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Qin Siyu recovered quickly.

She asked, displeased, “What are you doing here”

Bo Qi did not reply to her.

Instead, he looked at the shop for a moment before he asked, “Is this what youve been doing after you left me”

“What does it have to do with you” Qin Siyu asked.

She could hear the derision hidden in Bo Qis casual tone.

Bo Qi looked at her mockingly and asked, “What about that old man at my club Is this all hes capable of He couldnt even afford to rent a decent shop for you”

“Thats right.

Hes pitiful and poor.

Hes not as rich and overbearing as you,” Qin Siyu said, not wanting to bother with him.

When she liked him, she thought he was good in every aspect.

She thought he was handsome and decent.

Now that she did not like him, she could not stand the sight of him.

He was not as handsome or as tall as Mo Shenbai, but he was unbearably arrogant.

“Thank you,” Bo Qi said, pretending he did not hear the sarcasm in her tone.

‘Shameless! Qin Siyu thought to herself unhappily.

Bo Qi did not waste time and said bluntly, “Lets talk.”

“Im busy.

Im working,” Qin Siyu said without hesitation.

She did not even look at him when she spoke.

“Theres not even one person in here.

How are you busy” Bo Qi felt that her ability to lie through her teeth had improved.

At this time, Xu Youyou, who had been silent all this time, suddenly raised her hand and said, “Am I not human”

Only at this time did Bo Qi realize there was someone sitting behind the easel.

Moreover, it was Mo Shenbais precious treasure.

He asked, “Why are you here”

“Im helping Sister Siyu with a painting,” Xu Youyou replied as her eyes darted between Qin Siyu and Bo Qi.

“Arent you afraid that Mo Shenbai will come after you if you let her call yousister Bo Qi asked mockingly.

Qin Siyu chuckled and retorted, “Do you think every man is as petty as you”

Bo Qi choked on his words.

He took a deep breath before he said, “Ill buy all the perfumes here.

Can you talk to me now”

Qin Siyu glanced at Bo Qi and said lazily, “Crazy.

Im not selling them to you.”

Bo Qi was at his wits end.

At this moment, Xu Youyou tugged at Qin Siyus sleeve and asked softly, “Sister Siyu, is he very rich”

Xu Youyou did not know much about Bo Qi; she only knew that he owned Blue Temptations.

She knew that Bo Qi must be quite well-off, but she did not know if the Bo family was rich.

Qin Siyu did not know why Xu Youyou was asking, but she still replied, “The Bo family is in the jewelry business.

Hes the only son in the Bo family.”

With this, Xu Youyou understood that Blue Temptations was just a pastime for Bo Qi.

Then, she whispered, “Why dont you sell them to him A breakup is a breakup.

Its separate from business.

Why do you have to decline his business”

Qin Siyu seemed to be enlightened.

‘Thats right! Business and our private matters are separate matters!

Qin Siyu changed her expression smoothly and asked with a smile, “Do you really want to buy all the perfumes here”

Bo Qi did not know why Qin Siyu suddenly changed her tone, but he quickly brought a black card out of his wallet and put it on the counter.

“You know the password.”

Qin Siyus eyes darkened slightly as she took the black card.

Indeed, she knew the password.

In the past, when she was with Bo Qi, he would constantly give her money and jewelry.

He was overly generous with material things.

The only condition was that she had to be obedient and made sure that she did not embarrass him in front of his friends.

As time passed, Qin Siyu no longer knew whether she was in a relationship with Bo Qi or his money.

Then, at that time, that woman appeared…

Bo Qi stared at Qin Siyus beautiful face.

He did not believe that she did not miss the feelings of freely swiping black cards.

Qin Siyu quickly dispelled the sentimental feelings in her heart.

She had mistakenly fallen in love with a scum in the past, but there was nothing to be sad about.

She swiftly calculated the price and swiped the black card.

With that, a months rent was settled.

“Thank you for your patronage, Sir.

May I ask if youd like me to pack the items for you now or if youd like me to deliver them to your house” Qin Siyu asked.

In fact, there was no delivery service, but since the scum in front of her bought so many things, she made an exception for him.

Bo Qi frowned.

“I dont use perfumes.

Why would I want them Can you talk to me now”

“Im busy,” Qin Siyu refused him mercilessly.

“Ive already bought all the perfumes.”

“I didnt say that Id talk to you after you buy all the perfumes,” Qin Siyu said mockingly, “When did Young Master Bo become so naive”

“You!” Bo Qi felt like his patience had been exhausted by Qin Siyu.

He stepped forward and grabbed her hand.

Qin Siyus expression stiffened.

Before she could grab his arm, he had carried her over his shoulder.

Her feet were lifted off the ground, and she felt blood flowing to her head.

She cried out indignantly, “Bo Qi, you bast*rd, let me go!”

Bo Qi smacked her butt and said, “Behave yourself!”

Bo Qi did not use much force, but it was extremely humiliating.

Qin Siyus face turned red as she said through gritted teeth, “Bo Qi, if you dont let me down, I wont let you go!”

“Thats exactly what I want.

Who wants you to let go”

Qin Siyu: “…”

As Bo Qi carried Qin Siyu out, he said to Xu Youyou, “Sister-in-law, please keep an eye on the shop for a moment.”

“Oh.” Xu Youyou nodded.

She did not think it was anything serious.

It was just a matter between a man and a woman.

She shook her head and continued painting.

Bo Qi caused such a huge commotion, it was impossible for Fu Jianchen not to know.

Seeing Qin Siyu being carried away by Bo Qi, Fu Jianchen thought about it for a moment before he walked over.

Xu Youyou heard the wind chime and said without looking up, “Im sorry.

The boss isnt here.

Please come back later.”

All the perfumes had been bought by Bo Qi.

It did not matter if the person came back or not.

“Wheres the boss” Fu Jianchen asked despite knowing the answer.

Xu Youyou looked up.

“Are you looking for Sister Siyu”

Fu Jianchen nodded.

“I… The water dispenser in my shop is empty.

Itll take a while before the bottles of water are delivered.

I came to borrow a bucket of water from her.”

“Shes gone out.

I dont know where she keeps her things.

Why dont you call her” Xu Youyou said, scratching her head.

‘Call my as*! I dont have Qin Siyus number at all, and I didnt come to borrow a bucket of water! I only want to talk to you!

Finally, Fu Jianchen pulled a chair over and sat down before he said, “No need.

Ill just wait for her here.”

Xu Youyou nodded and ignored him, continuing to paint.

Fu Jianchen felt an inexplicable sense of satisfaction now that he did not need to look at her through the glass window.

Xu Youyou sensed his gaze and looked at him.

Fu Jianchen hurriedly lowered his head and hid the tenderness and affection in his eyes.

“Why are you always looking at me”

Fu Jianchen coughed lightly before he adjusted her expression and asked righteously, “Since you have the time to paint for Qin Siyu, when are you going to give me the painting you owe me”


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