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‘How could there be a woman in Chairman Mos office She looks so young, and shes as cute as a doll!

Xu Youyou turned and saw a young woman wearing a suit jacket and a skirt.

She did not understand the expression of surprise on the young mans face.

She only smiled politely at the other party.

‘Heavens! How can there be such a sweet-looking girl!

The female secretary felt her heart melt in an instant.

Xu Youyou: …

‘Why is she looking at me with such a fervent gaze

Xu Youyou might not understand, but Mo Shenbai naturally understood his secretarys thoughts.

He said faintly, “Put the glass of juice down and leave.”

With this, the female secretary returned to her senses.

She quickly averted her eyes and walked over to place the glass of juice on the coffee table.

Then, she furtively studied Xu Youyou.

Xu Youyous skin was tender and fair.

Her big and beautiful eyes were framed by long and curly eyelashes.

She was very cute.

Xu Youyou said politely, “Thank you!”

‘Ever her voice is so sweet!

The female secretary almost fainted from the sweetness.

When she suddenly felt a chill on her back, she instinctively turned back and met her boss cold gaze.

With that, she hurriedly left the room.

As soon as she left, she hurriedly sent a message into a work group chat.

Female secretary: The boss brought a sweet-looking girl to the company! Shes really cute! Do you think shes the boss illegitimate daughter

The originally quiet group chat became lively in just an instant.

Everyone was busy speculating the identity of the young girl.

They all knew Mo Shenbai had only gotten married not too long ago.

How could he suddenly have such a grown-up daughter

As Mo Shenbais assistant, Pei Chuan was naturally in the group chat.

The others naturally did not forget to ask him for inside information.

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The corners of Pei Chuans lip twitched as he replied to the message.

Pei Chuan: Yaoyao, did you ask for her age

Yaoyao, the female secretary: I didnt.

But I think shes about 15 or 16 years old.

Shes super cute and super sweet! I really love sweet girls!

Pei Chuan: Chairman Mo is 29 this year.

If that girl is his illegitimate daughter, and shes 15 years old, are you saying Chairman Mo became a father at 14 Wheres your brain

Yaoyao: …

Everyone in the group chat: …

Questions about Xu Youyous identity came in again.

After all, in the past, Mo Shenbai did not even hire a female secretary.

In his office, there were no female staff members for a very long time until Yaoyao was hired.

How could they not be curious when he brought a girl to his office.

Pei Chuan did not dare to casually reveal Xu Youyous identity.

Pei Chuan: Shes Mr.

Xus biological sister.

Everyone knew Xu Jialu was Mo Shenbais right-hand man and that he was also Mo Shenbais good friend.

They thought it was only natural that Mo Shenbai would treat Xu Jialus sister well.

With this, a few male staff members became very energetic.

One after another, they asked Pei Chuan about Xu Youyous age.

They even said that if she was too young, they could wait for a few more years.

Pei Chuan could not bear to ruin their beautiful dreams so he did not say anything.

He thought to himself,Let alone a few years, Im afraid you wont have a chance even if you wait your entire life…

Xu Youyou was unaware of the commotion she had caused among those working in the Chairmans office.

She sat on the sofa and sipped on her juice as she studied Mo Shenbais office.

The bookshelves, desk, chair, and couch were black.

Only the curtains were white.

‘He seems to like black a lot…

“If youre bored, Ill get someone to bring you an iPad…” Mo Shenbai said as he sat on the leather chair.

He undid the buttons on his sleeves before rolling them up to reveal his beautiful arms.

Xu Youyou shook her head.

“I have my iPad with me.

Do your thing.

You dont have to worry about me…”

Xu Youyous eyes were glued to his hand.

His hands were fair, and his fingers were slender.

His wrists were thin as well.

She thought that he had a very beautiful bone structure.

Mo Shenbai had an email to reply to so he did not speak anymore.

He turned on the computer and began to work.

After that, Xu Youyou placed her glass on the table before she brought out her iPad and her pen and began to draw.

When Mo Shenbai finally replied to the email, he heard his phone vibrate.

When he looked at it, he saw there were more than 99 messages in the Chairmans office group chat.

Although there were many messages, one stood out glaringly.


Yaoyao: Is she Chairman Mos illegitimate daughter


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