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Zhong Yingxue said in a disgusted tone, Xiao Nan! I didn\'t expect you to actually…

Jiang Nan,

‘Didn\'t think of anything!\'

‘What the hell!\'

‘I only ate a durian! Why can\'t I explain it clearly!\'

‘That wasn\'t made by Lu Ming!\'

‘It was the fruit flesh in the durian!\'

‘Lu Ming, that damned old fool!\'

Xia Yao looked disgusted, Yuck~

Jiang Nan glared, Yuck my ass!

As he spoke, he rushed forward and wiped off two pieces of flesh from her face and wanting stuff them into her mouth!

Xiao Nan! You dare! Ah! See if I don\'t kill you!

Don\'t come over! Don\'t come over!

Jiang Nan, No! You two have to give it a try too!

At this moment, Lu Ming\'s head was still stuck in the ceiling!

He didn\'t smell anything!

He just felt that his butt was cool, and it was a little painful!

My… classmate! Help kick me back, I\'m stuck!

The students in the class were also confused!

No matter who was in class, they wouldn\'t be able to talk when a head suddenly poked out of the floor!

The atmosphere was extremely awkward!

The female classmate who was wearing a miniskirt hurriedly covered her skirt; her pretty face was red!

Ah! Rogue!

As she spoke, she kicked Lu Ming in the face…

In the end, his body was still kicked down!

He fell back into the classroom, and tears flowed out on the spot!

That was really spicy to the eyes!

He was about to get up and run away, but when he breathed, he directly lay on the ground and spat out white foam!

[From Lu Ming\'s Resentment Points 1000!]

The smell floated up along the hole that Lu Ming had smashed!

Thus, the students upstairs also vomited in the classroom…

The school leaders thought something had happened!

They rushed into the classroom and vomited as soon as they opened the door!

The classroom was empty!

Only Lu Ming was lying on the ground, and the pants on his buttocks were torn into rags!

The walls, the blackboard, and the desks were all covered in golden spikes!

‘What the hell happened here\'

‘Was there even a need to think about this\'

Principal Sun Hongzhi covered his nose, This… this strength is really a bit too great!

Martial Spirit Warrior really can\'t be measured with common sense!

Fierce! So fierce!

Therefore, Lu Ming was carried away!

The durian was not eaten!

From then on, there was a golden legend on the campus!

In the afternoon, at the school cafeteria!

Hey, hey, hey, have you heard Lu Ming sh*t in his pants during class

What is this It\'s so explosive

It\'s more than explosive! It\'s so powerful! It even caused the ceiling to collapse! Do you dare to believe it

Too fierce!

What So powerful It can\'t be, right

Everything around was destroyed! That scene! Tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk… More than a hundred people vomited!

My mother! Don\'t talk anymore! We are eating…

Lu Ming, who was sitting at the back table, cried silently and broke his chopsticks!

‘My three years of youth!\'

‘All were f*cking destroyed!\'

[From Lu Ming\'s Resentment Points 1000! ]

[From Lu Ming… ]

Jiang Nan chuckled for the entire afternoon!

It was not only Lu Ming who provided Resentment points!

The other students who had vomited also became the target!

In the afternoon, he collected about 3 ten times draws!

This golden durian was simply a treasure!


‘AoE damage!\'

‘And it\'s delicious!\'

‘It\'s perfect!\'

Jiang Nan finally understood the side effects of this golden durian!

Smelly! Incomparably smelly!

The outer shell was hard, and when it was opened, it was accompanied by an explosion!

‘Tsk, tsk, tsk!\'

‘Good stuff!\'

Jiang Nan\'s eyes lit up.

He had already calculated the golden durian\'s new use!


Even when they returned home from school, Zhong Yingxue and Xia Yao did not let Jiang Nan get within three meters!

Jiang Nan, who was disliked, had a wronged expression on his face!

In the end, he still didn\'t let the two of them eat it!

When he returned home, Jiang Nan locked himself in his room!

Since he knew the golden durian\'s effects and side effects!

Only the baby pacifier had not been tried yet!

All along, the effects of the proper prizes were extremely powerful!

But ever since the Heart-pounding Popping Candy, who made people both love and hate him…

Jiang Nan\'s started to lose his mind!

This time, there was a pacifier

With an anxious heart, Jiang Nan took out the baby pacifier!

It even had a manual!

He looks at the pink pacifier lying quietly in his palm.

There are wings on both sides of the pacifier!

There was an unknown liquid inside!

There was also a small ring behind it…

‘How do you use this thing\'

‘Stuff it into your mouth and suck it\'

‘Do I really need to do that shameful thing\'

His gaze fell on the manual!


[Please consume it without interruption! Otherwise, all previous efforts will be lost!]

Jiang Nan,


‘I still have to keep sucking it\'

‘Can\'t stop\'

Taking a deep breath, Jiang Nan picked up the chubby pacifier, opened his mouth, and was about to stuff it into his mouth!

He couldn\'t help but blush!

‘No, no, no!\'

‘I can\'t let this pass in my heart!\'

An 18 years old!

Secretly hiding in the house and sucking a pacifier.

How shameful was that

Aiya! I don\'t care!

As he spoke, he stuffed the pacifier into his mouth!

He sucked!

A sweet milky fragrance filled the tip of his tongue!


‘So fragrant, so sweet!\'

Every cell in his body was moving!

A warm feeling filled his entire lungs!

He took a deep breath!

It was an unprecedented pleasure.

It was as if he had been standing for a lifetime and suddenly sat down.

Jiang Nan had never known that breathing could be so cool!

He felt as if his ears were clear and his eyes were clear!

Although the improvement was not so obvious.

However, Jiang Nan could indeed feel the improvement brought by breathing in his body!

Jiang Nan\'s eyes lit up.

Therefore, he began to suck wildly the pacifier in his mouth!

As time went on, his entire body emitted a milky fragrance!

After sitting on the bed and sucking for half an hour, Jiang Nan\'s mouth was numb!


‘Is there no end to it\'

‘How long does it take to finish this Isn\'t the thing that improved the body was the liquid in the pacifier\'

‘Wouldn\'t it be fine if you get it out and drink it\'

As he spoke, he pulled out the pacifier from his mouth and held a knife to open it!

What shocked Jiang Nan was that the moment the liquid came into contact with the air, it quickly disappeared!

Jiang Nan,

‘What a stupid thing is this!\'

‘That\'s 100,000 points of resentment!\'

‘Did I have to drink the liquid through the pacifier\'

‘What kind of strange hobby was this!\'

‘Fierce Pacifier Nan\'

‘Too fierce! Too South!\'

As he thought this, he took out another baby pacifier and stuffed it into his mouth!


‘So sweet!\'

At this moment, the surrounding Spiritual Qi was crazily pouring into the villa!

Jiang Nan widened his eyes,What was the situation\'

Wow! Xue Xue! You broke through

Haha, Xiao Nan, come and see! Xue Xue is silver!

‘Not good! Not good!\'

Jiang Nan opened his eyes wide and was about to teleport and lock the door!


The door was opened by the excited Xia Yao!

Jiang Nan suddenly turned around with his back to Xia Yao!

‘What should he do\'

‘Once this thing started, it couldn\'t be stopped!\'

‘I broke one, so I can\'t break it again!\'

Xia Yao was puzzled, Xiao Nan Why are you unhappy

Sniff! Sniff! It smells so good! What are you secretly eating again Let me see.

Xia Yao stepped forward and pulled on Jiang Nan\'s shoulder!

Cold sweat instantly broke out on Jiang Nan\'s face!

He dodged fiercely, but how could Xia Yao let him go

She threw Jiang Nan onto the bed and couldn\'t help but widen her eyes.

Because in her eyes, Jiang Nan was like this at the moment!

(* °°* )

Pfft… hahahaha! No way! You\'re actually hiding in the house sucking a pacifier

Still not weaned Hahahaha…

Jiang Nan was furious.

He turned over and pressed Xia Yao on the bed.

He held a baby pacifier in his hand and stuffed it into Xia Yao\'s mouth!


(* °°* )

Xia Yao widened her eyes and subconsciously sucked.

Wow! It\'s so sweet!

Xiao Yao, Xiao Nan! I broke through! Look…

Zhong Yingxue rushed into the room with her face full of excitement!

She saw Jiang Nan riding on Xia Yao, and both of them had a pacifier in each other\'s mouth, sucking non-stop…

Zhong Yingxue,


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