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Xu Youyou panicked when she saw Su Lanxu crying.

“Lanlan, whats wrong Dont cry, dont cry…”

Xu Youyou quickly wiped the tears off Su Lanxus face.

Suddenly, a thought flashed in her mind.

She paused as she looked at Su Lanxu in disbelief and asked, “Lanlan, you… Do you like my… my brother”

Su Lanxu did not deny it.

Instead, she turned to the side and silently wiped her tears away.

Xu Youyou was dumbstruck.

For a moment, she did not know what to say.

For so many years, Su Lanxu and Xu Jialu would bicker whenever they met.

Neither of them seemed to like each other.

Sometimes when they argued, they would even block each other on WeChat.

In the beginning, Xu Youyou would often play the role of peacemaker, but later, she realized there was no need to mediate.

In the end, they would add each other on WeChat again.

She also grew numb to their endless bickering.

In the past, Su Lanxu was attracted to Xu Jialu when she first met him due to his appearance.

However, later, she came to her senses when she realized his appearance was very deceiving and that he possessed a poisonous tongue that could kill people.

Hence, Xu Youyou was shocked when she found out Su Lanxu had liked her brother for such a long time.

Now that she found out about Su Lanxus feelings, she said comfortingly, “Lanlan, you know my brother has never been serious.

Perhaps, its the same this time.

Hes just saying it now, but hell change his mind after two days.”

“Its different,” Su Lanxu said tearily as she sniffed, “Its really different this time.”

It was not that Xu Jialu did not have any woman by his side all these years, but he had never mentioned them to Xu Youyou or let Xu Youyou meet them, let alone mention the wordmarriage.

For this reason, Su Lanxu had never worried about him getting married or having children since he was clearly not serious about his relationships.

She even thought that it did not matter if Xu Jialu did not like her.

It would be fine even if they bickered for the rest of their lives.

However, even such a humble wish was shattered.

The day had come so quickly and unexpectedly.

Xu Youyou was silent for a moment.

She still refused to believe it.

“I dont think my brother really likes that Yun Youwei.

You know that he loves me the most and is willing to do anything for me! Perhaps, he just doesnt want Yun Youwei to pester Mr.


“Id believe it if you say he would kill Yun Youwei for you, but do you really think hed really marry a woman he doesnt like just to stop her from pestering Mo Shenbai”

Xu Jialu had always been unrestrained.

He was rebellious to the bones.

If he could not stand Yun Youwei pestering Mo Shenbai, he would come up with ways to stop Yun Youwei, but he would never sacrifice himself by marrying her.

It was not in line with his personality to make himself suffer.

Xu Youyou fell silent again.

After all, she truly could not figure out what her brother was thinking.

Su Lanxu lowered her head and rested her chin on her arms that were resting on her knees.

Tears began to brim in her red eyes again at the same time.

She asked in a small voice, “Youyou, should I give up”

Although Su Lanxus question was directed at Xu Youyou, it felt like she was asking herself that question.

“Lanlan…” Xu Youyou wanted to say something but stopped herself in the end.

She did not know if Su Lanxu should give up.

Su Lanxu said, “In fact, I overheard your conversation with Xu Jialu back then in the cafe.

I know he doesnt like me… In fact, he likely hates me…”

Xu Youyou exclaimed in surprise, “Lanlan, you…”

Xu Youyu was so surprised that she was at a loss for words.

Tears clung to Su Lanxus long eyelashes that fluttered slightly.

The corners of her lips curled into a bitter smile as she said, “Im sorry that I hid this from you for so many years.”

“Im sorry, Lanlan.

I should be the one apologizing to you.

Back then, I knew you were interested in my brother so I wanted to help you test the water.

I didnt expect my brother to say such words at that time.

Im really sorry.”

Xu Youyou felt as though she was going to die from guilt at this moment.

Su Lanxu shook her head as tears continued to fall from her eyes.

“Its not your fault.

Even if you didnt ask, he still wouldnt like me.

It wouldnt change his feelings at all.

Im the fool for being unable to let go.

I cant help but try to attract his attention despite knowing he dislikes me.

Even if its just bickering, as long as his eyes are on me, I feel happy.”

Su Lanxu liked Xu Jialu, but she was also proud and childish.

After hearing Xu Jialus words in the past, her pride was hurt.

How could she still express her feelings to him She tried her best to suppress her feelings, but her feelings needed an outlet as well.

In the end, she deliberately opposed him, annoyed him, and made him angry.

Since he liked to call her crazy, she would show him that she was crazy.

It was just like how boys in kindergarten pulled the hair of the girls they liked to attract attention.

Bickering with Xu Jialu was Su Lanxus emotional outlet.

It was the only thing she dared to do to stand in front of Xu Jialu and speak to him confidently.

However, now, even that small bit of courage was lost after finding out that he had fallen in love with Yun Youwei and wanted to marry Yun Youwei.

Her unrequited love was destined to be unrequited.

Xu Youyou felt extremely uncomfortable and sad when she looked at the teary Su Lanxu.

After all, Su Lanxu had always been strong.

When she argued with her parents or when she broke her bone after falling down the stairs, she did not even shed a single tear.

How could Xu Youyou not feel distressed that someone as strong as Su Lanxu was crying because of her brother

Finally, Xu Youyou tugged on Su Lanxus arm and said softly, “Maybe theres still a chance.

I dont like Yun Youwei.

My parents also definitely wont agree to my brother marrying her! Lets think of a way together!” She grew more and more confident as she said, “Lanlan, let me help you pursue my brother like how you helped me pursue Mr.

Bai back then! Since I managed to successfully pursue Mr.

Bai, theres no reason you wont succeed in pursuing my brother!”

Su Lanxus eyes were filled with stubbornness as she said, “Forget it.

I was ridiculed by him before I even confessed to him.

Hell only ridicule me even more if I confess to him.”

“Lanlan,” Xu Youyou said anxiously, “My brother usually speaks without restraints, but I guarantee he wont do it this time.

If he dares to spout nonsense again, Ill definitely fight him!”

Su Lanxu bit her lower lip and shook her head.

She lowered her gaze and no longer spoke.

Xu Youyu refused to give up and continued to persuade Su Lanxu.

“Lanlan, its not like you dont know what kind of person Yun Youwei is… If my brother really marries her, he wont be happy either… Youve liked my brother for so many years, and youve yet to confess.

Wont you regret it in the future”

Su Lanxu sniffed and wiped away the tears on her face before she said, “In fact, I tried to give up and even tried to like other people.

However, every time I see him, I cant suppress my feelings.

Whenever he treated me a little better, I could not help but wonder if there was a chance he liked me.

I couldnt help but think that I might have a chance.

Youyou, do you think Im a hopeless fool”


Theres nothing wrong with liking someone!”

Liking someone but not being able to say it out loud was torturous.

Seeing that Xu Youyou and Su Lanxu were away for such a long time, Bo Qi could not help but ask in confusion, “Did they both fall into the toilet bowls Should we call the police”

Bo Qi looked at Mo Shenbai teasingly when he saw Mo Shenbai frowning with impatience written all over his face.


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