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“I want to take care of you.”

The voice belonged to Lu Heyun.

His voice sounded gentle as usual.

Mo Zhiyun choked up slightly as she said, “But I dont want you to take care of me.

I dont want you to pity me or sympathize with me.

Please leave.”

Mo Zhiyuns tone was pleading and humble.

Xu Youyou did not want to eavesdrop on their conversation, but she really could not restrain her curiosity as she stole a glance at the slightly ajar door.

Lu Heyuns back was facing the door of the ward, and Mo Zhiyuns figure was partially hidden by him.

However, Xu Youyou could vaguely see he was wiping Mo Zhiyuns tears away.

Lu Heyun said, “Zhiyun, I want to take care of you.

Not just for now, but in the future as well.” After a brief pause, he asked gently, “Can you give me a chance”

Xu Youyou jaw dropped, and she quickly covered her mouth to hold back her exclamation of surprise.

‘Is he confessing to Zhiyun

Mo Zhiyun was also surprised.

She raised her head, revealing a pale face stained with tears.

Her eyes were filled with shock, and she suspected she had misheard him.

When she regained her senses, she said through her tears, “Are you… crazy Im disabled.

I wont be able to stand up again.

If you pity me…”

Before Mo Zhiyun finished speaking, Lu Heyun suddenly lowered his head and pressed his lips against hers, tasting the bitterness of her tears.

Mo Zhiyuns voice came to an abrupt stop as her teary almond-shaped eyes widened in shock.

Lu Heyun did not deepen the kiss.

He pulled away and gently wiped her tears again as he said, “Zhiyun, in this world, theres no one who would sacrifice love only because of pity.

Its okay if you cant stand up.

Ill take care of you.

From now on, Ill be your legs.”

‘From now on, Ill be your legs…

No one would be able to resist these words, especially not Mo Zhiyun who liked Lu Heyun so much.

She threw herself into his arms and said tearily, “Lu Heyun, Im sorry.

I know that Im very selfish, but I, I cant help it… I really like you!”

‘I like you so much that even though I know youre only staying with me out of guilt and pity, I still cant refuse you.

Lu Heyun gently stroked her long hair with his warm hand as he said gently, “I know…”

Xu Youyou turned around and leaned against the wall.

She looked at Cang Ming silently, blinking.

Cang Ming: “”

Xu Youyou asked in a hushed voice, “Dont you feel touched”

‘A pair of lovers are finally together…

Cang Ming replied curtly, “Oh…”

‘Who cares if Im touched or not I only know that Sir asked me to keep an eye on you and follow you.

If you dont move, I dont dare to move a single step.

Xu Youyou: “…”

‘Forget it.

Cang Ming has probably been with Mr.

Bai for too long so he has no interest in other peoples affairs…

Xu Youyou brought her phone out and sent a message to Su Lanxu.

She could not help but share what she had seen.

After all, the scene was very similar to what she had read in novels.

Su Lanxu was also very shocked.

However, her shock was soon replaced by sadness.

Now, she was the only one who was single.

The joys and sorrows of humans were not distributed evenly.

She really felt like crying.

Xu Youyou comforted Su Lanxu, telling her that she would definitely find a handsome and young boyfriend soon.

At this time, Lu Heyun, who was done comforting Mo Zhiyun walked out.

He was surprised when he saw Xu Youyou.

He reacted quickly and called out politely, “Mrs.


Xu Youyou waved her hand.

“You dont have to call me Mrs.


Were not in the company now.”

Lu Heyun thought about it for a moment before he said tentatively, “… Sister-in-law”


The corners of Xu Youyous lips twitched as she thought to herself,Senior Lu, I really didnt expect this from you!

“Senior, you can just call me Youyou.”

It was really weird to be addressed assister-in-law by Lu Heyun.

Lu Heyun smiled faintly.


Im going out to buy something.

You can go in and accompany her.”

Lu Heyun intentionally said this so Mo Zhiyun and Xu Youyou could talk.

It would be easier for the two young women to speak if he were not around.

Xu Youyou nodded and walked into the ward.

Cang Ming followed her in.

He set the fruit basket down on the table and retreated to stand near the door.

Mo Zhiyun had just finished crying so her eyes were still wet and red.

Her voice was also slightly hoarse as she said, “Youyou, youre here.”

Xu Youyou walked to the bedside and took a seat.

“Are you feeling better”

Mo Zhiyun sniffed and nodded.

“I feel much better.

You dont have to worry about me.”

“Thats not surprising.

With love, youll naturally feel better.”

Lu Heyun had been taking care of Mo Zhiyun over the past few days, and the entire hospital knew about it.

Everyone was saying how her boyfriend was handsome, gentle, and affectionate.

If it were any other man, perhaps, he would have run away as soon as he found out she was crippled.

“S-sister-in-law…” Mo Zhiyun stammered as she blushed.

Her almond-shaped eyes were filled with shyness.

Xu Youyou did not tease Mo Zhiyun anymore.

She got up and took the flowers from the fruit basket and placed them in a vase.

Mo Zhiyun turned to look at Xu Youyou and asked, “Hows your arm”

“Much better.

Its just a little itchy, and I really want to scratch it,” Xu Youyou said with a pout, “I understand that Mr.

Bai doesnt want me to scratch it, but he actually told everyone to keep an eye on me 24 hours a day.

I feel like a criminal.”

Mo Zhiyun, who was assaulted by Xu Youyou and Mo Shenbais love, said, “Alright, alright.

I know that brother loves you so stop showing off! Ive had enough of your affectionate displays!”

Xu Youyou tilted her head and looked at Mo Zhiyun cunningly as she said, “In the future, you can do that too…”

Mo Zhiyun looked shy when she thought about Lu Heyun.

She quickly said, “Were very low-key…”

After arranging the flowers, Xu Youyou sat down again to chat with Mo Zhiyun.

Mo Zhiyun hesitated briefly before she apologized seriously.

“Sister-in-law, Im sorry! I shouldnt have said those words to you that day.

Also, thank you for saving my life.”

The words Mo Zhiyun said to Xu Youyou that day were harsh, but Xu Youyou did not take her words to heart and even saved her.

She owed Xu Youyou an apology and a thank-you.

“Its okay.

I know you were like that because you were anxious and afraid about Lu Heyun going abroad,” Xu Youyou said magnanimously, “You need to cheer up and recuperate now.

Medical science is so advanced now, I believe youll definitely stand up again.”

Mo Zhiyun felt her tears threatening to fall again when she met Xu Youyous clear eyes.

She spread her arms and said, “Sister-in-law, youre really too kind! Brother must have been blessed by his ancestors for eight lifetimes to be able to marry you!”

Xu Youyou was amused as she leaned over to hug Mo Zhiyun.

“Alright, dont cry.

Otherwise, when Lu Heyun returns, hell think Im bullying you.”

“Sister-in-law…” Mo Zhiyun called out shyly.

The two young women were smiling, immersed in the warmth when a knock rang from the door.

“Lu Heyun is back,” Xu Youyou said as she quickly let go of Mo Zhiyun.

Mo Zhiyun glanced at Xu Youyou before she said, “Come in.”

To everyones surprise, when the door opened, Yun Youwei walked in with a fruit basket in one hand and Xie Yumu in the other hand.

No one expected her to show up.

Although Yun Youwei was wearing makeup, it could not cover her pale face.

She said gently, “I heard youre injured so I came to visit.

I hope I didnt disturb your rest.”


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