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“Uh…” Xu Youyou did not know how to reply.

It was true that she could not call him Mr.

Mo in front of her family, but what should she call him

Mo Shenbai stood quietly, looking very patient as he waited for her answer.

Pei Chuan, who was standing next to Xu Youyou, said in a low voice, “You can call Chairman Mo by his name.”

Pei Chuan was even more anxious than the parties involved.

The night breeze blew against Xu Youyou.

When she met Mo Shenbais gaze, she became inexplicably nervous.

Then, she licked her lips before she said, “Mo Shenbai.”

In the darkness, Mo Shenbais lips curled up into a faint smile before he replied, “Yes.”

‘Mo Shenbai, Mo Shenbai, Mo Shenbai. Xu Youyou repeated his name thrice in her mind.

Those three words seemed to hold magical powers; they suffused her heart with warmth immediately.

When the duo, with Pei Chuan following at the back, walked into the house, the Xu family members greeted Mo Shenbai warmly.

When they saw the gifts Pei Chuan was carrying him, they told him he was being too polite for bringing so many things over.

Mo Shenbai had been used to praises and flattery.

When he was in a bad mood, he would not even look at anyone.

However, today, no matter what the Xu family said or asked, he would answer them patiently.

His performance was flawless.


Xu Jialu sat at the dining table and listened to his parents continuously praising Mo Shenbai.

He looked at Mo Shenbai and sneered inwardly.

‘Old Dog Mo! Capitalist! He eats people without spitting out the bones! All of you dont even know youve been deceived!

The drinks were brought out because it was the holiday, not just because of Mo Shenbai.

The family chatted among themselves happily.

When Xu Jialu wanted to toast Mo Shenbai again after toasting Mo Shenbai a few times, he was reprimanded by his father.

In the end, he could only drink alone.

At this time, Xu Youyou placed some food on Mo Shenbais plate using the communal chopsticks and said, “Aunt Peis fish is even better than mine.

Have a taste.”

When Mo Shenbai looked down, he saw she was removing the bones from the fish for him before he could even say anything.

She did not give him any room to refuse at all.

He felt slightly warm when he saw this.

When Xu Youyou was done, she looked up at him and smiled innocently at him.

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Mo Shenbai picked up the piece of fish and ate it.

The fragrance of the fish seemed to soften his heart little by little.

“Is it delicious” Xu Youyou asked eagerly.

Mo Shenbai nodded.

As though encouraged by this, Xu Youyou began to place more fish meat on his plate as she said, “If its delicious, then you should have more.

You must have worked very hard today…”

Mo Shenbai did not say anything as he looked at her.

His eyes were burning when he looked at her.

Old Madam Xu did not eat much so Madam Xu scooped a bowl of lotus seed soup for her.

As she drank the soup, she observed Xu Youyou and Mo Shenbais interaction.

Old Madam Xu planned to return to the hospital after the meal.

She had stopped everyone from sending her back and resolutely insisted on being driven back by the driver.

Before she left, she wanted to talk to Mo Shenbai.

She sent everyone away; not even Xu Youyou was allowed to stay.


Xu, Madam Xu, and Xu Jialu waited in the house while Xu Youyou waited in the courtyard because she was too worried.

The osmanthus flowers were in full bloom during the mid-autumn festival.

Their fragrance permeated the breezy night.

Mo Shenbai, who was sitting in the car with the window half-down, turned and saw Xu Youyou standing near the osmanthus flowers in the courtyard.

At this moment, it looked like she was picking a flower.


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