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Lin Zhihuans face paled as she began to panic.

She turned to look at Jiang Xue with a pleading expression on her face.


Jiang Xue looked at Kang Mingchengs cold and angry expression.

At this moment, she could not even protect herself so how could she still care about Lin Zhihuan In fact, she thought it was a good idea to push all the blame on Lin Zhihuan.

Hence, she said, “Huanhuan, I taught you sincerely and trusted you.

Why did you lie to me and sow discord between me and Teacher Kang”

Lin Zhihuans eyes widened in disbelief as she looked at Jiang Xue.

She did not expect that not only would Jiang Xue not help her plead for leniency, but Jiang Xue even pushed the blame on her.

Her eyes reddened immediately, looking like she was about to cry.

Kang Mingchengs expression was solemn and cold as he said firmly, “Miss, I dont know why youre spreading rumors about me, but Ill definitely pursue this matter legally.

The students here can all testify for me.”

The female student, who had spoken up earlier, quickly said, “Thats right! You spread rumors about Xu Youyou and Teacher Kang.

Were all witnesses!”

Lin Zhihuan bit her lower lip as tears welled up in her eyes.

She did not speak.

Jiang Xues heart softened slightly as she asked, “Arent you going to apologize to Teacher Kang”

Kang Mingcheng said immediately, “Im not the only one she needs to apologize to.”

Jiang Xue looked at the pale girl on the bed, and a hint of unwillingness and resentment flashed in her eyes.

She pursed her lips before she said, “You need to apologize to Xu Youyou as well.”

Lin Zhihuan stood silently.

Clearly, she was unwilling to apologize.

“If you refuse to apologize, then I can only use legal means to clear my name,” Kang Mingcheng said.

“I, Im sorry…” As soon as Lin Zhihuan opened her mouth, tears began to fall as she bowed and apologized to Kang Mingcheng.

Kang Mingchengs expression remained cold, and he did not say anything.

Lin Zhihuan turned to Xu Youyou.

Hatred flashed in her eyes as she said reluctantly, “Im sorry.”

Kang Mingcheng was very dissatisfied with Lin Zhihuans attitude when apologizing.

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Just as Kang Mingcheng was about to say something, a mans voice rang from the entrance.

“What an insincere apology.

You should just save it for the court to hear.”

Xu Youyou looked in the direction of the door immediately when she heard the voice.

A man in a black coat strode into the room.

A frown could be seen on his handsome face at this moment.

His eyes held a trace of gentleness only when he looked at her.

She felt like her body was slowly warming up with each step the travel-weary man took, drawing closer to her.

Xu Youyou had been tense since last night.

Although she slept, it was restless since she did not dare to sleep too deeply.

She was afraid of unforeseen changes, that she might not leave traces behind, or that things might go wrong.

When Xu Youyou looked at Mo Shenbai at this moment, she felt like he was an angel with light and warmth on his body.

It was as though he had crossed thousands of mountains and rivers to save her.

She relaxed immediately.

There was sweetness in her heart mixed with a hint of sourness; it was strange.

There was also a hint of grievance on her face.

When Mo Shenbai saw Xu Youyous watery eyes, he thought that she must be feeling very uncomfortable.

When he arrived next to her, he placed his hand on her forehead as he asked worriedly in a deep voice, “Do you feel very uncomfortable”

When Xu Youyou felt the warmth from Mo Shenbais palm, she felt as though all her discomfort had been swept away.

She shook her head slightly and asked in a nasally voice, “Why are you here”

After confirming she did not have a fever, Mo Shenbai sighed in relief.

A hint of worry and helplessness could be seen in his eyes as he asked, “Didnt I tell you to call me immediately if something happens to you Why are you so disobedient”


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