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After Xu Youyou left, Pei Chuan walked in and handed the file in his hand to Mo Shenbai as he said, “Chairman Mo, all of Xu Youyous information is here.”


The first thing Mo Shenbai saw when he flipped the file open was a three-inch photo of a young woman with a small round face with her hair tied up in a bun.

“Xu Youyou is Xu Jialus biological sister.

She was sent to the countryside to recuperate from health issues not long after she was born, and she only returned to Mo City when she was 15 years old.

However, when I went to the hospital where she was born to investigate, the attending doctor at that time said that there was nothing wrong with Xu Youyous health when she was born.

Apart from that, she doesnt have any medical records of major illnesses,” Pei Chuan said.

There was definitely something strange about Xu Youyou being sent to countryside under the pretext of recuperating due to her health issues when there was nothing wrong with her.

Mo Shenbai did not care about the Xu familys strange actions.

What he cared about was if Xu Youyou could really wake his sister up.

Pei Chuan was also worried about this matter.

He looked at Mo Zhiyun and said worriedly, “Chairman Mo, if Xu Youyou is trying to trick you…”

Mo Shenbai handed the file to Pei Chuan as he rose to his feet and unrolled his sleeves.

He said, “Dont worry.

If she tries to trick me, Ill make sure her brother pays for her debt.”


Mo Shenbai might not do anything to a young girl, but he had no such qualms against Xu Jialu.


Pei Chuan: “…”

After being interrogated by his parents for an entire night, Xu Jialu was finally allowed to return to his room to sleep.

Alas, as soon as he fell asleep, he had a nightmare.

In his dream, he had been mercilessly enslaved by Mo Shenbai.

Mo Shenbai also said, “Your sister lied to me so youll have to pay the price.

From now on, if I tell you to go east, you cant go west.

If I tell you to find me a chicken, you cant bring me a dog.

If I tell you to be a 0, you definitely cant be number one!”


When Xu Jialu jolted awake, he was drenched in cold sweat.

He muttered to himself, “Youre 0! Your entire family is 0!”


Ever since Mo Shenbai exposed her lies, Xu Youyou had been on tenterhooks.

She would stay in the university library after classes were over and only returned when it was very late.

She would also leave the house as soon as dawn broke.

Naturally, she did all these things to avoid Mo Shenbai.

She was so anxious that she did not even have time to think about Lin Yin.

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Fortunately, Mo Shenbai seemed to have disappeared.

She later learned from the butler that Mo Shenbai had gone on a business trip.

She also learned that whenever he left on a business trip, he would be gone for several months.

With that, she finally calmed down.

In the evening.

The butlers and the others had already gone to rest.

Most of the lights in the villa had been turned off.

Only the wall lamps were left on, illuminating the interior of the villa.

After Xu Youyou finished her assignment, she felt a little hungry.

Hence, she tiptoed downstairs and made her way to the kitchen.

She loved nighttime the most since everyone in the villa would have gone to bed, leaving her alone.

It was quiet and empty; at this time, she could act freely.

For example, she could cook supper for herself.

In order not to alert the others, she simply cooked herself a bowl of noodles.

When she turned around to walk toward the dining room with the steaming bowl of noodles in her hand, she was startled by a figure in the dark.

Her grip on the bowl loosened, and when the bowl was about to fall, the figure reached out to hold the bottom of the bowl with one hand while the other hand held her soft little hand.


When Xu Youyou raised her head, she finally saw the figures face clearly under the dim lights.

She stammered, “Mr… Mr.


Mo Shenbais eyes shifted from the bowl of noodles to Xu Youyous small face.

He asked in a low voice, “Why didnt you switch on the lights”

Xu Youyou bit the bottom of her lip before she said, “I… didnt want to disturb everyones rest.”

She knew the butler would definitely cook supper for her if she had asked him.

However, she truly did not want to trouble anyone.

Mo Shenbais eyes twitched slightly, but he did not say anything.

At this time, the crystal light suddenly came on, chasing away the remaining darkness.

Following that, Pei Chuan walked in holding a box.

He was stunned when he saw Mo Shenbai holding Xu Youyous hand.

He was so stunned that his eyes looked as though they were going to pop out of their sockets.



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