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Madam Xu refused immediately.

“Theres no need for that.

She just caught a cold.

Its not serious.

She didnt tell you because she didnt want you to worry.”

“But Grandma, she…” Xu Youyou trailed off.

She really wanted to visit her grandmother even more now that she found out her grandmother had caught a cold.

“Today is your 20th birthday.

Due to your grandmothers matter, I wasnt able to plan a huge celebration for you.

If you spend your birthday at the hospital, your grandmother will feel terrible,” Mr.

Xu said, “You know how much your grandmother loves you.

Why dont you visit her tomorrow instead”

Xu Youyou could not refute her fathers words and could only nod obediently.

Xu Jialu was busy with work in the afternoon so he did not come home for lunch so Xu Youyou only had lunch with her parents.

Madam Xu baked a small cake for her, and Aunt Pei prepared a bowl of Longevity Noodles for her.

Xu Youyous parents did not object when they found out she was going out with her friends at night.

Instead, they gave her a credit card.

“Dad, Mom, youve already given me a birthday present.

I really cant accept this card as well,” Xu Youyou said, pushing the card back.

She really did not want to take any more of her parents money.


Xu placed the credit card into her hand again and said, “That bag is a present from your mother, and this card is a present from me.

Based on Mr.

Mos speech and the way he dresses, his family background mustnt be simple.

Now that youre staying with him, there are a lot of things that youll need to spend on.

You cant let him look down on us.”


Xu felt that the other party was too rich, and he was worried his daughter would feel uncomfortable and her self-esteem would suffer due to the other partys wealth.


Xu Youyou wanted to explain that she did not need to spend money when she stayed with Mo Shenbai, but her father quickly interjected, “Listen to me, okay Moreover, dont you need to spend money when you go out with your friends tonight”

Xu Youyou bit her cherry lips, hesitating.


Xu continued to say, “Today is your birthday so you should enjoy yourself.

You can buy whatever you want and eat whatever you want.

Dont think about saving money.

The limit on this card is 200,000 yuan.

If its not enough, you can call me, okay”

In other words, Mr.

Xu did not want his daughter to suffer any grievances when it came to money.

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Xu Youyous eyebrows twitched slightly as she thought to herself,Father, do you have some misunderstandings about me Or do you have misunderstandings about people my age Theres no need to spend so much money on a birthday celebration!

In the evening.


Xu and Madam Xu saw Xu Youyou out.

Before she got into the car, they told her to have fun with her friends and also reminded her to not drink and pay attention to her safety.

Xu Youyou nodded in agreement, making them feel at ease.

After the car pulled away, Madam Xu sighed.

“Youyou has grown up in just a blink of an eye.”

“Thats right.

Shes all grown up now,” Mr.

Xu echoed Madam Xus sentiment.

Madam Xu seemed to recall something as a worried expression appeared on her face.

“Do you think… Do you think Youyou is normal now Will she…”

Madam Xu did not complete her sentence.


Xu narrowed his eyes before he said solemnly, “Dont talk nonsense.

Youyou has always been a normal girl.

Those things in the past are just a series of coincidences.”

Madam Xu lowered her gaze silently.

However, she still felt uneasy.

Su Lanxu booked a luxurious private room in the nightclub they visited previously.

There were all kinds of drinks and food on the table.

After the security guards at the entrance checked Xu Youyous identification card, a waiter led her to the private room.

Su Lanxu, who had arrived much earlier, rushed over to hug Xu Youyou as soon as Xu Youyou arrived.

“My darling, happy 20th birthday!

Xu Youyou gently pushed Su Lanxu away.

When she saw the balloon and flowers in the private room and the banner that read,Happy Birthday, Youyou!, she said, “Its just a birthday celebration.

Theres no need for you to make it so grand.”

“How can that be” Su Lanxu said as she pulled Xu Youyou to the table, “Today is your 20th birthday! This only happens once in your life! I definitely cant let you have any regrets.”

After letting go of Xu Youyous hand, Su Lanxu pushed a gift box over and said, “This is my birthday present to you.

Happy Birthday, my little Youyou!”


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