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A week later, the new movie officially started shooting.

The film’s male and female protagonists were famous mainstream stars with high facial values, good acting skills, and a clean slate in the entertainment industry.


The female lead Jiang Qin started out in a talent show.

At first, she was not popular but later acted as the third female in a youth movie.

The part was not much, but she got attention with her acting skills.

Since then, she took several hit movies one after another, which got a good response and slowly got a place in the entertainment industry.


When the lead actor Yan Shi was in high school, he was chosen by the director to shoot a youth school movie.

Although the film was made on a small budget, it won numerous awards.

The actor himself won the “Best New Actor” award with this movie, becoming the youngest winner of it and became a hit.


On the first day of shooting, the two performed modestly.

Most of them played a line, but they didn’t shine much, and only after that did they slowly start to get into shape.


“Cut, that’s good.

This is the end of today’s shooting,” the assistant director said.


After the shooting was finished, Jiang Hanfei was about to leave when someone called out to him, “Jiang.

Director Jiang.”


Jiang Hanfei turned around and saw Jiang Qin looking at him with an apprehensive face.

He asked, “Is there something wrong”


“Director Jiang, I feel privileged to work with you.

I would like to ask how I performed today and if there is anything I need to improve” Jiang Qin stumbled to finish, then waited for his answer with a nervous face.


Having seen the calculations of many young stars, Jiang Hanfei rarely saw an actress who sincerely sought advice with an open mind.

Naturally, he was happy to point out a few things to her.

“The acting is a bit youthful, and the emotional aspect needs more refinement.

But the overall performance is good.”


At these words, Jiang Qin breathed a sigh of relief.

“Thank you, Director Jiang, for your guidance.”


The manager on the side spoke up, “With Director Jiang’s guidance, our Xiao Qin will definitely perform well.

We need to ask Director Jiang to guide us more in the future.”


“We can’t depend on guidance.

We still need to rely on her sensitivity,” Jiang Hanfei spoke calmly.


“This is natural.

This is natural.” The manager compensated with a smile.


After he walked away, the manager spoke seriously to Jiang Qin, “Xiao Qin, appearing in director Jiang’s new movie was a chance the company could not easily get for you.

You must make good use of it.”



Sister Chen, don’t worry.

I will not let down the company’s expectations.” Jiang Qin had a firm face.


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