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Chapter 1393: This Is RevengeTranslator: Dragon Boat Translation  Editor: Dragon Boat Translation

The incident was so big that Bai Qinghans reputation was ruined.

Before, everyone thought she was very beautiful and had a good personality.

Now, people knew that she had a different side!

Those two men got into a fight, and the matter was so big that Bai Meixue was asked to go to school.

Finally, Bai Meixue had to transfer Bai Qinghan to another school.


However, this was not something that could be completely solved by transferring to another school.

Among Bai Qinghans backups, there were quite a few well-qualified boys.

After all, she was into looks and didnt like those who were ugly.

Her previous experience also made her unable to pick ordinary men.

She was very picky and chose campus heartthrobs.

School idols like them naturally had a lot of suitors.

Not all of these suitors were so sensible.

Not all of them were girls, there were also many men.

One of these men had a very radical and extreme personality.

Seeing his idol being played around by Bai Qinghan, this man was so angry that he lost his mind.

So, the day after Bai Qinghan confirmed the transfer, she was attacked on the street.

A man came out of nowhere from the street and stabbed her several times with a knife!

Had it not been for a passerby who passed by and saved her, she probably would have died on the spot.

The man who did it was caught by the police.

Still, no matter what happened to the man, Bai Qinghans situation was no better.

She had suffered serious injuries, and although she was rescued later, she was so badly injured that she may not be able to do more strenuous exercise afterward.

At the same time, her face also suffered damage, as the right side of her face was cut severely.

Even after it healed, it would leave a very deep scar.

If she wanted to take care of it, she would have to spend a large sum of money on plastic surgery.

When she found out she was disfigured, Bai Qinghan almost went crazy.

She never thought that her pride and joy would suffer such a serious injury!

Bai Meixue was also sad and upset.

Bai Meixue never thought that her daughter would meet with such a disaster!

However, when she thought about it, Bai Qinghan was really asking for trouble.

If she hadnt gone too far and provoked so many people, she wouldnt be so miserable now.

Now it was too late to say anything.

They could only find a way to make money so that the scars on Bai Qinghans face could be removed.

However, misfortune did not come alone.

One of Bai Meixues previous investments in the industry had a mishap, and the millions she had invested in it were instantly lost!

In addition, her partner also canceled the collaboration with her.

The successive blows almost made Bai Meixue go crazy.

She did not have much money on hand.

After all, she had paid Xia Xibei a lot of compensation before.

After leaving the country, she had to spend money all over the place, so she only had one or two million left.

Nnow, all the previous investments were lost and she lost her job, so where would she find the money for Bai Qinghans treatment

After being anxious, angry, and sad, Bai Meixue soon realized that all of this was Xia Xibeis doing!

Yes! This was Xia Xibeis revenge! Revenge for their previous bad intentions!

At this moment, Bai Meixue couldnt help but regret why she had thought that way before.

If she had been at peace, Xia Xibei wouldnt have sought revenge on them.

After all, they had been abroad for so long, and Xia Xibei hadnt done anything to them.

However, because of their previous plots, Xia Xibei came to take revenge!

Such revenge really made them suffer!

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