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Chapter 982: Explosion

Facing the surrounding soldiers, Zola walked out slowly.

Just as Caldilla was casting a spell and was about to make a final resistance, the weapons in the hands of the soldiers melted instantly and turned into droplets of molten iron that fell to the ground.

They were exclaiming and screaming incessantly.

Seeing that something went wrong, Viswo ordered the cavalry to rush forward.

After only taking a few steps forward, the war horses seemed to sense some extremely terrifying existence.

Their fell to the ground one after another in fear.

Viswo was also knocked to the ground by his own mount.

Nevertheless, he still had some skills, so he rolled over to stabilize his body.

All of a sudden, a pile of sticky stuff flying over his face.

A stench went straight to his nostrils.

Viswo was stunned for a while.

When he understood what was covering his face, he hurriedly wiped it away.

He felt that his stomach overturned, and he vomited.

The onlookers were all taken aback.

I didnt expect this woman to be so bold.

Not to mention defeating the defense forces soldiers, she actually covers Viswos face withfresh horse dung!

Many people who didnt like Viswos usual evil deeds laughed.

Viswo grew up with the glory and halo of the family.

He had never suffered such humiliation, not to mention in front of the public.

Those mocking voices pierced his chest like a sharp blade.

Between shame and rage, Viswo lost his mind.

He took out a scroll, activated it without thinking and threw it forward.

As soon as the scroll appeared, the temperature in the vicinity suddenly rose.

Several magicians in the crowd instinctively sensed danger warning signs.

Such as incomparably berserk fire elements — [Flame of Hell]!

1 of the most powerful large-aoe damage magics of the fire element!

Activating the scroll of [Flame of Hell] in such a crowded place!

This is a forbidden behavior.

As the leader of the defense forces, Viswo actually did such a crazy behavior!

Once the fire of [Flame of Hell] spreads, the hundreds of people nearby… or even more people will be burned to the ground!

Judging from the light membrane on Viswos body, [Flame of Hell] would form a protective force field on his body before it exploded, which showed that the production level of this scroll was quite high.

However, the rest of the people did not have this treatment, including those soldiers of the defense forces.

The magicians in the crowd who sensed the danger quickly withdrew.

The magic activation time of the scroll was usually a little slower than that of direct magic casting, but it was only momentary.

Most of the people who had realized the danger had no time to escape, and they were shouting in panic.

Zola also seemed to be stunned, and she forgot to even run away.

However, even if the scroll completely blew up, she could easily make those fire elements dissipate.

In fact, it was Ms.

Fairy Dragon sensed someone was coming from behind and Chen Ruis voice came into her ears in time, so she stopped and took 2 steps back – She heard Lilds shout from behind,

A transparent blue semi-dome appeared around the scroll that exploded, and almost at the same time, the power of [Flame of Hell] burst out.

The red flame burned with terrifying power, but it was firmly controlled by the blue translucent dome.

The people nearby were not affected by the impact at all.

On the other hand, the hard greenstone on the ground covered was burned to an exaggerated big hole.

The fire gradually went out, and the blue dome disappeared.

The crowd of onlookers breathed a sigh of relief.

Viswo had wiped the dung off his face, only then did he realize what he had done just now.

He broke out in a cold sweat.

The resentment in his heart suddenly turned into panic – If that [Flame of Hell] really broke out just now, hundreds of people will die, and the consequences are unimaginable.

Even the Mogaus Family may not be able to save me!

“Bastard!” Lild shouted, “Youre Viswo of the Mogaus Family How could Rialdo have a nephew like you!”

Viswo was about to order the soldiers to smash this guy who humiliated him into pieces.

When he saw Lilds face clearly, he couldnt help being startled.

Others didnt know Lild, but he knew the identity of this unremarkable magician.

His momentum immediately plummeted as he hastily bowed, “Li… Sir Lild!”

Lild snapped, “You know what you just did”

Viswo lowered his head in a guilty conscience, and Chen Rui replied, “He didnt do much.

He just wants to ruin the family of Pabo and hundreds of families here, am I right Sir Viswo who is proficient in fire magic”

“Shut up!” Viswo didnt know that Chen Rui and Lild wereacquaintances.

He said to Lild through gritted teeth, “Sir Lild, dont listen to his nonsense! These people are all fugitives, and they wounded the person I sent to arrest first.

Now hes even trying to resist the law enforcement of the defense forces.

I almost made a big mistake just now when I was in a hurry.

Fortunately, sir came.

Please help me to take them down!”

Lild was still skeptical about what happened to the Tess sisters initially, but now when he heard Viswo turned right and wrong like this, how could he still not understand the truth of the matter He said coldly, “I was the one who injured those guys just now, and these 2fugitives are my friends!”

Viswos arrogant face couldnt help but turn even grimmer.

He wanted to beat up those bastards who had given the wrong info just now.

Although it was difficult to excuse himself now, at least he had to get the pair of sisters whom he determined to get.

Viswo immediately stepped forward and said in a low voice, “Sir Lild, please forgive those ignorant guys under my command, but those 2 girls are the experiment subjects that my uncle Rialdo specified.

Thats why I… Please pardon me, sir.”

After Viswo finished saying this, he took a few steps back knowingly, resisting the nausea.

Then, he took the towel handed over to wipe his face.

He glanced at theculprit Zola who made him embarrassed— This woman is Lilds friend, so I cant take revenge for the time being.

I will try to take revenge later…

Lild frowned, not only because of the smell on Viswo, but because of the name mentioned in the sentence.


Lild, Rialdo and Lelia were also known as the 3 Saint magicians of the Magician Tower Group.

The strengths of the 3 were comparable.

However, Rialdo had the biggest advantage as he was the direct apprentice of Elder Shiro, 1 of the highest controllers of the Magician Tower Group.

“It turns out that there is such a relationship, so what is your choice Sir Lild” Chen Ruis voice sounded.

For some reason, the smiling face made Lild feel a faint chill in his mind.

Lild quickly dismissed thisillusion.

After pondering a little, he said the answer, “Rialdo is the apprentice of the Elder Shiro of the Magician Tower Group, I dont want to offend him, but I will try to help the sisters.”

“Although I dont know what your so-calledhelp is, since you dont want to offend that what Ro-something so much, dont intervene in this matter.” With that said, Chen Rui glanced at Zola, “I just heard a lot of things about this Sir Viswo from the onlookers.

It can be said to be a list of bad records.

He especially likes to abuse women.

I think we should teach him a lesson that will never be forgotten, right My dear madam.”

Zola blinked in understanding.

Lild was startled, and he said, “Wait a minute, Viswos uncle…”

Before the words were said,bang sounded from somewhere in Viswos lower body, and a cloud of blood burst out, followed by a heart-piercing scream from Viswo.

He was covering his lower body with his hands, tumbling on the ground and screaming.

This was a complex application of elements with wind elements as the main body, incorporating the mystery of fire elements.

It decomposed a certain organ and caused an explosion… In short, thebird exploded.

Completely exploded and turned into nothing.

This scene made those soldiers feel terrified, and they subconsciously protected a certain part.

Even the male audience watching couldnt help tightened their legs.

They felt a chill in their lower bodies.

Lild didnt expect Zola to actually attack regardless of dissuasion, and it was so ruthless.

He couldnt help taking a breath.

At the same time, he noticed another detail – Viswo actually had the kind of protective power attached to the scroll before, but this protective power was completely useless in front of Zola.

After Viswosbird was exploded, the protective power still existed inconceivably.

There was no trace of damage at all as if thebird exploded on its own inside.

What power is this

At this moment, Lild raised his head abruptly, and he saw a figure in mid-air.

This was a young man in a white robe.

The robe was inlaid with red, yellow and silver patterns, which looked elegant and extraordinary.

He was holding a jasper-like long staff which did not look ordinary at first glance.

“Rialdo!” Lilds eyes narrowed, revealing a solemn expression.

Thinking of the scroll, he immediately understood: That scroll must be made by Rialdo, and it has some kind of sensing function in it.

Once Viswo is in danger and uses the scroll, Rialdo will come here asap.

Its troublesome now.

Zola had just severely injured Viswo, and Rialdo rushed over.

It seems that this will not end well.

Chen Rui noticed that theRialdo that Lild mentioned was very handsome, and his ears were a little pointed, but it was different from the ordinary elf- Half-elf!

Rialdos figure flashed, and he had already appeared on the ground.

Looking at Viswo who was wailing on the ground, his facial expression changed.

With a wave of his wand, [Treatment] flew over, but the wailing still did not reduce.

The explosion in that place might not be cured by an ordinary treatment.

When Rialdo looked at Tess and her sister, his eyes flashed a strange light.

Then, he stared at Lilds face fiercely and said, “Why hurt him!”

Before Lild could answer, Chen Rui said, “Why dont you ask him what he did Dont tell me, those 2 girls are really what you want.”

Rialdos reaction was quick, “You hurt him Who are you!”

“Accurately speaking, its my wife.” Chen Rui shrugged, “As for us… were just passers-by passing through this city.

You dont need to worry about identity.”

Zola stepped forward suddenly.

She also seemed a little smug.

(I like the titlewife, especially in front of so many people)

Rialdos face suddenly turned grim, and a fierce murderous aura burst out.

Zola didnt seem to make any movement, yet the murderous aura suddenly dissipated without a trace.

Rialdos pupils shrank slightly.

Instead of being surprised, he smiled, “Very well, I like 2 types of women the most: The first is a woman who has the ability to resist, and the second is a woman who has no ability to resist.

I will make you regret being born in …”

Before he finished speaking, a cold light flashed past Zolas purple eyes.

The next second, the sound of an explosion sounded from Rialdos body.

A blood mist splashed out.

The face of this half-elf who seemed to be very powerful, became extremely pale in an instant.

His facial features were distorted.

With ading, the wand fell to the ground, and the half-elfs body immediately fell to the ground.

He curled up like a shrimp, tightly covering his lower body.

A sharp scream came from his throat.

This time, even Lild was stunned.

Rialdo, the Saint magician who was as famous as him, was actuallybird-burst in an instant!

Unable to resist at all!

Lild shuddered.

His gaze watching Zola was full of awe.

He finally understood why Zola didnt respond to him with the peer etiquette previously.

To be able tobird-burst the peak stage Saint Rialdo in a second, this woman is a super powerhouse!

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