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Mo Shenbai continued to ignore Xu Youyou.

Xu Youyou took a deep breath and decided to go all out.

She glanced at the driver.

Seeing that he was completely focused on driving, she leaned over and whispered into his ear, “Mr.

Bai, dont be angry.

After the mourning period is over, Ill wear a costume and dance for you.”

Mo Shenbais originally tense expression eased up immediately.

He looked at her from the corners of his eyes silently.

Seeing that these words seemed to be effective, Xu Youyou continued to work harder.

She said, “You can request any dance you want.”

‘Even if I dont know, Ill go and learn it!

A mischievous glint flashed in Mo Shenbais eyes.

He raised an eyebrow and asked, “Any dance”

Seeing that he finally responded to her, she smiled and hurriedly nodded.

Mo Shenbai was silent for a moment.

Then, he lowered his head and whispered a few words into his ear.

His voice was only audible to the both of them.

The redness started on Xu Youyous neck before it spread to her face.

She glared at him with her dazzling eyes and said, “You… Youve gone too far…”

Mo Shenbai scoffed.

“You said it yourself that I can request any dance I want.

Of course, if you insist on going back on your words, theres nothing I can do about it.”

Xu Youyou pouted before she said, “Fine, Ill dance then…”

The cloudy expression on Mo Shenbais face turned into a sunny one in just an instance.

He reached out and held her hand again.

Meanwhile, the drivers expression was very calm, but inwardly, he was roaring,What kind of strange dance is it that you cant say it out loud!


When Xu Youyou and Mo Shenbai arrived at the company, it happened to be after lunch time so many people had just returned to the company as well.

All of them bowed and greeted Mo Shenbai when they saw him.

“Good afternoon, Chairman Mo.

Nice to meet you, Mrs.


Xu Youyou smiled at everyone.

However, as soon as the elevator door closed, she reached up and rubbed her lips that were stiff from smiling.

She asked, “Why does everyone in the company seem to know me”

She felt as though she had come to the company to declare her sovereignty.

Mo Shenbai lowered his gaze to look at her and said gently, “A week ago, something new was added to the Mo Groups new employee orientation program.”

“Huh” Xu Youyou looked at him in confusion.

“Its fine not to recognize the chairman of the company, but employees should recognize the chairmans wife and greet her respectfully.”

Xu Youyou: “…”

When she reacted, she stammered, “Is, is that necessary”

“Yes,” Mo Shenbai nodded and said in a low voice, “After all, youre the wife I shamelessly chased and successfully married with much difficulty.”

Xu Youyou: “!!!”

‘Lanlan! I dont know if youre too efficient or too unreliable! I told you the spread the word in the circle, but that doesnt include Mr.


Xu Youyou felt like she had done something wrong.

She lowered her head and muttered softly, “I… I didnt do it on purpose.

I just wanted to let those people know that youre not going to have a new wife…”

Due to Yun Youweis matter, many people were gloating over Xu Youyous misfortune and waiting to see Mo Shenbai replace her.

She naturally had to stand up for herself.

It was obvious that someone had deliberately spread the rumor.

How could she sit still and wait for death She naturally had to fight back.

However, she did not expect the effect would be so far-reaching.

Mo Shenbai naturally did not get angry over such a small matter.

He held her hand and led her into his office.

“If theres anything you want to eat or drink, let Yao Yao know.

Youre very familiar with her anyway.”

Mo Shenbai had many things to deal with.

Now that they were at the company, he could not give her his full attention anymore.

“You do your thing.

I can take care of myself,” Xu Youyou said as she clasped her hands on her back, looking obedient and cute.

Mo Shenbai raised an eyebrow.

Then, he could not help but move to stand in front of her before he lowered his head to kiss her pink lips.

After pulling away, he said, “Little friend, youre not allowed to seduce me during work hours.”

Xu Youyou: “…”

‘When did I do such a thing!

Mo Shenbai stroked her head before he gestured to her to make herself comfortable.

Then, he returned to histhrone and dealt with his work.

Xu Youyou was afraid of disturbing his work.

She sat quietly on the couch and played with her phone.

After a while, she used the excuse of needing to use the bathroom to sneak out.

Mo Shenbai had a private bathroom in his office.

He naturally knew Xu Youyou wanted to sneak away.

However, considering all the employees in the company knew her, he did not worry too much and let her go.

When Xu Youyou went to the panty to search for drinks, she ran into Yao Yao.

“Nice to meet you, You… Mrs.


Xu Youyou frowned.

“Yao Yao, dont be like them! Its really putting a lot of pressure on me.”

Yao Yao said teasingly, “Chairman Mo has made it a rule that all employees must be respectful to Mrs.


If we dont comply, we might be demoted and have our salary cut.

In the worst-case scenario, we might even be fired.”

Xu Youyou thought about it for a moment.

She thought that the new rule probably had something to do with Yun Youweis matter.

Even she knew about it; it was impossible that Mo Shenbai was unaware of the rumors that had been going around.

With this thought in mind, warmth suffused her heart immediately.

“Youyou, what would you like to drink Ill get it for you,” Yao Yao asked considerately.

“Any kind of fruit juice is fine.

Thank you.”

“Youre welcome.”

Yao Yao prepared the fruit juice as she chatted with Xu Youyou.

“Oh, right.

During the past few days when the chairman didnt come to the company, that woman came looking for him again.

Dont worry.

I helped you to drive away.

She didnt even get to step foot into the office.”

‘Im much more reliable than that wooden Pei Chuan!

Xu Youyou frowned.

“Yun Youwei”

“Thats right!” Yao Yao said.

Then, she pouted before she continued to say, “Now that everyone in the company knows that youre the rightful Mrs.

Mo, I really wonder where she got the audacity to come to the company.

Its as though the child really belonged to Chairman Mo!”

Xu Youyou explained with a serious expression, “Thats not true.

The child is his godson.”

Yao Yao nodded.

“Dont worry.

All of us trust Chairman Mo.

Furthermore, Id say 8/10 of the employees in the company are all rooting for you and Chairman Mo.

Were all your fans!”

Xu Youyou asked curiously, “Then, who are the remaining two people”

Yao Yao laughed.


Xu! He said that a pig stole the cabbage from his family.”



The corners of Xu Youyous lips twitched.

Indeed, it sounded like the words his brother would say.

“Then, whos the other one”

“The new rising star in the company, Lu Heyun,” Yao Yao said.

Then, she scooted closer to Xu Youyou and said conspiratorially, “As soon as Lu Heyun joined the company, he attracted the attention of all the women in the company.

Regardless of whether theyre married or not, all of them are trying to get close to him, but…”

Yao Yao paused deliberately, trying to keep Xu Youyou in suspense.

After a moment, she said, “I heard that hes the future husband of the princess of the company.

Is it true”

Xu Youyou did not expect Lu Heyun to become famous so soon after joining the company.

She asked, “Do you want to chase him too”

“Why would I” Yao Yao smiled, “Although hes handsome, he cant be eaten.

Moreover, if hes really the future husband of the princess of the Mo family, then I have to be even more careful.

I cant offend the royalty.

Itd be bad if I lost my job.”

‘Whats so great about men Money is the most important thing!

Xu Youyou liked Yao Yao quite a lot.

However, she could not answer Yao Yaos question since she, herself, did not know about the status of Mo Zhiyun and Lu Heyuns relationship.

She replied, “I dont know either, but his grades are very good in Mo City University.

Hes widely acknowledged as the golden boy of the university.

In any case, it wont do you any harm to be polite to him when you see him.”

With Lu Heyuns ability, it was impossible for him to stay an ordinary office worker for the rest of his life.

Yao Yao understood and made anokay gesture.

After preparing the juice for Xu Youyou, Yao Yao also prepared a cup of coffee for the big boss.

Mo Shenbai had a habit of drinking coffee every afternoon.

Xu Youyou did not usually drink coffee, but now that she smelled the fragrance of freshly ground coffee beans, she could not help but gulp.

She said, “The coffee smells so good.”


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