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“Hm” Xu Youyou looked at Mo Shenbai in confusion.

“You cant let it slide when a child makes a mistake.”


Before Xu Youyou finished speaking, Mo Shenbai saw Xie Yumu, who had just showreel and changed into a new set of clothes, walking over.

He asked frostily, “Did you mess up the studio”

Xie Yumu blinked his eyes and nodded fearfully.

“Since you messed it up, youll clean it up.

Also, apologize to Aunt Xu,” Mo Shenbai said sternly with an icy expression.

When he did not smile, he looked very imposing.

Xie Yumu stammered, looking unwilling, “I, I didnt do it on purpose… I, I…”

Mo Shenbai looked at Xie Yumu coldly.

Xie Yumu fell silent immediately.

His eyes brimmed with tears, and his nose turned red as he sniffed.

Xu Youyou looked at the pitiful Xie Yumu and felt her heart soften immediately.

Mo Shenbai seemed to know that Xu Youyou was about to speak up for Xie Yumu.

He took the lead and said, “Cry all you want.

You still have to clean up after you cry.


Otherwise, you can forget about eating tonight.”

Xie Yumus tears rolled down his face immediately.

Mo Shenbai did not even spare Xie Yumu another glance as he pulled Xu Youyou out of the studio and back into the bedroom.

Xu Youyou helped him hang his suit jacket before she turned around and helped him to take off his tie.

Her movements were a little clumsy.

Mo Shenbai was not in a hurry.

He lowered his head and looked at her patiently as she removed his tie for him.

Xu Youyou said, “Hes still a child.

Dont you think youre too fierce”

“Its precisely because hes still a child that you have to educate him properly.

Otherwise, itll be very easy for him to go astray when he grows older…”

“Oh,” Xu Youyou said and no longer commented on the matter.

After all, Xie Yumu was not her child so it was not appropriate for her to say a lot of things.

Mo Shenbai looked at her delicate face and asked, “Youre not angry at all after what he did to your studio”

Xu Youyou hesitated for a moment before she answered truthfully, “Hmm, its impossible for me not to be angry at all.

However, my anger dissipated a lot when I recalled that hes your godson.”

“Hm” Mo Shenbai raised an eyebrow.

Xu Youyous face revealed a hint of embarrassment.

She turned around to hang his tie as she explained, “At that time, I wondered what you were like when you were young.

I wondered if you were also as naughty…”

Mo Shenbai seemed to think of something.

He lowered his gaze to hide his eyes that had darkened.

However, his expression did not change.

When he raised his head again to look at Xu Youyou, his eyes were filled with warmth as he said, “Youyou, lets have a daughter in the future.

Daughters are obedient.

Our daughter will definitely be as cute as you.”

Xu Youyou was slightly stunned by the abrupt change in topic.

Then, she pouted and said, “Youre making fun of me again, arent you”

Mo Shenbai stepped forward and hugged her.

“Im serious.

I want a daughter.”

Mo Shenbai wanted to have a daughter with Xu Youyou.

“Im still studying…” Xu Youyou said.

She thought about how she was going to go to classes and take her exams with a big belly.

She did not dare to imagine the scene at all.

Mo Shenbai loosened his hold around her before he lowered his head and rubbed the tip of his nose against hers.

He said, “Im talking about the future.

Youre still young so theres no rush in having a child.”

Mo Shenbai did not want Xu Youyou to become a mother before turning 25 years old.

“Oh.” Xu Youyou heaved a sigh of relief.

“So, youre willing to have a child with me, right” Mo Shenbai asked as he reached out to stroke her face.

He felt as though his heart was going to melt.

Xu Youyou looked at him shyly before she punched him playfully, “Mr.

Bai, youre teasing me again.”

Mo Shenbai was very happy.

He held the back of her neck and lowered his head to kiss her.

Xu Youyou instinctively raised her head to meet his warm lips, returning his passionate kiss.

After Mo Shenbai showered and changed into his home clothes, he held Xu Youyous hand as he walked out of the bedroom.

Since they had confirmed their relationship, they would hold hands even when they were at home.

As they walked past the studio, they saw Xie Yumu cleaning up the mess he created while wiping his tears away with his sleeve.

The butler only stood at the side to keep an eye on him, not daring to interfere.

Xu Youyou tugged at Mo Shenbais sleeve and whispered, “He looks a little pitiful…”

Mo Shenbai looked down at her and said, “You cant be so soft-hearted when teaching a child.

Otherwise, next time, hell tear up all your paintings.”

Although Xie Yumu was not his child, Xie Tingxi could be considered a good friend.

For his old friends sake, he could not let Xie Yumu grow up crooked.

Upon hearing Mo Shenbais words, Xu Youyou stopped feeling sorry for Xie Yumu immediately.

Her paintings were naturally more important than a devilish child who was not her own.

Mo Shenbai really meant it when he said Xie Yumu was not allowed to eat until he was done tidying up.

He held Xu Youyous hand and went downstairs to have dinner.

After dinner, the duo went upstairs.

At this time, Xie Yumu was almost done cleaning up.

However, the paint on the floor was difficult to remove.

He tried his best, but he still could not remove it.

His buttocks were high in the air, and his little hands were red from scrubbing.

Xu Youyou felt this scene was somewhat funny, and she could not hold back her laughter.

Startled, Xie Yumu fell to the floor with a loud thump.

Then, he turned to look at the laughing Xu Youyou and pouted.

Mo Shenbai asked coldly, “Do you know your mistake”

Xie Yumu nodded.

“Do you dare to do it again next time”

Xie Yumu hurriedly shook his head.

‘I dont dare.

I really dont dare.

Dad is too scary! Im also very hungry!

“What else do you have to do” Mo Shenbai asked expressionlessly.

Xie Yumu lowered his head timidly.

He hesitated briefly before he looked up at Xu Youyou and said slowly in a childish voice, “Im sorry.”

Xu Youyou moved to stand in front of Xie Yumu before she bent down and stroked his head.

She said, “I accept your apology.

You cant do this again.

Not only is cleaning very tiring, but the paints are wasted as well.

Those were all bought with money.”

Xie Yumu raised his head and looked at the tall and dignified Mo Shenbai before he said timidly, “I understand.”

“Alright, go eat,” Xu Youyou said magnanimously.

She had already forgiven him.

Xie Yumu did not say anything.

Instead, he looked at Mo Shenbai tentatively.

When he heard Mo Shenbai instructing the butler to bring him to eat, he said with a smile, “Thank you, Dad.”

Then, Xie Yumu thought of something and asked, “Dad, can you bring me to visit Mommy tomorrow”

“Ill send someone to bring you,” Mo Shenbai said.

He could take care of Xie Tingxis son and wife, but he would not let it affect his relationship with Xu Youyou.

He did not want Yun Youwei to have any misunderstandings at all.


Xie Yumu quickly moved forward and hugged Mo Shenbais arm.

He shook Mo Shenbais arm as he said, “Please come with me.


Mo Shenbai frowned.

He did not intend to give in at all.

Seeing that Xie Yumu really wanted Mo Shenbai to accompany him, Xu Youyou said, “If youre not busy, then why dont you accompany him”

Mo Shenbai looked at her unhappily.

“Go,” Xu Youyou mouthed before she revealed a fawning smile on her face.

Mo Shenbai could remain unmoved in front of Xie Yumu, but he had no resistance toward Xu Youyou at all.

In the end, he could only helplessly agree.

“Thank you, Dad! Dad is the best!” Xie Yumu jumped with joy, almost bumping into the cabinet next to him.

Mo Shenbai pulled Xie Yumu back in time and said seriously, “Go eat.”

“Okay, Dad,” Xie Yumu said before skipping down the stairs with the butler.

Then, Mo Shenbai glanced at Xu Youyou and said, “Youre really magnanimous and broad-minded.”

Not only did Xu Youyou not mind Xie Yumu calling himDad, but she also allowed him to visit another woman!


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