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Mo Shenbais words sounded like a reproach, but his voice was filled with tenderness.

The hearts of the girls present fluttered when they heard Mo Shenbais words, feeling envious.

Lin Zhihuan stared at Mo Shenbais pale face.

She could not believe he was so gentle to Xu Youyou as though Xu Youyou was a peerless treasure.

She did not understand why when Xu Youyou was clearly a country bumpkin and a hypocrite!

Xu Youyou explained in a low voice, “Im fine.

I just caught a cold.”

Since there were so many people around, Mo Shenbai did not continue to lecture her.

At this moment, Kang Ming Cheng said, “You are…”

Kang Mingcheng had heard that Xu Youyou had a brother, but based on the way the duo interacted, it did not seem like the duo was siblings.

Just as he waited for Mo Shenbai to say he was Xu Youyous boyfriend or friend…

Under everyones watchful eyes, Mo Shenbai brought a ring out from his pocket and put it on Xu Youyous ring finger before he said, “How can you forget to wear your wedding ring when you leave the house Dont forget it next time…”

‘Wedding ring!

The hearts of the girls present shattered immediately.

They had no chance at all.

They could only watch in envy.

Kang Mingcheng was shocked.

He did not expect Xu Youyou to be married at such a young age.

Jiang Xue looked at her Xu Youyou incredulously.

Not only was Xu Youyou already married, but her husband was handsome as well.

Moreover, based on his clothes, it was obvious that he was from a wealthy family and had an extraordinary status.

Xu Youyou preferred to keep a low profile so she usually did not wear her ring when she attended classes.

She would usually only wear it to deter Lin Yin or when she was meeting her grandmother.

On this trip, she naturally did not wear it as well.

Nonetheless, after listening to Mo Shenbais words, she said obediently, “Okay.”

Then, Mo Shenbai turned to look at Kang Mingcheng and Jiang Xue.

When his gaze landed on Jiang Xue, he said with a hint of contempt, “I heard that you misunderstood that my wife was having an affair with your fiance”

Mo Shenbais arrogant gaze was as sharp as a knife.

It was brimming with disdain for Jiang Xue and Kang Mingcheng.

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Jiang Xue explained, “It was a misunderstanding.

I misunderstood.”

Mo Shenbai had already said Xu Youyou was his wife, after all.

In Jiang Xues opinion, any woman, including herself, lucky enough to marry such a handsome man would not look at another man, let alone have an affair.

Mo Shenbai said frostily, “In that case, shouldnt you apologize to my wife”

Mo Shenbai did not care who these people were.

Since they bullied Xu Youyou, they had to apologize.

Jiang Xues face alternated between red and purple upon hearing these words.

It was humiliating to apologize in front of so many people, and her pride would not allow her to do such a thing.

She turned to look at Kang Mingcheng with a pleading gaze.

Kang Mingcheng did not have the intention to protect Jiang Xue so he turned away.

Jiang Xue naturally understood Kang Mingchengs intention.

She felt alone and helpless.

When Mo Shenbai saw Jiang Xues unwillingness to apologize, he said icily, “I heard Miss Jiang runs a dance studio.

Even if its just teaching dancing, youre still a teacher.

You cant even distinguish between right and wrong, and you dont even understand the most basic principle of apologizing when youre wrong.

I think you should stop teaching.”

The students present were young and did not understand the rules of the adult world.

However, Jiang Xue and Kang Mingcheng understood the implications behind Mo Shenbais words immediately.

Xu Youyou saw Jiang Xues pale face and the tears in Jiang Xues eyes, but she had no intention of speaking.

Although Jiang Xue was deceived by Lin Zhihuan, Jiang Xue had scolded her and humiliated her even though she did not do anything wrong.

In her opinion, Jiang Xue should admit she was wrong instead of using her status to push all the blame on Lin Zhihuan.

Hence, she wanted Jiang Xue to apologize.

Jiang Xue had opened her dance studio and recruited a number of students with great difficulty.

If it was closed down, all her efforts over the years would be in vain.


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