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Xu Youyou: “!!!”

‘What crystallization of love When Where Why didnt I know

Lin Yin looked at Xu Youyou in shock and disbelief.

“Youyou, you, you… youre pregnant”

Lin Yin could accept that Xu Youyou had been with Mo Shenbai, but he definitely could not accept that she was pregnant with another mans child.

It was strange.

A womans womb belonged to herself.

However, once she was pregnant, she would be labeled as belonging to the man who impregnated her for the rest of her life.

Society had been progressing.

Men were starting to accept that not all women were virgins and that was okay.

However, it was still difficult for them to accept a woman who carried another mans child.

When Xu Youyou returned to her senses, she did not expose Mo Shenbais lie.

Instead, she played along and said, “Thats right.

Since its like that, are you still willing to be with me”

As soon as Xu Youyou said these words, Mo Shenbais hold around her tightened immediately.

Xu Youyou frowned slightly as she turned to glare at him, reminding him that they were acting.

Lin Yin looked as though he had been dealt a heavy blow.

He looked as though he had lost his soul at this moment.

He looked at Xu Youyou with a pained expression on his face and could not help but shake his head.

Then, he staggered two steps back before he turned to leave.

Xu Youyou: “…”

‘Men are really fickle…

Mo Shenbai frowned and looked down at her.

“Why is he still pestering you”

At this moment, those people, who had been instigated by Su Lanxu to take a look, felt that Mo Shenbai was about to lose his temper.

They thought that Su Lanxu was indeed exaggerating.

Xu Youyou shrugged and said innocently, “I dont know whats wrong with him.

He suddenly said that he loves me and that he doesnt despise me for being with you.

Hes shameless.” Then, as though she felt it was not an accurate description, she added, “Really, really, really shameless…”

Mo Shenbai was amused by her.

He lowered his head and kissed her face.

His voice softened as he said, “Dont pay attention to him the next time you see him.

Stay away from him.”

Xu Youyou nodded obediently.

“I didnt want to pay attention to him in the first place.

He kept saying strange things, acting confident.

Its annoying!”

Mo Shenbai pinched her cheek gently as he said in a doting tone, “If you find him annoying, the next time he looks for you again, Ill get someone to put a sack over his head and beat him up until he cant get out of bed for half a month.”

Xu Youyou had said these words before to Xu Jialu so she could not help but laugh.

“Good idea.”

“Lets go home,” Mo Shenbai said as he reached for her hand, intertwining their fingers.

Xu Youyou nodded and followed him into the car.

Meanwhile, the spectators at the entrance of Blue Temptation were all dumbfounded.

If they were watching a movie, they would have dropped their popcorn at this moment.

“Was that really Chairman Mo”

“F*ck! Su Lanxu was telling the truth!”

“F*ck! Even a man like me felt like they were very sweet together!”

Su Lanxu overheard their words and only smirked.

She shook her head and thought to herself,This ignorant fools…

After that, Su Lanxu picked her bag up and left.

That night, new rumors began to spread in the upper-class circle in Mo City.

Mo Shenbai only managed to get married because he pestered and begged his wife.


Mo Shenbai loved his wife to death.

He could not live without his wife at all.


In the end, the rumors twisted and gave birth to a new rumor.

Mo Shenbai was old and might not have much stamina, but his wife did not mind.

There were not many women as kind as his wife.

Mo Shenbai and Xu Youyou did not know how such incredible rumors came about, but in the end, Xu Youyou still paid the price for the ridiculous rumors.

After Lin Yin stumbled and ran away, he wandered aimlessly for a while.

When he came to a stop, he found himself in front of a bar.

He walked in and asked the bartender for a drink and drained it with one gulp.

“Another glass.”

Just like that, Lin Yin drank one glass after another.

He did not know how much he had drunk until he lay on the bar counter, completely drunk.

At this time, Fu Jianchen walked in.

Two lackeys followed behind him.

He randomly picked a seat and sat down before asking for a glass of brandy from the bartender.

“Young Master Chen, I havent seen you recently.

Where did you go and have fun”

Fu Jianchen drained the glass of brandy and did not reply.

One of the lackeys shot the bartender a look.

‘Have fun my as*! How can you not tell that Young Master Chen is in an incredibly foul mood

The bartender was very observant.

Seeing Fu Jianchen and his lackeys expression, he only poured the drinks for them and no longer said anything.

The lackey ordered a vodka and Redbull.

As he drank, he said to comfort Fu Jianchen, “Young Master Chen, dont be depressed.

There are many women in this world.

If it doesnt work out, you can find another one.”

“Thats right, Young Master Chen.

Tell us what kind of woman you like Well find her even if we have to dig three feet under the ground!”

Fu Jianchen swept his cold gaze across the duo, and the duo fell silent immediately.

After ordering and draining another glass of brandy, he heard the drunken man next to him mumbling.

“Youyou… Youyou… Youre, youre originally supposed to be… my wife…”

Fu Jianchens hand that was holding his glass froze.

Then, his eyes darkened as he turned to look at the man next to him.

“Youyou… Youre… my fiancee…” Lin Yin continued mumbling to himself.

Seeing that Fu Jianchen was looking at the drunkard next to him, one of the lackeys thought that Fu Jian had been disturbed.

He said indignantly, “Where did this drunkard come from”

The lackey was about to get up and grab Lin Yin when Fu Jianchen placed his hand on the lackeys shoulder, stopping him.

“Wait a minute.”

“Young Master Chen, whats wrong”

Fu Jianchen did not reply.

Instead, he nudged Lin Yin, who was lying on the bar counter, and asked, “Xu Youyou Is it Xu Youyou from the art department at Mo City University”

Lin Yin was so drunk that he could not even see the person in front of him clearly.

He only vaguely heard the wordsXu Youyou before he grabbed the other persons collar and said, “Are you, are you going to snatch her from me as well Im warning you, shes my

Fu Jianchen scoffed.

He was not angry about Lin Yin grabbing his collar.

Instead, he only smiled coldly.

‘So this is the person Xu Youyou likes How f*cking stupid is she to marry such a stupid loser

Fu Jianchen pried Lin Yins hand away before shooting a look at the two lackeys.

The duo immediately moved to carry the drunk Lin Yin out.

As they walked out, they laughed.

“Brother, youre drunk.

Let us send you home…”

Fu Jianchen reached out to straighten his collar.

Then, he brought a stack of cash out and threw it on the bar counter before he turned to leave.

“Thank you, Young Master Chen.

Goodbye,” the bartender said.

After putting aside the money for the drinks, he kept the remaining money in his pocket.

The bartender shook his head when he thought about Lin Yin who had been taken away.

He thought Lin Yin was really unlucky to have provoked Fu Jianchen.

In a back alley without street lamps.

The alley was only illuminated by the moonlight and the city lights.

In the darkness where light could not reach, a man leaned against the wall.

A red light could be seen between his fingers as wisps of white smoke rose from the red light.

At the side, two men kept punching and kicking as they cursed in low voices.

“How dare you f*cking touch Young Master Chen!”

“Idiot! Its rare that Young Master Chen is willing to come out and have fun.

How dare you ruin his mood”


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