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When a small figure suddenly appeared in front of Mo Shenbai, he lowered his head and saw Xu Youyous long and straight black hair.

When he saw that her hair was slightly messy at the top, he found it really cute.

A smile unknowingly appeared on his face as he reached out to smooth her hair out.

When Xu Yoiyou felt the weight on her head, she turned to look at him in confusion with her bright eyes.

She wondered if he disliked her for acting in this manner.

Mo Shenbai naturally did not know what Xu Youyou was thinking.

He continued stroking her head.

‘Why is he looking at me with such a gentle gaze

Xu Youyou quickly lowered her head to hide her panic.

She felt as though his hand was leaving a blaze of fire in its wake when he touched her.

At this moment, Xu Jialu could no longer stand it.

He reached out and smacked Mo Shenbais hand away before he pulled Xu Youyou to his side.

Then, he ruffled Xu Youyous hair that had just been smoothened by Mo Shenbai.

He thought to himself as he looked at his sister,Hmm, her hair is more pleasing to the eyes like this.

Xu Youyou looked at her brother speechlessly.

Xu Jialu pretended like nothing happened, but when he looked at Mo Shenbai, he raised an eyebrow and looked at Mo Shenbai with a gloating expression.

Meanwhile, Xu Jianshu and Cheng Ying sighed in relief now that the Lin family had left.

Cheng Ying asked curiously, “Youyou, how did you know Lin Huai has a woman outside”

“I ran into him twice,” Xu Youyou said.

She knew her family would ask her this so she had already thought of an answer in advance.

The truth was she had seen it in her dreams.

Then, she had indirectly mentioned it to Lin Yin a few times.

Unfortunately, Lin Yin did not take her words to heart.

At that time, she naturally did not say anything to expose her elders mistake.

In fact, if it were not for the Lin familys aggressive attitude this time, she would not have said anything about this matter.

Although she knew her brother should not have beaten another person up, she was naturally biased.

Xu Jialu said with a proud expression, “Let them fight among themselves! As expected of my sister! Shes so smart!”

Xu Youyou smiled, “Its just a coincidence.”

Xu Jianshu and Cheng Ying naturally did not doubt Xu Youyous words.

On the contrary, Mo Shenbai looked at Xu Youyou with a complicated gaze.

‘Just how many secrets does she have It seems like even the Xu family doesnt know…

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Since the matter was so easily resolved, Xu Jialu went to work with Mo Shenbai while Cang Ming sent Xu Youyou to school.

Xu Youyous first class was a theoretical class.

As soon as she walked into the classroom, she noticed everyone looking at her strangely.

She found an empty seat and sat down and was about to find out what was wrong when she saw Su Lanxu waving at her from the entrance.

“Youyou, Youyou…”

There were still ten minutes to go before the class started so Xu Youyou walked toward Su Lanxu.

Su Lanxu hurriedly grabbed Xu Youyou and pulled her out of the classroom to a deserted corner.

Xu Youyou was puzzled.

Even Su Lanxu was acting strange.

Finally, she asked, “Whats wrong, Lanlan Why is everyone acting so strange today”

Su Lanxu looked around cautiously to make sure no one was around before she sighed in relief.

Then, she asked, “You still dare to come to class”

“Why not” Xu Youyou was even more puzzled.

Su Lanxu brought her phone out and showed it to Xu Youyou as she said, “Youre at the top of the local hot searches.”

Xu Youyou saw a blurry photo before she saw a caption that read: Chairman Mo of the Mo Group is Having a Tryst with a Beautiful Woman! His Secret Relationship is Exposed!

In the photo, Mo Shenbai was dressed in a custom-made suit, and his hand was placed on the back of Xu Youyous head as he hugged her.

The duos posture was intimate and ambiguous, and they really looked like a couple.


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