy could reply, Lin Zhihuan interjected, “Of course, its not wrong for Teacher Kang to care about his students.

However, its wrong for a student to shamelessly seduce her teacher.

In the heat of the moment, its not Teacher Kangs fault if he had a lapse in judgment.”

Xu Youyous voice darkened as she said, “You keep accusing me of having an affair without any evidence.

Youre slandering me.

I can sue you for this.”

“Xu Youyou, stop pretending to be innocent.

My brother was with Sister Qingyu in the past, but they separated because you, the third party, used the elders of our two families to pressure him.

Otherwise, he wouldnt have broken up with her,” Lin Zhihuan said, filled with righteous indignation.

It was as though she was the messenger of justice.

Lin Zhihuan continued to say, “After forcing my brother to marry you, you suddenly changed your mind, causing the relationship between the two families to break down after that.

I didnt expect you to turn around and seduce Teacher Kang.

Youre really despicable.

You cant live without a man for even a day!”

Upon hearing this, everyone stared at Xu Youyou with widened eyes.

They did not expect her and Lin Zhihuan to have such a relationship.

Moreover, based on Lin Zhihuans words, it seemed like Xu Youyou was the third party in a couples relationship.

Xu Youyou coughed violently, causing her face to turn red.

She looked up.

Her eyes were filled with determination as she refuted Lin Zhihuans words, “First, your brother abandoned me during the wedding to find his ex-girlfriend.

Im the victim, and Im not at fault.

Second, you said that I seduced Teacher Kang.

Wheres the evidence”

Although it was embarrassing to admit that her fiance abandoned her on their wedding day, Xu Youyou knew she did not do anything wrong.

There was no reason for her to accept the blame.

As for those who ridiculed her, they could say whatever they wanted.

After all, they had already formed a judgment about her and were biased.

They would even find fault with the way she breathed.

Regardless of the truth, they still would not believe her.

“You!” Lin Zhihuan gritted her teeth.

She did not expect Xu Youyou was not afraid of being ridiculed at all and admitted she was abandoned on her wedding day.

In comparison to Lin Zhihuans impatience and anger, Xu Youyou was calm and unhurried.

It seemed like they were stuck in a deadlock.

There was no evidence to prove Xu Youyou and Kang Mingcheng were having an affair, and there was no evidence to prove otherwise either.

Lin Zhihuan was extremely angry.

Everything had been meticulously planned so she did not understand how things had gone wrong.

She looked at Xu Youyou gloomily when she suddenly discovered something strange about Xu Youyous blanket.

Xu Youyou was lying on the bed alone so why did it look so strange and bumpy.

Finally, Lin Zhihuan laughed loudly.

She said, “Xu Youyou, you really wont give up until death is right in front of your face, right”

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Lin Zhihuan strode toward the bed as she spoke.

Xu Youyou frowned, and her expression seemed a little nervous as she asked, “What do you want to do”


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