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After Lin Zhihuan left, Su Lanxu began to panic when she heard that Xu Jialu might be detained.

“F*ck! That Lin Zhihuan is so annoying! What should we do now Does Xu Jialu really have to go to jail Why dont you speak to your parents and think of a way”

In contrast, Xu Youyou was quite calm as she watched Lin Zhihuan leave.

Her cherry lips curled up into a smile as she said, “Dont worry.

My brother wont go to jail.”

“But what if that scumbag, Lin Yin, decides to press charges” Su Lanxu asked anxiously.

Xu Youyou patted Su Lanxus hand and said softly, “Trust me.

If I say that my brother wont go to jail, he wont go to jail.

Lin Yin was beaten up quite badly.

His face and body were mottled with bruises, and he even dislocated his arm.

Madam Lin naturally felt distressed when she saw her son.

She said harshly, “Xu Jialu has gone too far! We cant let this matter go! Im going to sue them to death!”


Lin did not say anything when he saw his beaten-up son.

His dark expression showed that he agreed with his wifes words.

Lin Zhihuan did not forget to add fuel to fire at the side.

“That Xu Jialu is a hooligan, to begin with.

He thought hes better than others after he joined the Mo Corporation.

Unfortunately, hes still a hooligan underneath it all.”

Lin Yin was already in a bad mood after the fight.

After listening to his familys words, he grew even more agitated.

He got up silently to leave.

Madam Lin hurriedly followed him and said, “A Yin, slow down.

Mom will bring you to the hospital for a check-up.

Dont worry.

Ill definitely help you seek justice.”

Just as Madam Lins voice fell, they walked out of the interrogation room and bumped into Xu Jialu, who had also just come out from the room across from them.

Xu Youyou and Su Lanxu were standing next to Xu Jialu so they had obviously heard the Lin familys conversation as well.

Xu Jialu looked at Lin Yin as he sneered.

Lin Yins frown deepened immediately.

However, before Lin Yin could speak, Madam Lin had already started scolding Xu Jialu.

“What kind of attitude is this You hit someone, and yet, you dare to act so arrogantly!”

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“Hit someone When did I hit someone” Xu Jialu smirked.

Madam Lin was briefly stunned.

She was about to scold Xu Jialu for not admitting to his mistake when Xu Jialu said nonchalantly, “I hit a beast.

A heartless beast.”

Madam Lins face turned red in anger immediately.

She said shrilly, “Is this how Xu Jianshu and Cheng Yin raised you You have no manners at all!”

“My parents only taught me to be polite to people.

They didnt say anything being polite to beasts,” Xu Jialu retorted.

“You!” Madam Lin was angry that she could not speak.

Lin Yins expression was dark as he said through gritted teeth, “Xu Jialu, you better not cross the line.

I didnt fight back because of Youyou.

Dont push your luck!”

Xu Jialu scoffed.

“Ha! If you cant win, then admit it.

Dont make up excuses! Dont f*cking involve my sister! If youre dissatisfied, lets have another go at it.

I promise you I wont kill you!”

“You hooligan!” Madam Lin shouted when she heard Xu Jialu threatening to beat her son again.

She hurriedly moved to stand in front of her son to shield him before she said, “Were educated and cultured people.

We wont argue with you.

Just wait to hear from our lawyers.”

Although Xu Jialus face was bruised as well, it did not affect his handsome appearance.

He said coldly, “Alright, Ill wait.

Youre not human if you dont sue me!”

“Just you wait! Even if Cheng Ying begs me, I wont let this matter go!” Madam Lin said furiously.

Xu Jialu remained unmoved.

“Whoever begs you isnt human! If you want to sue me, then sue me.

If you dont have a lawyer, I can introduce one to you.”

At this moment, Lin Yin pulled his mother, who was trembling in anger, behind him.

Then, he looked at Xu Jialu with a gloomy expression and asked, “Must you do this Must you completely ruin the relationship between our families”


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