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Mo Shen, who had been silent all this while, was about to speak up when a mocking smile appeared on Xu Youyous round face.

She said calmly, “Uncle Lin, are you sure you want to sue my brother”

Lin Huai stood with his hands on his back.

His eyes that were stained by the filth of the world were trained on Xu Youyou as he said disdainfully, “He asked for it.”

Xu Youyou only smiled and said in a breezy tone, “520 Fenglin Road.”

Lin Huais eyes widened, and his expression changed drastically as he looked at Xu Youyou in shock and disbelief.

On the other hand, Wang Xiaohui, Lin Yin, and Lin Zhihuan looked at Lin Huai in confusion.

“What does she mean”

Lin Huais expression was very unnatural at this moment.

He gritted his teeth and did not speak.

Xu Youyou smiled and said innocently, “Oh, Aunty Lin, you dont know about it Uncle Lins heart ached for you when he saw how hard you work to take care of the Lin family.

After all, it wasnt easy for you to raise your children.

Hence, he specially…”

Before Xu Youyou could finish her words, Lin Huai roared, “Shut up!”

The atmosphere became strange.

Xu Jianshu and Cheng Ying, who had been worried about their son, suddenly had gossipy expressions on their faces.

Xu Jialu, who could already guess the meaning of Xu Youyous words, sneered and said, “I guess the apple doesnt fall far from the tree.”

Wang Xiaohui finally regained her senses at this time.

She pounced on Lin Huai and slapped him, leaving thin bloody lines on his face, as she screeched, “How dare you fool with women outside! How dare you!”

Lin Yin and Lin Zhihuan were shocked by the sudden turn of events.

They hurriedly rushed forward to hold their mother who had completely lost control of her emotions.

Wang Xiaohui cried as she continued to shout, “Lin Huai, are you human How could you treat me like this!”

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Lin Huai felt humiliated after his wife slapped him in front of everyone.

He roared furiously, “Why are you going crazy How can you believe a little girls lies”

Xu Youyou feigned an aggrieved expression on her face as she said, “Im not lying.

Didnt you buy that pretty woman a diamond necklace at that time It cost hundreds of thousands.”

Xu Youyous words successfully stoked Wang Xiaohuis anger again.

If Lin Yin and Lin Zhihuan were not holding her back, she would have torn Lin Huais face apart.

“Enough!” Lin Yin shouted coldly as he glared at Xu Youyou with a gloomy and complicated expression.

Xu Youyou continued adding fuel to the fire.

She looked at Lin Yin and asked innocently, “Hm You know about this too, right I didnt know you hid this matter from Aunty.”

Wang Xiaohuis round body trembled violently.

She spun around and looked at her son in disbelief as she said through her tears, “You, you know about it as well, but you… you helped him hide it from me”

Lin Yin frowned and denied it immediately.

“Mom, I didnt…”

Alas, Wang Xiaohu had already lost all reasons.

She did not seem to hear Lin Yin at all as she repeatedly pounded Lin Yins chest with her fists.

She said tearfully, “I treated you so well, but you helped him lie to me!”

In order to prevent Wang Xiaohui from further humiliating him, Lin Huai scoffed coldly and glared at Xu Youyou before he walked away.

Lin Yin knew they could not stay any longer.

He half-carried and half-dragged his mother out as he said to Lin Zhihuan, “Lets go.”

“Oh.” Lin Zhihuan nodded.

Before she left, she turned to look at Mo Shenbai, who was standing next to Xu Youyou, with a hint of shyness on her face.

Upon seeing this, Xu Youyou furrowed her brows slightly.

She had already felt like something was amiss since earlier.

The usually sarcastic Lin Zhihuan did not say a single word at all today.

As it turned out…

A sense of discomfort suddenly rose in Xu Youyous heart.

She instinctively stepped forward and stood in front of Mo Shenbai, blocking him from Lin Zhihuans sight.

She did not want Lin Zhihuan to stare at him.


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