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Xu Youyou and Mo Zhiyun turned in unison to look at the source of the voice.

They saw a woman dressed in a pale pink dress slowly walking into the store.

Her curly chestnut-colored hair was casually draped over her shoulders, and her figure was seductive and curvy.

Her eyes were fixed on the shirt that Xu Youyou had taken a liking to.

She acted as though she did not see Xu Youyou and Mo Zhiyun as she said, “I want this shirt.”

Mo Zhiyun was filled with inexplicable dislike although it was her first time seeing that woman.

She said, “We took a liking to the shirt first and were about to pay for it.

Just because you want it, youll take it Isnt there a first-come-first-serve basis”

The woman did not say anything.

She only looked at the salesperson.

The salesperson looked troubled and embarrassed as she gestured at Xu Youyou and said, “I apologize, but this young lady took a liking to the shirt first.

Its the last one available.”

The woman did not say anything again.

She only brought out a golden card and showed it to the salesperson.

“Can you wrap it up for me now”

The salespersons expression changed immediately.

She smiled and said respectfully, “Yes, yes.

Please wait for a moment.”

“Huh” Mo Zhiyun was confused by the salespersons abrupt change.

She asked, “We saw it first.

How can you sell it to her”

The salesperson said apologetically, “Im sorry.

Shes a VIP of the brand.

She has the first pick of all our products.”

Mo Zhiyun was furious.

‘What kind of stupid rule is this!

The salesperson smiled embarrassedly before she removed the shirt from the mannequin and brought it to the counter.

The woman looked at Xu Youyou and Mo Zhiyun and said in a gentle but unapologetic tone, “Little sisters, save up enough money before you shop here next time.

Apart from that, you should know that not all men can be moved by material things.”

The woman seemed like she was advising them, but she was obviously ridiculing them.

After saying that, she turned and walked toward the counter.

“You!” Mo Zhiyun was about to argue with that woman, but Xu Youyou pulled her back.

“Forget it.

Dont argue with her.

Its just a shirt,” Xu Youyou said.

The shirt was indeed very nice, but with Mo Shenbais looks and figure, he would still look heavenly even if he was dressed in a sack.

“Shes too outrageous!” Mo Zhiyun said.

She wanted to argue with that woman not because of the shirt, but for their dignity.

She said indignantly, “Its too bad I didnt bring my brothers secondary card today! Otherwise, she wouldnt have a chance to act so arrogantly! Little sister Whos her little sister”

Mo Shenbai was very generous to Mo Zhiyun, but he was also very strict.

Hence, Mo Zhiyun would not easily use his secondary card.

Moreover, since she came to shop for Lu Heyun, she did not dare to use Mo Shenbais secondary card; she was afraid of being found out.

Xu Youyou tried to comfort Xu Youyou.

“Think about it from another angle.

She called uslittle sisters.

Shes obviously jealous of our youth.”

The woman was wearing makeup, but based on her skin and the way she was dressed, she was clearly older than Xu Youyou and Mo Zhiyun.

She seemed like she was in her late twenties.

Mo Zhiyun said angrily, “Thats right! That hag is jealous of our youth! Shes jealous shes not as beautiful and cute as us!”

Xu Youyou nodded and said coaxingly in a soft voice, “Alright, alright, dont be angry.

Ill just choose another one.”

Mo Zhiyun raised her head and looked at Xu Youyous clear and bright eyes.

She felt both happy and worried for her brother.

‘Sister-in-law is so innocent, cute, and kind! She looks like shell be easily bullied! No, I cant allow anyone to bully her!

While Xu Youyou continued to browse the shirts in the store, Mo Zhiyun brought her phone out and quickly sent a message.

Mo Zhiyun: SOS! Brother, help!

After waiting for a few minutes, Mo Zhiyun sent another message when she saw there was no reply.

Mo Zhiyun: Brother, its urgent!

Two minutes passed, but there was still no reply.

Mo Zhiyun: Brother, someone bullied Sister-in-law.

Less than ten seconds after the message was sent, a call came through.

Mo Zhiyun: “…”

‘So its not that you didnt see the message.

You just didnt want to talk to me… Im so angry!

As soon as Mo Zhiyun answered the call, Mo Shenbais cold and tense voice rang from the other end of the line.

“What happened”

Mo Zhiyun took a deep breath before she began to recount what had happened in a hushed voice.

She naturally omitted the part about her buying a shirt for Lu Heyun.

Mo Shenbai did not say anything and ended the call after Mo Zhiyun was done talking.

Pei Chuans eyes darted between Mo Shenbai and the client.

He did not even dare to breathe loudly.

For Mo Shenbai to answer a call during such an important occasion, he was sure the call was from Xu Youyou or had something to do with Xu Youyou.

When Mo Shenbai returned to his seat, he looked at Pei Chuan meaningfully.

Pei Chuan tacitly walked over and lowered his head near Mo Shenbais face.

Mo Shenbai whispered a few words in Pei Chuans ears before Pei Chuan bowed and left.

The man sitting across from Mo Shenbai had blonde hair and blue eyes.

He said probingly, “It must be a very important call for Mr.

Mo to interrupt the negotiation…”

Mo Shenbai did not deny it.

He said faintly, “Im sorry.

Its very important.

It concerns my wife.”

The mans eyes were filled with surprise.


Mo, youre married I had no idea at all.”

“I only got married not long ago,” Mo Shenbai replied.


Mo, you must love your wife very much and value your family.”

Mo Shenbai smiled in acknowledgment.

Following that, he continued the negotiation, speaking in French.

The negotiation that was previously a little tense suddenly became very smooth.

Perhaps, the other party had a higher opinion of Mo Shenbai after seeing how he valued his family over work.

He praised Mo Shenbai for being a good man and a good husband and was very willing to work with Mo Shenbai.

The salesperson had just carefully wrapped up the shirt and was about to swipe the womans credit card when the phone in the store rang.

She apologized to the woman before she answered the call.

After listening for a moment, she turned to look at Xu Youyou in surprise.

Then, she hastily replied, “Yes, Ill pass the thing to the customer immediately.”

After ending the call, the salesperson looked at the woman and said, “Im sorry, but this shirt belongs to that young lady.”

“What Why” The woman was stunned and in disbelief.

“This young woman is a VVIP of our company.

She has absolute priority to choose all the products in all our stores and products that have yet to be released….” the salesperson said.

The salesperson did not lower her voice when she spoke so the few people in the store heard her words clearly.

Xu Youyou pointed at herself and asked blankly, “You… Are you talking about me”

“Yes,” the salesperson said as she handed the wrapped shirt to Xu Youyou.

Her smile was even more respectful than before as she said, “This is yours.

If you need anything in the future, please call our VVIP hotline at any time.”

“But I dont…”

Before Xu Youyou could finish her sentence, Mo Zhiyun took the paper bag from the salesperson before she raised her chin and said proudly, “Thank you.”

Then, a gloating expression appeared on Mo Zhiyuns face as she turned to look at the woman, who was still standing in a daze at the counter.

After Xu Youyou and Mo Zhiyun walked out of the store, Xu Youyou asked, “You called your brother”

Mo Zhiyun smiled sheepishly.

“I just cant stand her! Does she think shes the only rich person in the world”

Xu Youyou glared at Mo Zhiyun when her phone rang.

Seeing that it was Mo Shenbai, she walked to the side and answered the call.



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