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While Xu Youyou was chatting with Su Lanxu, Xu Jialu was arguing with Mo Shenbai.

To be precise, he was cursing while Mo Shenbai was focused on reading the document in his hand.

Mo Shenbai did not even look at him.

Xu Jialu became even angrier when he saw Mo Shenbai ignoring him.

“Mo Shenbai, are you f*cking listening to me Is this your f*cking attitude toward your brother-in-law”


Mo Shenbai finally looked up and asked, “Are you very free”

Xu Jialu sat on the couch and rested his long legs on the coffee table.

However, upon hearing Mo Shenbais words, he immediately put his legs down and straightened his back as he asked warily, “What do you want”


Its just that Youyou went to the Lin family house this morning.”

“F*ck!” Xu Jialus eyes widened as he cursed.

He asked, “Why did she go there Did Lin Yin look for her”

The thought of Xu Youyou still having feelings for Lin Yin worried Xu Jialu.

Mo Shenbai put his document aside before he said, “I heard that Old Madam Lin isnt feeling well.”

Xu Jialu sneered.

“Old Madam Lin is as strong as an ox.

How can she feel unwell”

Mo Shenbai did not reply.

His eyes glinted darkly as he leaned back against his chair.

After a few moments, he finally said tonelessly, “Youre quite free now.

Are you interested in bidding for a project”

Xu Jialu rolled his eyes.

“Get lost! Its not easy for me to have free time, but you still want to squeeze me dry, you black-hearted capitalist!”

Mo Shenbai said calmly, “I heard that Lin Yin is leading a team to bid for a project for the new ecological residential area…”

Realization dawned on Xu Jialu immediately.

A charming smile appeared on his handsome face immediately as he said, “Oh, I suddenly feel very invigorated.

The company has treated me so well so I should return the favor.

Let me help the company bid for the project.”

In fact, the Mo Group had no interest in bidding for the governments project to develop an ecological residential area.

However, Mo Shenbai became interested when he heard that the Lin family company was interested in the project.

The profit from this kind of project was not very big.

Generally, only companies trying to make a name for themselves or to establish themselves would bid for such a project.

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The Lin family company was doing quite well.

If they succeeded in bidding for the project, it would improve their reputation and make them famous.

For this reason, Lin Huai and Lin Yin would definitely place great importance on the project.

Lin Yin had already pestered Xu Youyou several times, making Mo Shenbai very unhappy.

Since he was unhappy, he would not allow Lin Yin to be happy.

Sending Xu Jialu to create trouble for Lin Yin would not only distract Lin Yin from Xu Youyou, but it would also stop Xu Jialu from looking for trouble with Mo Shenbai.

Mo Shenbai wanted to kill two birds with one stone.



In that case, Ill have to trouble Mr.

Xu,” Mo Shenbai said with a nod.

“Chairman Mo, you dont have to be so polite.

This is my duty, after all,” Xu Jialu replied.

The two men acted like a good boss and a good subordinate respectively.

Those who did know better would think that the people of the Mo Group were very united.

Xu Youyou waited for Xu Jialu for a long time, but he still did not return.

Just as she was about to leave to look for him, the door opened.

Xu Jialu and Mo Shenbai walked in at the same time.

Xu Jialus expression was one of displeasure as he glared at Mo Shenbai and asked, “Why did you follow me here”

Mo Shenbais expression did not change as he replied, “To bring my wife home.”


Mo Shenbai did not lower his voice, and the door was not closed.

Those in the technology department, who had been shocked when they saw Mo Shenbai in their department, were further shocked by his words.


‘Its true that Brother Lus sister is Chairman Mos wife!

Those who had hoped to become Xu Jialus brother-in-law felt the hope in their hearts die.

‘Ah, we better stop thinking about Brother Lus sister.

Otherwise, we wont even be able to keep our jobs!


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