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When Xu Youyou heard the wordsfirst side mission, she asked anxiously, “Whats wrong Did something happen to my brother”

The staff member explained through the walkie-talkie, “No, the player is fine.

I just need both of you to come over for a moment.

Im sorry for the trouble.”

Upon hearing that Xu Jialu was fine, Xu Youyou sighed in relief.


Well come over immediately.”

The staff member had already opened the door to the secret room of the first side mission.

Although the lights were one, they were rather dim.

When the staff member saw Xu Youyou and Mo Shenbai, he looked as though he had seen his savior.

He hurriedly said, “The player is probably too frightened so he cant hear anything we say.

Can you please tell him to let go of our actor”

Xu Youyou was puzzled upon hearing this.

She turned and saw Xu Jialu sitting on the ground and hugging the actors thigh tightly with both hands.

He muttered over and over again, “Im not afraid of you.

Im not afraid of you.

Im not afraid of you.

Dont mess around.”

The actor, who was dressed in white clothes and a wig, looked as though he was on the verge of collapse.

Xu Jialu was holding onto his thigh so tightly that his pants looked as though they were going to fall.

He clutched his pants tightly as he looked at Xu Youyou with a pleading expression that seemed to say, “Help me! Help me!”

Xu Youyou stood unmoving as she blinked her big and bright eyes.

She really wanted to say, “Im sorry, but I dont know him.”

The staff member held back his laughter and said kindly,This player came in for less than two minutes when my colleague appeared… Then, this happened… No matter how much we tried to persuade him, it was useless.

Please speak to him.”

Xu Jialus eyes were closed as he hugged the mans thigh and muttered the same thing over and over again.

It was clear he could not hear anything at this moment.

Xu Youyou felt very embarrassed.

She tilted her head and looked at the man next to her and asked, “Why dont you go and speak to my brother”

‘I dont want to embarrass myself.

Mo Shenbai cleared his throat before he said with a straight face, “Both of you have deep affections for each other as siblings.

I dont think its appropriate for me to interfere.”

Xu Youyou: “…”

Due to the staff members request and the young actors crying expression, Xu Youyou braced herself and walked over.

She squatted down and placed her hand on Xu Jialus shoulder when…


“Ahhhhhhhh!” Xu Jialu was so frightened that he began to shout and pray.

“I have Jesus and Buddha with me! Begone, ghosts!”

Xu Youyou was startled by Xu Jialus reaction.

After a moment, she said helplessly, “Brother, brother, its me.

Im Youyou.”

Xu Jialu stopped moving; he seemed to have heard Xu Youyou.

He slowly opened his eyes, and when he saw Xu Youyou under the dim light, he hurriedly released the young actors thing and hugged Xu Youyou.

“Youyou, you scared me to death! This is too scary! The ghost is too scary! You almost lost your brother!”

The young actor quickly secured his pants.

Then, he thought to himself,Damn! Youre scarier than a ghost! You almost ripped my pants and underwear!


Xu Jialu held onto Xu Youyou so tightly that she was almost dragged down by his weight.

She patted his shoulder and said reassuringly, “Brother, its okay.

Hes not a real ghost.

Hes just an actor.”

“Ah” Xu Jialu turned around and saw that young actor who had removed his wig.

The young actor had a crew cut, single eyelids, and an obvious Adams apple on his throat.

“What the f*ck! Are you f*cking crazy! Why are you pretending to be a ghost to scare people!”

The young actor was confused when he was scolded by Xu Jialu.

He asked, “Didnt you come to play in the escape room Moreover, you chose the scariest room.”

‘How could the room be scary without ghosts

“Uh…” Xu Jialu seemed to regain his senses at this moment.

‘He has a point… Ah, I scolded the wrong person!


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