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Mo Shenbai thought that the accident was just a coincidence.

He did not expect that Xu Youyou had deliberately insisted on using his car to save him.

He was shocked that he was protected by the frail young woman in front of him.

Over the past 20 years, especially in his younger years, no one had cared about him.

Those people used the most extreme method to hurt him, forcing him to grow up, and eventually, making him invincible.

For the first time, he felt what it was like to be protected.

Not only did Xu Youyou protect him, but she had risked her life to do so.

If she did not insist on changing cars with him, he would have died.

For the first time in so many years, someone was willing to protect him and love him.

“Of course, I was afraid,” Xu Youyou mumbled.

She glanced at him before she quickly lowered her gaze again.

She continued to say, “Wed just gotten married at that time.

If you died, Id be a young widow.

Grandma would definitely worry.

Moreover, youre my brothers boss.

If you died, his job would definitely be affected.

He has a foul temper so its rare that he has a boss who can tolerate him…”

Xu Youyou glanced at him again.

When she met his dark eyes, she fell silent before she added, “Alright, I admit I had my own selfish reason for saving you as well.

Youre so good-looking… Itd be a pity if you died young…”

‘All the other reasons are just to cover up the fact that I was possessed by lust! Who asked him to be so good-looking Its only natural that I was blinded by beauty!

Mo Shenbais eyes flashed.

Then, he leaned over and pulled her into his arms.

He remembered to avoid her injured arm as he hugged her tightly.

His eyes were moist, and his throat felt blocked.

He could not speak at all.

His heart seemed to have been turned upside down.

He felt touched, happy, and distressed.

His emotions were all mixed up.

Xu Youyou was slightly caught off guard by the hug.

After a beat, she hugged his narrow waist with her uninjured arm.

She asked, “Mr.

Bai, whats wrong”

She could sense that something was not right with Mo Shenbai.

Mo Shenbai took a deep breath before he kissed her forehead.

He was gentle and affectionate.

Xu Youyous forehead burned, and her body felt numb.

Her clear eyes were pure and charming and she looked at him intently as though she was trying to look into his heart.

“Thank you,” Mo Shenbai said in a low and hoarse voice.


“I cant repay you for saving my life, I can only…” Mo Shenbai fingers gently caressed her face as he slowly said, “I can only give myself to you…”


Xu Youyous face flushed red as she glared at him and said, “Youre trying to set me up again…”

Mo Shenbai smiled slightly.

His unshed tears had disappeared, replaced with love.

He said, “Youyou, thank you for saving me.

Thank you for saving Zhiyun.”

Xu Youyou lowered her head and said with a smile, “No need to thank me.

Anyway, youve already given yourself to me.”

Mo Shenbai saw her red ears, and he reached out to caress one of her earlobes.

He gulped before he said in a low voice, “If you have any problems in the future, tell me about it, okay Dont take risks alone.

Is that okay”

Xu Youyou looked up at him silently.

“I wont ask how you know, and I wont tell anyone.”

Xu Youyou blinked and asked, “You really wont ask”

Mo Shenbai nodded.

His hand was still playing with her earlobe as he said casually, “Its not a big deal anyway.”

‘This isnt a big deal

 Xu Youyou asked curiously, “Then, whats considered a big deal”

“A divorce is a big deal.

Or the person you love most is the person who gave you that umbrella…”

Compared to her secret, these things were more important to him.

The corners of Xu Youyous lips twitched.

Then, she said sweetly, “I wont divorce you unless thats what you want.

And…” She looked at him with clear eyes, and her expression turned serious as she said slowly, “Right now, the person I love most is you.

Itll be the same in the future.

Its impossible for me to love another man.”

‘Theres no one better than Mr.


Mo Shenbais eyes flashed as he asked, “What if that person who gave you the umbrella appears in the future”

“Ill still only love you,” Xu Youyou answered without hesitation.

Although her voice was soft, it was firm.

She continued to say, “He gave me an umbrella when it was raining, but you were the one who supported me when my world collapsed.”

Compared to that person who gave her the umbrella in her darkest hour, Mo Shenbai, who supported her, had long occupied her heart.

Mo Shenbais dark eyes widened slightly due to her confession.

Then, a smile appeared on his face as he said, “As expected of a painter.

Youre so creative even with your words…”

“Youre not allowed to make fun of me,” Xu Youyou said with a pout.

“Alright, alright,” Mo Shenbai said dotingly.

He lowered his head to kiss her cheek before he asked, “Are you tired Why dont you lie down and rest”

Xu Youyou lay down with Mo Shenbais help before he carefully pulled the blanket up for her.

Then, she asked worriedly, “Oh, right.

Hows Zhiyun I think she shouldve avoided injuries to her vital points, right Shes not in any life-threatening danger, right”

Mo Shenbais eyes darkened.

He did not want her to worry or feel guilty so he said, “Mmm, shes fine.

You should rest and recuperate first.

Ill bring you to see her when youre better.”

Xu Youyou nodded obediently.

She looked at him with a smile on her face.

In Mo Shenbais eyes, her smile was extremely dazzling.

Even the stars in the night sky could not compare to her.

He caressed her face again, unable to pull away as he asked, “Why are you smiling”


Bai, Im very happy.

Not only can I protect you, but I can protect your family as well,” Xu Youyou said with a dazzling smile, “I feel needed and useful.

I feel the value of my existence.

I feel connected to this world, and youre my connection to this world.”

Due to her childhood experience, for the longest time, Xu Youyou felt that her parents and brother did not like her.

Everyone did not like her.

She felt like her existence in the world was meaningless.

However, it was different now.

She could feel the love from her family, and she could also protect the people she loved.

She felt that she found the meaning of life and the value of living in this world.

Mo Shenbais heart tightened when he heard her words; his chest hurt.

“Silly, your existence has always been meaningful.

To me, I can live without the sun in the sky, but I cant live without you.”

‘After all, youre my little sun…

Xu Youyou felt a sweetness in her heart.

She wanted to hug him but recalled that her arm was injured.

She pouted and called out, “Mr.


Mo Shenbai wanted to kiss her when he saw her pouting.

She was so cute that his heart melted again.

He lowered his head and kissed her passionately.

After a short moment, Xu Youyou looked at him shyly.

Then, she expressed the feelings in her heart.


Bai, I love you…”

‘I love you so, so, so much…

Mo Shenbai restrained himself from kissing her again as he said in a low and hoarse voice, “Me too…”

‘I love you, not because you love me… Whether you love me or not, I still love you, only you… My love for you has no limit at all.

Xu Youyou, I love you.


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