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A womans calm and intellectual voice rang from the other end of the line.


Mo, its been almost a month since youre supposed to come for a follow-up consultation.”

A girls delicate face appeared in Mo Shenbais mind before he said with a faint smile, “Theres no need for that anymore.”

The woman on the other end fell silent for a moment before she said, “Looks like Mr.

Mo likes someone.”

Mo Shenbai did not deny it.

Instead, he said, “Thank you for your hard work, Dr.


Ill get someone to transfer the fees to you tomorrow.”



Shen chuckled.

“Thank you, Mr.


I wish you happiness.”

After ending the call, Mo Shenbai put the phone down on the coffee table.

When he looked up, he saw his suit jacket hanging on the clothes rack.

The osmanthus flowers had been taken away, but the faint fragrance of the flowers seemed to linger faintly in the air.

A spring-like smile appeared on his usually expressionless face.

However, the smile abruptly disappeared when he recalled Old Madam Xus words.

“Little Mo, I was the one who raised her so no one knows her better than I do.

Shes a good child.

Even after experiencing bad things, her heart still hasnt changed.”

“Since the two of you met, it can be considered fate.

Cherish this fate.

Dont wait until youve lost it before you regret it.”

Old Madam Xu did not say much, but every word was filled with deeper meaning.

It was as though she was aware of something.

What did she mean by Xu Youyou had experienced some bad things

The mans tall body leaned back as he crossed his long legs.

His eyes were filled with curiosity.

‘That girl seems to be hiding a lot of secrets.

Its fine.

I have enough time and patience to slowly find out…


Ever since Mo Shenbai said she could repay her debt by cooking for him, Xu Youyou would wake up an hour earlier every day to prepare breakfast for him.

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The butler could not stop her so he looked for Mo Shenbai.

After all, Xu Youyou was a guest.

How could it be appropriate for her to do such chores Moreover, what was the chef going to do then

When Mo Shenbai heard this, he did not react much.

He simply said, “She can do whatever she wants.

You just need to cooperate.” After a brief pause, he added, “From now on, address her as Mrs.


The butler was shocked that his eyeballs almost popped out of their sockets.

Similarly, when the first Xu Youyou heard the butler addressing her as Mrs.

Mo, she almost spat the milk in her mouth out.

After that, she looked at the butler accusingly.

The butler looked at her innocently and shrugged.

Mo Shenbais expression did not change as he said, “If Grandma visits in the future, they wont misspeak.

You should get used to it in advance as well.”

Xu Youyou nodded.

He had a point, after all.

Not only did she not doubt him, but she felt that he was very considerate as well.

Mo Shenbai spent most of his days at work.

Sometimes, he would have to work overtime or attend social events.

Hence, Xu Youyou only took care of his breakfast.

If he was coming back early, he would send a message to her in advance.

It was not troublesome at all for Xu Youyou.

She only had to tell the butler about the ingredients she needed, and he would prepare them for her.

All she needed to do was cook.

In just a blink of an eye, August came and went.

It was finally Xu Youyous birthday.

As soon as the clock struck midnight, her phone began to ring.

The messages were birthday wishes from Xu Jialu and Su Lanxu.

Xu Jialu sent her 20 red packets with 200 yuan each through WeChat.

Xu Youyou accepted them one by one and thanked him.

She had no classes during the day so after preparing Mo Shenbais breakfast, she went back to her room to sleep.

She slept until 10 in the morning before she woke up, showered, and changed into a white bubble-sleeved dress before she returned to the Xu family house.

Madam Xu had told her a week in advance that she had to come home for dinner on her birthday.


Xu had also put his work aside so he could stay home to celebrate her birthday.

When Xu Youyou arrived, Madam Xu handed a red bag from a certain luxury brand.

There was a row of tassels on the bag; it was very cute.

Madam Xu said, “Your father and I specially picked this out for you.

Happy birthday!”


“Thank you, Mom and Dad!” Xu Youyou said.

She liked the bag very much, not because of the brand.

She truly thought it looked good and suited her taste very much.

Moreover, it matched her dress today.

“Your grandmother caught a cold yesterday so your father and I decided to let her stay in the hospital,” Madam Xu explained.

She knew if Old Madam Xu came back, Old Madam Xu would definitely exhaust herself trying to prepare for Xu Youyous birthday.

The smile on Xu Youyous face disappeared immediately.

“Is Grandma alright Why dont I visit her in the afternoon”


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