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Pei Chuan won the 50,000 cash prize.

He was stunned before he excitedly went on stage to receive the prize.

He was so excited that he wanted to rush up and hug Mo Shenbai.

However, when he saw Mo Shenbais cold gaze, he quickly restrained himself.

He was smiling ear to ear as he thanked Mo Shenbai.

Xu Youyou clasped her hands together as she stared at Mo Shenbai on stage, fervently praying she would obtain the tablet.

Mo Shenbais eyes fell on Xu Youyou in the crowd and a faint smile appeared on his face before he drew a number from the box and said, “Number 20.”

Xu Youyous eyes sparkled as she looked at the man on stage.

Then, she lifted the hem of her dress and hurriedly walked toward the stage.

Yao Yaos 50,000 cash prize was gone, but Xu Youyou had obtained her tablet.

Yao Yao drowned her sorrow in a glass of champagne.

Meanwhile, when Xu Youyou accepted her prize, she said to Mo Shenbai in a soft voice, “Thank you.”

Mo Shenbai did not say anything.

His fingers brushed across her hand when handing her the prize.

Who knew if it was intentional or not.

He could not bear to separate from her.

Xu Youyou noticed this and shot him a warning look.

With that, Mo Shenbai withdrew his hand.

He watched as she walked away on her high heels.

He frowned slightly.

‘If there werent so many people, I wouldnt let her go… And why is she walking so quickly Isnt she afraid of falling

Yao Yao, who saw the boss and his wife flirting, felt very sad.

“Not only do I not have love, but I dont have 50,000 as well!”

Xu Jialu glanced at Yao Yao and said, “If you really want the 50,000, you can make do with Pei Chuan.

Youll have both love and money then.”

Yao Yao rolled her eyes.

“Do I look like someone wholl betray my heart and body for 50,000 yuan Moreover, I see Pei Chuan at work every day.

I wont sh*t where I eat!”

Pei Chuan, who had just walked over: “…”


‘I originally planned to treat you to a meal.

Forget it.

Its better to save money!

When Xu Youyou returned to the seat, she hugged her prize and said happily, “Its the latest iPad! Im really lucky this year!”

At this time, a deep and cold voice rang from the stage.

“Number 250.”

Everyone fell silent and looked at each other.

There was no movement at all.

“250 Is that you”


Many people shook their heads and looked around in confusion.

Mo Shenbai frowned and repeated the number again.

Everyone continued to look for250.

Xu Youyou asked Yao Yao, “Is it you”


“Brother, whats your number” Xu Youyou turned to ask Xu Jialu who was sitting on the other side.

Xu Jialu stopped drinking his wine and said, “I dont know.”

Xu Youyou glanced at the tag on Xu Jialus wrist, but the number had been removed.

“Brother, wheres your number”

Xu Jialu casually rummaged through his pocket before he tossed the number tag on the table.


Xu Youyou and Yao Yao leaned over to have a look and were instantly stunned.

Meanwhile, Xu Jialu continued sipping on his wine.

Xu Youyou tugged on Xu Jialus sleeve and said, “Brother, you won!”

Xu Jialu was surprised as well when he saw the shocking red number250.

‘F*ck, how troublesome, Xu Jialu cursed silently, looking gloomy.

Yao Yao stammered, “Y-you, you won the paid 15-day trip to the Maldives!”


Yao Yao did not know whether to laugh or cry.


‘Oh, thats alright then…

Xu Jialus gloomy expression disappeared immediately as he walked up to the stage to receive the prize.

Yao Yao gave Xu Jialu a thumbs-up and said, “As expected of the most flirtatious man in the company!”

Xu Youyou: “…”

After presenting the prize, Mo Shenbai left the stage, leaving the others to present the smaller prizes.

Xu Youyou met Mo Shenbais eyes as soon as he left the stage.

They seemed to have a tacit understanding.

She smiled and bid farewell to Yao Yao before she left with her new iPad.

Yao Yao, who was still immersed in the grief of losing 50,000 yuan, bid farewell to Xu Youyou as well.

Xu Youyou was unaware that after she left, another iPad was given away.

Xu Youyou put on her coat before she walked toward the car at the entrance.

Cang Ming had already been waiting at the entrance.

Not long after, Mo Shenbai walked out of the hotel.

He wore a slim-cut long coat over his suit, making him look even more dashing and outstanding.

As soon as he entered the car, he saw Xu Youyou looking at him with sparkling eyes.

He felt his heart melt immediately.

He asked gently, “So happy”

Xu Youyou nodded a few times and smiled.

“Youre like my lucky star! Ever since I met you, Ive been very lucky!”

Mo Shenbai smiled faintly.

‘Just an iPad made her so happy…

Xu Youyou thought of something at this moment, and she asked, “Did you see anyone”

“Who” Mo Shenbai raised an eyebrow.

Since Mo Zhiyun wanted to surprise Mo Shenbai, Xu Youyou did not say anything and only shook her head.

She lowered her head to look at her new iPad.

Halfway through the journey, snowflakes began to fall.

They looked beautiful as they fluttered in the air.

Xu Youyou, who was looking at her iPad, did not notice this so Mo Shenbai leaned over and whispered into her ear, “Its snowing.”

Xu Youyou instinctively turned to look at him.

The tips of the noses touched, and their lips touched.

For a moment, both of them were stunned.

The atmosphere turned ambiguous immediately.

It was as though there were pink hearts floating in the air.

Xu Youyou blinked and tried to retreat.

However, before she could do so, the man in front of her reached out to hold her face before he leaned forward and kissed her soft pink lips.

Since they were not alone, Xu Youyou instinctively rejected him.

When her slender hands landed on his chest, he turned and tightened his hold around her.

His kiss was fierce and domineering, making it impossible for her to refuse him.

Cang Ming, who was very tactful, quickly pressed the button for the partition screen.

Xu Youyou felt as though her soul had been taken away.

She had forgotten about her embarrassment and was immersed in the feelings he gave her.

When the car finally pulled to a stop, she was lying weakly in his arms.

She said softly, “So embarrassing.

Cang Ming saw us earlier…”

Mo Shenbai licked his lower lip and said hoarsely, “Its not embarrassing.

Hell have to get used to it anyway.”

Xu Youyou: “…”

From the moment Mo Shenbai saw Xu Youyou coming down the stairs earlier, he had been filled with the urge to pull her into his arms so he could kiss her.

After enduring the entire night, he did not feel satisfied after getting what he wanted.

Instead, he longed for more.

When his gaze fell on her lips, it darkened immediately.

Xu Youyou seemed to notice his change and hurriedly covered her mouth.

“No, no more kissing!”

If he kissed her again, her legs would go weak and she would not be able to walk.

Mo Shenbai lowered his head and kissed the back of her hand before he said, “Alright, lets get out of the car.”

Mo Shenbai got out of the car first.

He went to the other side of the car to open the door for Xu Youyou.

However, before he could open the door, he felt something hard pressing on his back before he heard a cold voice say, “Dont move! This is a robbery!”


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