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“Youre already working, and you still want money from us” Madam Xu glared at Xu Jialu.

“So what if Im working” Xu Jialu raised his chin and said, “Shes already married.

She should be spending her husbands money.”

Xu Youyou turned to glare at Xu Jialu.

Why did he drag her into this matter Others might be unaware, but he was fully aware that her marriage was fake.

“Even if shes married, shes still my daughter.

I can give my money to whoever I want, and you have no right to object,” Mr.

Xu said, “Moreover, you fool around all day, driving your sports car and causing trouble for me!”

Xu Jialu looked pitiful as he said to Old Madam Xu, “Grandma, you have to speak for me.

Its fine that they dont give me money, but they even scold me.”

Old Madam Xu looked at Xu Jialu in amusement as she held a teacup in her hand.

She chuckled and said, “Your father is right.

Moreover, youre not young anymore.

Its time for you to settle down.”

Xu Jialu felt troubled upon hearing this.

He switched the topic and said dramatically, “I finally understand that Im redundant in this family.

My parents dont love me; Im just like an unwanted leftover cabbage…”


After saying that, Xu Jialu ran upstairs to avoid talks about marriages and settling down.

Old Madam Xu said, “This brat always runs away whenever I bring this matter up…”

All jokes aside, Madam Xu naturally loved her son as well.

She said, “Forget it, Mom.

Let him be.

Moreover, its fine for boys to get married a little later.

Just let him play for a few more years, and he…”

Old Madan Xu sighed.

“Im afraid I wont be able to see him settle down at that time.”

Upon hearing this, the trios expressions changed.


Xu frowned and called out in a low voice, “Mom…”

Xu Youyou immediately hugged her grandmothers arm and said coquettishly, “Grandma, its a holiday today.

Lets not talk about unlucky things.”

Old Madam Xu looked at her obedient granddaughter and revealed a doting smile as she said, “Humans will all eventually die.

Theres no need to feel upset when such things are mentioned.

Moreover, its not like Im going to die now.

Ive already lived to this age so I have no regrets.”

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“Grandma…” Xu Youyou pouted, looking pitiful.

She naturally understood her grandmothers words, but how could she easily accept it when the person involved was someone she loved.

Old Madam Xu patted Xu Youyous hand gently and said, “Alright, alright, lets not talk about it anymore.

As long as my little Youyou lives happily, Ill be at ease.”

As for her grandson, he had his parents to worry about him.

Darkness gradually fell.

The birds returned to their homes as lights lit up one another in the house.

Aunt Pei walked over and asked, “Dinner is almost ready.

Is Young Miss husband arriving soon”

Everyone turned to look at Xu Youyou in unison.

“Ill call him,” Xu Youyou said before she walked outside with her phone.

Madam Xu said teasingly, “Look at how shy she is.”

Old Madam Xus eyes flashed with a complicated emotion as she looked at Xu Youyous back.


Xu Youyou stood outside the house, holding her phone and wondering what she should day.

At this time, the sound of a car suddenly rang from the distance.

She looked up and saw a car slowly pulling up to the entrance of the house.

Soon enough, Mo Shenbai alighted from the car, buttoning up his suit jacket at the same time.

He looked at her with his dark eyes and said, “Sorry, Im late.”

Xu Youyou shook her head.

“No, no, you came just in time.”

At this time, Pei Chuans hands were full, holding the things he brought out from the trunk of the car.

“Why did you bring so many things” Xu Youyou asked as she reached out to help Pei Chuan.

Xu Youyou was stopped by Mo Shenbai.

Then, he turned to help Pei Chuan as he replied, “Its just courtesy.”


Mo, thank you so much,” Xu Youyou said.

She felt moved by how considerate he was.

“Ill transfer the money to you later.”

Mo Shenbai stopped in his tracks.

Xu Youyou, who was walking behind him, almost bumped into his back.

“Whats wrong”

Mo Shenbai turned to look at the confused Xu Youyou.

His Adams apple rolled slightly as he asked, “Are you going to call me Mr.

Mo when we go in”


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