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Xu Youyou frowned slightly, displeased with the persons words.

Fu Jianchen glared at the person and cursed, “Get lost! Dont f*cking talk nonsense!”

The person who was scolded did not get angry.

He only walked to the side with a happy expression on his face and looked for someone to drink with him.

The competition had already started.

A long and wide stretch of road had been built in this remote place.

The lights that illuminated the darkness were all from the vehicles in the surroundings.

Amidst the chattering, the roar of the cars could be heard.

The people in the surroundings were wild with excitement.

All of them held beer cans in their hands, and from time to time, they would cheer and shout.

Xu Youyou did not dislike this kind of atmosphere, but she could not get into it as well.

Hence, she said, “Thank you for bringing me here, but I want to go home.”

After saying that, Xu Youyou turned to leave.

Fu Jianchen jumped down from the railings and chased after her immediately.

He said, “Are you angry That person is only talking nonsense.

Dont take it to heart!”

Xu Youyou stopped and looked at the crowd not far away.

Then, she shook her head and said, “Im not angry.

I just feel like I dont benefit from being at this place at all.”

‘Instead of wasting time here, I might as well go home and paint…

“How can there be no benefits” Fu Jianchen said as his expression darkened, “You havent experienced it yet.

Lets go.

Ill bring you to experience it.

I guarantee that youll fall in love…”

Fu Jianchen grabbed her wrist, trying to pull her back.

Xu Youyou did not give him.

She tried to struggle free from his grip as she said, “Im not going.

Let go of me…”

At this time, Fu Jianchen lowered his gaze and noticed the ring on her ring finger.

His eyes darkened and his voice was extremely gloomy as he asked, “Youre married”

“Yes,” Xu Youyou replied without hesitation.

Fu Jianchens grip on her tightened instinctively.

He used so much force that it felt as though he was going to crush her bones.

Xu Youyou frowned in pain.

“Youre hurting me! Let go of me!”

Fu Jianchen returned to his senses and quickly let go of her.

Xu Youyou rubbed her wrist that was throbbing in pain and said in a clear voice, “I dont think that artistic inspiration has to be drawn from decadence.

Although these things are exciting, theyre very dangerous.

I hope youll do fewer of these things in the future.”

Extreme sports were just like a drug addiction.

They could be both dangerous and fatal.

Fu Jianchen sneered.

“I can do whatever I want.

Its none of your business.”

Xu Youyou did not understand why Fu Jianchen was so moody, but she did not want to interfere with other peoples lives.

Hence, she said, “Then, do whatever you want.

Have fun.


Fu Jianchens heart sank, and his expression turned unsightly.

Xu Youyou turned around and walked away.

She called Cang Ming, asking him to pick her up.

Fu Jianchen looked at her figure standing at the side of the road, wearing an annoyed expression on his face.

He felt that there was nothing pleasing to the eyes about her at all as he thought to himself,Isnt she only 20 Why is she married Did her family sell her off

At this time, the man, who had said Xu Youyou was naive earlier, moved to stand next to Fu Jianchen.

He glanced at the young woman illuminated by the moonlight with a shifty expression on his face and said, “Why are you pretending to be noble Do you want me to help you deal with it”

There were all kinds of filthy matters in this circle.

To them, making a girl submit was just a matter of moving their fingers.

Fu Jianchens gaze was like a knife as he said fiercely, “Dont lay your hands on her! Otherwise, Ill kill you!”

Although Fu Jianchen was very unhappy about her marriage, he would not stoop so low and do such filthy things.

The man felt a chill on his back and said sheepishly, “Yes, yes, yes.

Ill listen to Young Master Chen!”


The man hurried away immediately.

Fu Jianchen took a deep breath before he strode over to Xu Youyou.

He said, “You wont be able to find a car to send you back here.

Let me send you back.”

Xu Youyou looked at him and politely rejected him.

“Theres no need for that.

Someone is coming to pick me up in a while.”

Fu Jianchen had already lowered his pride and offered to send her home, and yet, he was still rejected.

Hence, he said darkly, “You dont know how to appreciate favors!”

As Fu Jianchen turned to leave, he thought to himself,I wont care about her anymore.

Otherwise, Id be a f*cking fool!

Xu Youyou was baffled.

She did not know what she had done to provoke him.

‘How temperamental! My Mr.

Bai is still the best!


Half an hour later.

Cang Ming got off the car and walked over.

“Madam, why are you here”

After classes, Xu Youyou had been taken away by Fu Jianchen.

She had sent Cang Ming a message, telling him there was no need to pick her up, but she did not tell him where she was going.

“A friend brought me here,” Xu Youyou replied as she got into the car.

Cang Ming got in the car as well and started the car.

He glanced at her a few times through the rearview mirror, wanting to say something but hesitating.

Moon Pavilion.

Xu Youyou got out of the car and entered the house with a painting tube in hand.

She ran into Mo Shenbai who had just come downstairs.

Mo Shenbais eyes darkened when they landed on the dress she was wearing.

His throat tightened as well.


Bai!” Xu Youyou ran to him happily when she saw him.

Her ponytail, which she had tied to match her dress, swayed as she ran to him.

“Youre back,” Mo Shenbai said in a slightly hoarse voice.

Xu Youyou nodded.

“Arent you busy today Youre back so early!”

Mo Shenbai reached out to hold her painting tube and held her hand.

He led her upstairs as he said, “Im not busy.”

Pei Chuan, who was just leaving the study, tactfully retreated into the room when he heard the duos voices.

The corners of his lips twitched as he thought to himself,Indeed, youre not busy.

After all, you left everything for us to handle…

Mo Shenbai lowered his gaze and looked at her exposed collarbones.

He restrained the desire surging in his eyes before he asked calmly, “Are you hungry Do you want to eat dinner first”

“Im not hungry,” Xu Youyou replied.

She felt bloated after drinking an entire glass of fruit juice.

As soon as the room door closed, Mo Shenbai threw the painting tube to the ground.

He turned around and pressed Xu Youyou against the wall before he lowered his head and kissed her pink lips.

Xu Youyou was slightly startled.

She was still worried about the painting.

“My painting…”

Mo Shenbais kiss was urgent and fierce.

When he pulled away, his voice sounded tense as he asked, “Where did you get this dress”

The thought of her being out in this dress and being ogled by other men made him feel like he was going to go crazy.

“My clothes got dirty so I borrowed them from someone,” Xu Youyou replied obediently.

He kissed her until she could not breathe so she said, “You… slow down…”

Mo Shenbai pulled away from her lips again and said, “Dont return the dress.

Ill buy it.”


Mo Shenbai moved his lips closed to her ear before he said, not hiding his thoughts at all, “I want to tear it off…”

Xu Youyou wrapped her arms around his neck to steady her weak legs.

Then, she asked, “Why The dress didnt provoke you.”

Mo Shenbai inhaled deeply before he whispered into her ear, “You provoked me.”

Xu Youyous cheeks turned red.

“You, its not good if youre like that, right”

“Whats not good” Mo Shenbai asked as he reached out to play with her earlobe.

“If youre too excessive, it can be harmful to the body,” Xu Youyou said as she thought to herself,Itll be bad for your kidneys if you do it so frequently!

Mo Shenbai smiled as he said in a matter-of-fact tone, “Im only trying to work harder so that youll have the right to brag about it on the Internet.”

Xu Youyou was embarrassed again.

‘It seems like hes not going to let go of the comment about doing it 13 times a night…

After her experience, Xu Youyou really no longer dared to brag on the Internet.

She asked, “Whats your Weibo username Im going to remove you and blacklist you!”

“I wont tell you!”

Xu Youyou hit his chest lightly.


Bai, youre so bad!”

Mo Shenbais lips curled into a smile before he lowered his head and kissed her lips again.

His fingers were like scissors as he removed the dress and thought to himself,Itd be a pity if I dont tear off such a beautiful dress…


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