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Lin Yins body trembled slightly.

When he turned around, a hint of impatience could be seen in his eyes as though he was looking at a willful child who was misbehaving.

He said, “Youyou, stop fooling around.

Ill come back after I deal with Qingyus matter.

At that time, I promise you that our wedding will be grander.


This time, Xu Youyou did not wait for Lin Yin to finish his words.

She interjected, “If you leave now to look for her, well have to break up.”

Although Xu Youyous voice was slightly nasally from her tears, it was firm and resolute.

Although she liked Lin Yin and was happy that she could marry him, it did not mean that he could trample on her love like that.

There was no love in this world that was worth compromising ones pride and dignity for.


“Lets talk about this when I return,” Lin Yin said before he walked into the elevator.

He pressed the button to close the doors without any hesitation.

As the doors to the elevator closed, the corners of his lips rose up into a disdainful smile.

‘Break up Are you really willing to break up with me when you like me so much


Xu Youyou watched Lin Yin leave as her heart grew cold.

Finally, the tears she held back rolled down her fair face.

Although they were about to be married, she still could not compare to his ex-girlfriend.

At this time, the door to the banquet hall opened.

A woman with curly hair wearing a dark red Cheongsam walked out.

Although her makeup was thick, it could not hide the wrinkles on her face.

When she looked at Xu Youyou, there was a hint of contempt in her eyes.

She asked, “Wheres A Yin”

If it were not for the promise between the two old ladies of the Xu family and the Lin family back then, how could she allow her son to marry a country bumpkin

Xu Youyou lowered her gaze and said, “He left.”

Madam Lin was stunned.

Before Madam Lin reacted, Xu Youyou continued to say, “He left to look for Bai Qingyu.”

Upon hearing this name, Madam Lins eyes flashed.

She did not feel sorry for Xu Youyou at all.

On the contrary, she said reproachfully, “What kind of woman are you You cant even stop your man from leaving on your wedding day.

Youre so useless that you even allow him to find another woman.”


At this time, a girl dressed in a pink dress, who had just walked over, said, “Not only is she not beautiful, but shes also uneducated.

How can she compare to Bai Qingyu Its only natural that Brother doesnt like his girlfriend.”

The girl in the pink dress was Lin Yins sister, Lin Zhihuan.

Before Xuyouyou returned to Mo City, she was the little princess of the Lin family.

She was also Old Madam Lins favorite granddaughter.

However, after Xu Youyou returned, Old Madam Lin would constantly compare her to Xu Youyou and complained that she was inferior to Xu Youyou in every aspect.

This naturally made her dislike Xu Youyou.

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Xu Youyou blinked.

Her eyes were no longer as misty as before.

Due to her fair skin, her eyes looked darker and her lips looked redder.

At this moment, she suddenly said, “Im not his girlfriend.”



“We broke up,” Xu Youyuu said clearly as she looked at Madam Lin unflinchingly, “He went to look for his ex-girlfriend on our wedding day so I broke up with him.

Theres no engagement or wedding anymore between us.”


Previously, Xu Youyou had already mentally prepared herself.

She told herself that she would be married to Lin Yin, not his mother.

Moreover, they would not be living with his mother so it did not matter what kind of person his mother was.

She only had to endure it.

Now, she longer had to endure it.


Madam Lins expression darkened immediately.

She said with a sneer, “Youre just a country bumpkin from the countryside.

Its the fortune youd accumulated over eight lifetimes that A Yin is even willing to marry you.

Youre ugly and stupid but still pretend to be otherwise.

As expected of someone raised by an old lady in the countryside.

Your upbringing is really bad!”

Lin Zhihuan chimed in, “That dead old lady used her death to force my brother to marry you.

Its not like were that close and…”

Before Lin Zhihuan finished speaking, Xu Youyous expression changed as she interjected frostily, “Watch your words.

Its fine if you insult me, but dont drag my grandmother into this.”

Xu Youyou was raised by her grandmother since she was young.

For that reason, her grandmother was her weak spot.

She would not allow anyone to insult her grandmother.

Madam Lin and Lin Zhihuan were stunned by Xu Youyous sudden imposing manner.

However, when they regained her senses, they remembered that she was just a country bumpkin.

What was there to be afraid of

Madam Lin straightened her back and lifted her chin as she said arrogantly, “What Are you going to hit me I knew it.

A country bumpkin like you have no manners at all.

No wonder A Yin looks down on you.

Do you dare to hit me Why dont you hit me If you dare to hit me, A Yin will surely deal with you when he returns.”

As Madam Lin spoke, she suddenly reached out and pushed Xu Youyous shoulder.


Caught off guard by the push, Xu Youyous three-inch heels caught on the hem of her white fishtail dress, causing her to lose her balance and fall back.


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