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“What am I doing Of course, Im going to expose you, you hypocrite!” Lin Zhihuan said cheerfully, “Dont you love pretending to be innocent and cute to seduce men and gain everyones favor Today, Im going to show everyone your true colors!”

When Lin Zhihuan finished speaking, she bent down and grabbed Xu Youyous blanket.

“No!” Xu Youyou pressed her blanket down, looking nervous and uneasy.

The more nervous Xu Youyoou was, the more convinced Lin Zhihuan became that Kang Ming Cheng was hiding on the bed.

She thought that this turned out even better than she had planned.

When everyone saw Xu Youyou and Kang Mingcheng on the same bed, no one would believe that nothing happened.

With that, Xu Youyous reputation would be ruined.

No one would be fooled by Xu Youyous fake innocence.

Most importantly, that immortal-like man would no longer want Xu Youyou.

After all, how could a man tolerate a cheating woman

Lin Zhihuan was extremely happy seeing that her wishes were about to come true.

Just as she was about to lift Xu Youyous blanket, a mans deep voice suddenly rang from the door.

“What are all of you doing”

Almost everyone turned to look at the door in unison.

They saw Kang Mingcheng, neatly dressed, standing at the door with a bag of medicine in his hand.

He looked at Jiang Xue and asked in confusion, “Xueer, why are you here”

Jiang Xue did not expect Kang Mingcheng to not be in Xu Youyous room at all.

She was dumbfounded and speechless, not knowing how to react.

Lin Zhihuan was even more shocked.

‘Hows this possible! Shouldnt Kang Mingcheng be hiding under the blanket

Everyone was shocked by the swift and sudden turn of events.

Lin Zhihuan turned around with an expression of disbelief on her face and yanked the blanket covering Xu Youyou.

This time, Xu Youyou did not stop her.

When the blanket was lifted, everyone saw that extra lump under the blanket was the hotels spare blanket.

Lin Zhihuan and Jiang Xue were dumbstruck.

They did not expect it to be a blanket.

Everyone was at a loss for words.

Xu Youyou, who was sitting on the bed, leaned back weakly with a calm expression on her face.

It was as though she had long expected this.

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“Whats wrong” Kang Mingcheng was naturally still confused.

He walked into the room and asked again, “What happened”

The female student, who defended Xu Youyou previously, regained her senses and finally spoke up.

“Teacher Kang, this woman brought your fiancee here and accused you of having an affair with Youyou!”

“Nonsense!” Kang Mingchengs expression darkened immediately.

His gaze was piercing as he said to Lin Zhihuan, “I dont know you.

Why would you slander me and my student How does this benefit you”

Lin Zhihuan was stunned and unable to speak.

Her grip around the blanket loosened, and her face paled.

She did not know what to do.

At this moment, Jiang Xue, with a slightly worried expression, asked softly, “Mingcheng, where did you go last night Why couldnt I get through to your phone Do you know how worried I was”

“My student had a fever last night, but the only pharmacy and clinic in this small town were closed.

So I borrowed a car to go to another place to get medicine for her, but the car broke down.

Coincidentally, my phone ran out of battery,” Kang Mingcheng said.

After a pause, he frowned and asked, “Dont tell me you also believed I have an inappropriate relationship with my student”

“Mingcheng, I…” Jiang Xue wanted to deny it, but everyone present had witnessed everything.

Even if she wanted to lie, she could not.

Kang Mingcheng sneered.

He said, “This is ridiculous! My relationship with Youyou is that of a teacher and a student.

Theres absolutely no love between a man and a woman.

Ive always treated my students as students.

This is an insult to my character!”

Jiang Xues eyes reddened before tears rolled down her face.

She said, “Im sorry.

I was confused because I was too worried… I…”

Kang Mingcheng scoffed.

He did not wait for Jiang Xue to finish her words before he said, “I dont think youre confused because youre too worried.

I think you were used by someone with evil intentions…”

Kang Mingchengs words were clearly directed at Lin Zhihuan.


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