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In shadow slave (fanfic) The Academy (2)

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After a few minutes Multiply stood from the bed and took off his shirt to cheek his physic just in case anything else changed. Luckily nothing apart from his eyes had changed or so he hoped. He then summoned his katana Blazing Katana. As he stared at the runes.

Memory: Blazing Katana

Memory Rank: Ascended

Memory Tier: I

Memory Type: Weapon

Memory Description: [Meant for greatness and salvation it was now all thats left is a sword that only burns with the rage of its killer.]

Interesting description...

Memory Enchantments: [Unyielding Flames]

[Unyielding Flame] Enchantments Description: "This sword will burn with a fire that refuses to go out. One that only gets hotter corresponding with the wielders will.]

Yes now thats good though I might have to wait to become an Awakened for it its still great.

Multiply first tried creating his lightning to see if he could control it, though sadly he couldn as he found that the hard way after shooting it out the window a few times. He was sweating profusely and breathing loudly, though he did learn that he could at least strengthen his katana with it. He also tried to do it on himself before his instincts told screamed at him to stop. With all his experiments he was able to conclude that he could enhance Memories as well as himself if he grow strong enough to withstand it.

He then went to bath because he was stinking like no bodies business.


Multiply then searched Katana basics and practised such as swing up, down, diagonal and horizontal till his arms refused to move any longer. Though he tried making the sword turn aflame. Then as he wished it shined with a crimson red flame which complimented his eyes.

"Thats enough though I wished I changed cause this is uncomfortable.

I thought as I then took off my first pair of pants before lying in bed.

[Eidetic Memory] likely makes me remember things as well as making me highly resistant to mind manipulation and attacks or maybe even Immune because you can change something that I can forget or it might be soul related or maybe even both I thought with a smile.

I speculated.

While [Eyes of Truth] allow for me to read descriptions though theres probably more to it considering its description and how it changed my eyes. Though its good to know something about it though it might need Essence to activate its other abilities but thats a later problem.

Now why am I here because I found no system meet no God or angel or even a damn anime genie nor did I get any OP powers from start my attributes excluded though they are still useless compared to how people usually get OP stats or maxed out stats from the start. Though couldn I get three wishes at least and of all the novels it had to be Shadow Slave since the characters are to careful. While I have to pretend to be an idiot to try and gain their trust. Though I still want my three wishes.

Behaving like this also is not my style and Im already hating my training considering how sore Im going to be tomorrow when I wake up. Though Im likely going to need these skills when Im in the Dream Realm especially since I have no amour and will be naked in the wilderness.

"Sigh... Can I at least end up near Gateway or something In a Saints, house who won kill me for trespassing."

I thought as I finally let the embrace of my fatigue take me away to sleep.

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