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In the Lin family house.

Old Madam Lin had a pillow on her back as she leaned back comfortably against it.

She took a sip from the teacup she held in her hand as she glanced at the young man, who had just come downstairs, from the corners of her eyes.

Then, she said, “You can give up now.”

Lin Yins expression was gloomy.

His hands that were in his pockets clenched into fists.

Then, he said through gritted teeth, “Back then, you were the one who forced me to marry her.

Now, youre telling me to give up”

Old Madam Lin sighed softly.

“I know you resent me for breaking you and Bai Qingyu up back then.

However, even without Youyou, your parents would never accept Bai Qingyu.”

Lin Yin stood in front of Old Madam Lin.

He had no intention to give up at all.

He said, “Grandma, you and Old Madam Xu have been good friends for decades.

Why dont you think of a way”

Old Madam Lin set the teacup down and shook her head, making her stance clear.


Old Madam Lin raised her hand to interject.

She said, “Back then, I wanted you to marry Youyuo because of the agreement between the two families.

However, the wedding has now been called off.

Perhaps, its a good thing that you didnt marry her.”

Lin Yin frowned, not quite understanding what his grandmother meant.

Old Madam Lin sneered.

“Why do you think the Xu family sent Youyou away back then Dont tell me you really think they sent her to the countryside to recuperate”


Old Madam Lin did not give Lin Yin a chance to speak as she continued to say, “From the moment she was born, she did not cry or laugh.

Moreover, she could speak as soon as she was born.

She was a monster.”

Later on, Old Madam Lin saw that Xu Youyou was very obedient after she had grown up, and it so happened that Lin Yin was entangled with Bai Qingyu.

Hence, she decided to use Xu Youyou to separate Lin Yin and Xu Youyou.

If it were not for that, she would have long found a reason to break the marriage agreement.

Lin Yin was shocked.

“She could speak as soon as she was born Hows that possible”

Old Madam Lins sneer deepened.

“Why is it impossible The Xu family thought they could keep it a secret.

If I didnt accidentally overhear them that day, I wouldnt have known that Cheng Ying had given birth to a monster.”

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Old Madam Lin kept referring to Xu Youyou as a monster.

The affection and warmth she had shown Xu Youyou earlier were completely gone.

Lin Yin stood rooted to the ground, unable to process Old Madam Lins words.

In fact, he felt that she had deliberately made such a story up to make him give up on Xu Youyou.

After all, how could someone speak as soon as they were born

Old Madam Lin shifted her gaze to the gifts on the ground before she slowly said, “Based on what Ive seen today, that little girl has married someone wealthy and noble.

You should put away all your unnecessary thoughts.

Ask your parents to find you someone with equal status.

Youll meet someone you like sooner or later.”

Lin Yin lowered his head and clenched his hands tightly.

He gritted his teeth and did not speak.

After getting into the car, Xu Youyou let go of Mo Shenbais hand.

Then, she looked out of the window silently.

It was as though a dark cloud was hanging above her head at this time.

Mo Shenbai did not understand why Xu Youyou was suddenly unhappy again.

He pinched the bridge of his nose gently, not knowing how to coax her.

It was as silent as a graveyard in the car.

Xu Youyou clenched her hands slightly when she recalled Lin Zhihuans amorous gaze when Lin Zhihuan looked at Mo Shenbai.

She felt very irritated and annoyed when she thought about Lin Zhihuans expression that seemed as though she wanted to devour Mo Shenbai.

Naturally, she knew Mo Shenbai was not to blame.

It was not his fault that he was so handsome and outstanding.

However, she really could not help but feel unhappy.

Lin Zhihuan had an oval face and a slender figure.

Moreover, she was also very well-groomed and also used makeup.

Due to her appearance, she had many suitors.

‘Will Mo Shenbai fall in love with Lin Zhihuan

Xu Youyou, who was immersed in her thoughts, instinctively turned to look at Mo Shenbai.

Mo Shenbai frowned slightly when he saw the woman next to him looking at him with a strange expression.

He asked, perplexed, “Whats wrong”


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