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Mo Shenbai left the group of people behind and strode toward Xu Youyou as soon as he saw her.

When he stood in front of her, he studied her carefully from head to toe with a grim expression on his face before he asked, “Are you okay”

Xu Youyou nodded before she asked suspiciously, “Why are you here How do you know were here”

Mo Shenbai did not reply immediately.

Instead, he looked at Xu Jialu, who was standing nearby, before he said, “My friend informed me that the child I took away from the nightclub previously was taken away by the police because of a fight.”

Xu Youyou finally remembered that the owner of the club was Mo Shenbais friend.

Thinking that Mo Shenbai might think she was the one who had gotten into a fight, she pointed at Xu Jialu and explained, “I didnt get into a fight.

It was my brother.”

Xu Jialu walked over in a leisurely manner and asked nonchalantly, “Why did you bring so many people over You even brought the chief legal advisor of the Mo Corporation here…”

A man standing behind Mo Shenbai, who was dressed in a dark blue suit with a pair of rimless glasses sitting on the bridge of his nose, nodded slightly.

Mo Shenbai said casually, “I came to help you out.”

Xu Jialu cocked an eyebrow and glanced at Xu Youyou from the corners of his eyes before he asked meaningfully, “Since when did Chairman Mo become so caring about his subordinates”

‘Help me out Do you think Im deaf and didnt hear your words to Youyou earlier

Mo Shenbai frowned slightly and looked at Xu Jialu without saying a word.

Pei Chuan, who understood his boss very well, stepped forward and immediately explained, “Mr.

Xu, youre the head of the Mo Corporations technology department, after all.

If this incident makes it to the news, itll negatively affect the company.”

Xu Jialu smiled lazily and said, “Oh.”

Xu Youyou could vaguely sense the underlying current between the two mens exchange, but she could not figure out what it was.

At this moment, Su Lanxu moved to Xu Youyous side and pulled her arm.

Then, she said excitedly in a hushed tone, “Heavens! Youyou, your husband is too handsome! Hes simply like an immortal who descended from the heavens! Words cant describe how handsome he is!”

Previously, Su Lanxu had only seen Mo Shenbai from afar.

At that time, she could already tell that Mo Shenbai was very handsome.

However, now that she saw him up close, she found his appearance was even more earth-shattering than she had imagined.

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The corner of Xu Youyous lips twitched slightly.

She gently pushed Su Lanxus hand away and said, “Hes not my husband.

Moreover, contrary to his personality, hes not easy to get along with.”

Su Lanxu did not seem to have heard Xu Youyous words.

Her eyes were shining as she looked at Mo Shenbai.

It was as though she was looking at her idol.

Xu Youyou: “…”

‘Forget it.

She wont be able to listen to what I say now.

Mo Shenbai felt uncomfortable being stared at so blatantly by a member of the opposite sex.

However, since the other party was Xu Youyous friend, he did not show his discomfort or displeasure.

He asked Xu Youyou, “Are you done here”

Xu Youyou nodded.

“Im off work as well.

Shall we go home together” Mo Shenbai asked.

Since Xu Jialu was here, he was not sure if Xu Youyou would return to Moon Pavilion with him.

Xu Youyou did not reply immediately.

Instead, she looked at Xu Jialu and Su Lanxu.

Su Lanxu broke out of the trance she was in.

She said, “Youve not eaten your cake, and your present is still with me.

Are you going back with your husband now”

Xu Youyou: “…”

“Hes not my hus…”

Before Xu Youyou finished speaking, Mo Shenbai interrupted her.

His eyes flashed as he asked, “Todays your birthday”

Su Lanxu replied before Xu Youyou could, “Today is Youyous 20th birthday.

I deliberately reserved a private room to celebrate her birthday.

Alas, the celebration was ruined by that scumbag, Lin Yin!”

Mo Shenbai turned to look at the people behind him and said, “You can all go back now.”

Pei Chuan and the others bowed slightly and left without asking any questions.

Then, Mo Shenbai turned to look at Xu Youyou as his gaze softened slightly.

He said, “Lets go back to the club to celebrate your birthday.

Well go home together later.”


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