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Moon Pavilion.

Pei Chuan passed Xu Youyous red leather suitcase to the butler.

Out of kindness, he reminded her, “Miss Xu, Chairman Mo doesnt like strangers entering his bedroom and his study.

Apart from those two places, youre free to go wherever you want.”

Xu Youyou thought that Mo Shenbai only agreed to her moving in with him because of her brother.

Since she felt like she owed him a favor, she was not offended by Pei Chuans words.

Instead, she smiled and nodded.

“Thank you for the reminder.”

Then, Pei Chuan looked at the butler meaningfully.

The butler seemed to understand and gestured to Xu Youyou and said, “Miss Xu, please follow me.”

Xu Youyou followed the butler.

Just as she was about to go to the second floor, as though she just recalled something, she turned back to look at Pei Chuan, who was about to leave.

She hesitated for a moment before she said, “Uh, Miss Mo…”


Pei Chuan stopped in his tracks and turned to look at the butler before he replied to Xu Youyou in a concise manner, “Someone will come to pick you up tomorrow.”

Xu Youyou understood Pei Chuans meaning.

She nodded and only said, “Goodbye.”

The butler led Xu Youyou to a room on the southern side of the second floor that had the best lighting before he asked, “Miss Xu, are you satisfied with this room Otherwise, Ill bring you to another room.”

Xu Youyou stood at the entrance and studied the room.

It was clean and bright with excellent lighting.

She thought to herself,Is Mo Shenbai so kind Not only did he agree to my request, but he even gave me such a good room!

Naturally, Xu Youyou had no objections regarding the room that had been arranged for her.

In the evening.

In order not to disturb Mo Shenbai, she told the butler to send the dinner up to her room.

After having her dinner, she brought out a set of pajamas from her suitcase before she went to take shower in the bathroom.

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When she was done, she lay on her bed, exhausted.

After tormenting herself with her thoughts for the entire day, she was tired.

However, now that she was lying on the bed, she discovered that she could not sleep.

Instead, her mind was buzzing with thoughts.

She could not help but feel sad when she recalled the scenes of Lin Yin leaving.

‘It seems like he really doesnt like me at all.

Otherwise, he wouldnt have abandoned me on such an important day.

He didnt care about my feelings or my reputation at all.

After a while, she sat up on her bed and inhaled deeply.

Then, she said to motivate herself, “Xu Youyou, youre only allowed to feel sad because of him for tonight.

When the sun rises tomorrow, you have to let him go.

Since things are like that now, you have to live well.”


Xu Youyou had a restless night.

She only fell asleep when it was almost dawn.

She did not sleep for long before she was woken up by a knock on the door.

It was the housekeeper informing her that the driver was here.

She glanced at her phone and saw that it was 8.30 in the morning.

She quickly responded and got out of bed to get ready.

When she went downstairs, the housekeeper was already waiting at the foot of the stairs.

The housekeeper asked, “Miss Xu, what would you like to eat for breakfast Ill get the kitchen to prepare it for you.”

Xu Youyou shook her head.

” No need.” Then, she looked at the driver, who was waiting at the entrance, and said, “Lets go.”

The driver drove Xu Youyou to a private hospital in Mo City.

He led her all the way to the ward before he left.

Pei Chuan, who was already waiting at the entrance of the ward, made an inviting gesture before he pushed the door open.

When Xu Youyou walked in, she saw a man sitting by the bed.

He was dressed in a white shirt.

There was no tie, and his sleeves were rolled up, revealing his beautiful wrists.

He had just finished wiping the face of the girl lying on the bed.

After he handed the towel to the nurse, his piercing gaze landed on Xu Youyou.

Golden light shone in through the spacious French window, illuminating the girl lying on the bed.

Her skin seemed almost translucent, and her veins could be clearly seen.

She looked like she was about 17 or 18 years old, and there was a slight resemblance between her and Mo Shenbais eyes.

She was none other than Mo Zhiyun, Mo Shenbais younger sister.

Half a year ago, Mo Zhiyun almost drowned.

Although she was saved just in time, she had been in a coma ever since.

Mo Shenbai had invited famous doctors from all over to look at his sister, but they were all helpless.

For this reason, he was rather curious about how this ordinary young girl in front of him was going to cure his sister.


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