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Xu Youyou looked at him and asked, “Apologize on her behalf Who do you think you are So what if you apologize on her behalf”

Lin Yin choked.

After a moment of silence, he said unwillingly, “You werent like this in the past.

Youyou, you used to listen to me a lot.

Have you forgotten how much you liked me”

At this moment, Xu Youyou deeply understood what Su Lanxu felt when Su Lanxu spoke about her dark history.

She felt angry, regretful, and ashamed.

How could she have liked such a person It was too ridiculous and pathetic.

Nonetheless, she did not reveal her mixed emotions on her face.

She said very calmly, “That was in the past.

I dont like you anymore.

Not even a little bit.”

‘In fact, I even hate you a little…

After all, Lin Yin had turned her perseverance and efforts into a joke and destroyed her happiness in the past.

Lin Yins heart tightened, and a piercing pain spread through his body.

There was much more sadness than anger in his heart at this moment.

Her calmness and indifference showed clearly that she truly no longer liked him.

It was also why she could speak so bluntly.


Xu Youyou interjected immediately, “Lin Zhihuan is already an adult.

She has to bear the consequences of her words and actions.

If theres nothing else, Im going back to class.”

Xu Youyou had no intention of forgiving Lin Zhihuan.

Since Lin Zhihuan did something wrong, she would have to accept the punishment.

Otherwise, Lin Zhihuan would only grow even more arrogant and unruly.

At that time, who knew what Lin Zhihuan would do

Lin Yin called out again, “Youyou…”

Xu Youyou stopped in her tracks and turned to look at him.

Lin Yins expression was no longer gloomy.

At some point, it had turned into one of loneliness and exhaustion.

He said, “Ive been very busy recently.

Originally, I intended to bid for a government project.

It was going very smoothly in the beginning, but in the end, your brother won the project.” He smiled as though mocking himself before he continued to say, “Now that I lost the project, and Huanhuan is facing a lawsuit…”

Xu Youyou feigned an innocent expression as though she did not understand the implications behind his words.

She said slightly happily, “Oh, my brother is really amazing.

I have to call him and congratulate him.”

‘He should receive a bonus for winning the project.

Seems like I can go to Sky Garden to eat again…

Lin Yin: “…”

Xu Youyou did not ask Mo Shenbai about Lin Zhihuans matter.

He said he would deal with it, and she trusted him to deal with it.

She would cook him a feast to thank him later.

However, she did not expect to receive a call from her grandmother that night.

Naturally, it was because of Lin Zhihuans matter.

At the other end of the line, Old Madam Xu said, “Your Grandma Lin personally called me.

The Xu and Lin families have been friends for many years.

I couldnt refuse her.

Youyou, do you understand”

Xu Youyou felt uncomfortable, but she still obediently agreed.

“I know what to do, Grandma.”

“Sorry to trouble you,” Old Madam Xu said with a sigh.

“Its okay, Grandma.” Not only was Xu Youyou not angry, but she said reassuringly, “I wanted to teach Lin Zhihuan a lesson, but I wouldnt have gone too far.

I still have a little consideration for the relationship between our families.”

It was obvious that Old Madam Xu was smiling when she said, “I knew that my Youyou is broad-minded and different from others.”

“Grandma, just rest well.

Dont worry about these things,” Xu Youyou said dutifully.

Old Madam Xu said a few more words of concern before ending the call.

Cheng Ying took the phone away.

Then, she wrung a hot towel to help wipe Old Madam Xus hands before she said, a little unhappy, “Are we really going to let the matter go just like that No matter what, we should at least get Lin Zhihuan to apologize to Youyou.

Youyou suffered so much, but were not protecting her.

What if she gets sick again”

Old Madam Xu glared at Cheng Ying.

Cheng Yin fell silent immediately, but she was still unhappy and dissatisfied with Old Madam Xus decision.

“Although the Xu family was very kind to the Lin family in the early years, after the Xu family began to decline in recent years, the Lin family had also taken care of the Xu family.

Since Old Madam Lin personally called me, do you think I could refuse her”

“I understand these principles, but I really feel sorry for Youyou.

She has suffered so much…” Cheng Ying said.

Her eyes could not help but redden when she thought of her daughters past.

For the sake of these worldly affairs, she had to wrong her daughter again.

She felt sad and distressed for her daughter.

“You feel sorry for Youyou Do you think I dont feel sorry for my granddaughter” Old Madam Xu sighed.

She was the one who raised Xu Youyou so she felt more pain than anyone else.

“Ive agreed to Old Madam Lins request, and Ive also spoken to Youyou.

However, I dont have the final say in the outcome of the matter.”

Cheng Ying was stunned.

For a moment, she did not understand what her mother-in-law meant.

Old Madam Xu did not explain.

She only said, “Its getting late.

Go back and rest.”

Meanwhile, after the call ended, Xu Youyou sat on the couch in a daze.

The discomfort in her heart had quickly faded away, but she did not know how to explain this matter to Mo Shenbai.

He had intended to help her punish Lin Zhihuan.

Now that she had to ask him to stop, she could not help but worry she would be seen as ungrateful.

She had lost the mood to draw.

She slid off the couch and sat on the rug.

She hugged her knees with a worried expression on his face.

When Mo Shenbai returned, he saw his girlfriend sitting on the ground, looking worried.

He strode over to her and asked, “Are you still angry about what happened this morning”

Xu Youyou regained her senses.

Her eyes shone with joy as soon as she saw him.

After a moment, a troubled expression appeared on her face as she shook her head and said, “No, Im not angry.”

Mo Shenbai sat on the couch and looked at her.

“Then, why do you look like this”

Xu Youyou hesitated.

The words were on the tip of her tongue, but she could not spit them out.

Upon seeing the troubled and guilty expression on her face, Mo Shenbai asked, “Does it have something to do with Lin Zhihuan”

A hint of shock flashed in Xu Youyous eyes as she exclaimed, “How do you know Are you psychic”

Mo Shenbai had guessed correctly.

He smiled faintly and said, “Do I need to be psychic to know such a thing As long as I think about it for a while, Ill be able to figure it out.

Was it Old Madam Lin or Grandma”

“Grandma,” Xu Youyou replied truthfully.

She continued to say guiltily, “Im sorry.

Youre obviously doing this for my own good.

However, with the relationship between the two families, Grandma is helpless as well…”

Mo Chen pinched her cheek lightly and said, “Youve been fretting over such a trivial matter the entire night”

Xu Youyou brushed his hand away before she said seriously, “Hows this a trivial matter I feel like I disappointed you and wasted your good intentions.”

Mo Shenbai stroked her head.

A solemn expression appeared on his handsome face as he said, “I understand Grandmas dilemma, and Im not angry that you agreed to Grandmas request.

In the future, dont overthink things.

Just tell me directly, and Ill deal with everything.”

Xu Youyous heart stirred.

She muttered as she lowered her gaze, “You… Why are you so good to me”

She was asking him, but she was also asking herself.


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