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Before Xu Jialu could curse, Xu Youyou said firmly, “Theres no need for my brother to apologize.”

Madam Lin laughed angrily.

She said mockingly, “Look at your son and daughter you raised!”

Xu Jianshu and Cheng Ying had been listening to the Lin coupled nag for more than half an hour.

Due to the good relationship between the two families elders, they had endured and remained silent.

However, now that Wang Xiaohui, Madam Lin, mocked their son and daughter, they naturally could no longer hold back.

Cheng Ying straightened her back before she said, “My son and daughter are very good.

It was your son who broke the agreement first so hes at fault.”

It was fine if the other party was angry, but it was definitely not fine for the other party to insult her children.

Moreover, the other party was at fault.

Wang Xiaohui said shrilly, growing more and more agitated as she spoke, “My A Yin has something urgent to attend to! Moreover, he only said to postpone the wedding; he didnt say he didnt want to get married! Your daughter directly married a man with no morals in front of everyone, but you still dare to point your finger at us”

Cheng Yings temper had always been mild.

She naturally could not argue as well as Wang Xiaohui.

“You! Youre simply twisting facts!”

When Xu Youyou saw her mothers face turn red from anger, she could not help but say, “If it wasnt for him running away, would I need to find another person to marry”

Although Xu Youyous tone was calm, it was loud and clear as she continued to say, “All my brother did was to stand up for me.

If you insist on my brother apologizing, then Lin Yin has to apologize to me in front of the elders!”

Wang Xiaohui sneered disdainfully.

“Apologize to you for what Youre alive and well, and you even have a man now.

You didnt lose anything at all.”

“Then, Lin Yin only took a few punches from my brother and didnt lose anything at all.

So why should my brother apologize” Xu Youyou asked in return.

Wang Xiaohui did not expect Xu Youyou to be so eloquent.

‘I knew it.

She was only pretending to be obedient in the past!

At this moment, Lin Yin, who had been silent up until now, finally said in a low voice, “I didnt break the marriage agreement, and Ive already apologized to you more than once.”

From the beginning to the end, Lin Yin did not have any intention of breaking the marriage agreement at all.

He only wanted to postpone the wedding banquet to deal with Bai Qingyus matter first.

“You did apologize, but it was not sincere at all,” Xu Youyou said.

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Xu Youyou thought that it was really funny.

Lin Yin abandoned her on the day of their wedding.

When he returned, he only gave a gift as a token of apology, expecting to mend everything.

Clearly, in his heart, he did not think he had done anything wrong at all nor did he think his action would cause her any harm.

Humans were like that.

They would not be able to empathize until they themselves suffer the same pain.

Lin Yin did not know how to refute Xu Youyous words so he remained silent.

Finally, Xu Jianshu, as the head of the Xu family, rose to his feet and said, “Youyou and Lin Yins marriage agreement has been canceled.

Jialus actions are wrong, but theyre understandable.

Why dont we just forget about this matter”

Xu Jianshus meaning was very clear: Your son abandoned my daughter on their wedding day, and my son beat your son up.

Were even now.

Wang Xiaohu said shrilly, “Forget it How can we forget it Apologize! He must apologize to A Yin.

Otherwise, dont blame us for disregarding our friendship.”

Xu Jialu scoffed and said, “If you want to sue me, then hurry up.

Why are you here Youre dreaming if you think Im going to apologize to him!”

Lin Huai, or Mr.

Lin, was enraged by Xu Jialus attitude.

“Youre so arrogant and despotic at such a young age.

If I dont teach you a lesson, you wont know the immensity of heaven and earth.”

The atmosphere grew heavier by several folds immediately.

Lin Yin frowned as he stared at Xu Youyou.

In fact, he did not want to see Xu Jialu or press charges.

He just wanted Xu Youyou to lower her head and submit to him.


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