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Chapter 984: The Magician Tower Group


This was Shiros only thought now.

As a super powerhouse of the elf tribes allied country and 1 of the highest controllers of the Magician Tower Group in Jaqda City, when did I ever escape like a dog like this!

However, I have to escape.

That woman is too terrifying! In front of her, my multi-element magic proficiency talent that I used to be proud of is simply a joke.

Canceling wind element with wind element, canceling fire with fire element… Even my compound magic is broken by the opponent with the same combination of elements – This is definitely a stomp.

It doesnt look like the same level of battle!

Shiro would have even thought that he was facing a Demi-God level powerhouse if he hadnt confirmed several times that the opponents power breath was the peak stage of the Kingdom level.

We both are at the peak stage of the Kingdom level.

Why is she so powerful

Shiros talent was not only multi-element magic proficiency but also space talent.

His teleportation and shifting were quite fast, far exceeding the average powerhouse of the same level, but the woman was not slower than him at all.

He almost got caught up several times, but he didnt know why she didnt seize the opportunity to knock him down.

It was more like she was slowly consuming his strength and fighting spirit like playing a game of cat and mouse.

This was also a kind of pure contempt, but Shiro had no extra energy to be mad or think at this moment.

He could only do his best to lead Rialdo to continuously break through the opponents kingdom interference and start shifting while gradually moving in the direction of the Magician Tower Group nearby.

Finally, on the top of the mountain in front, he saw a familiar white tower.

This was just an ordinary magician tower which did not belong to the real tower group, but it already meant that the location was close to the Magician Tower Group.

Shiro instinctively sensed the terrifying pressure that was approaching behind him.

With a thought and a wave of his hand, the magician tower in the distance emitted a strange light.

It actually rose up gradually, and there were many screams from the tower.

The elf didnt bother about it.

A strange light flashed in his eyes, and bizarre symbols appear one after another on the white tower, linking together.

At this time, the sense of crisis in his mind became stronger again.

That woman has indeed already caught up.

Shiro grunted and unleashed the kingdom power.

The huge white tower instantly appeared between him and Zola.

Then, the symbol attached to it emitted a strong light, and the white tower exploded.

At the moment of the explosion, Shiro had released the power of space reflection that he had been charging for a long time.

He took advantage of the momentum of the explosion to launch an ultra-long-distance shifting.

The elf elder vaguely remembered that the owner of the white tower was a magician who had just entered Saint.

His name was Ed or something.

He was very young and seemed to have something to do with the royal family of the Blue Glory Empire… Lild even brought Ed to visit him before.

He gave special tips on the layout of the magician tower.

It was for this reason that Shiro was able to use his special talent to easily turn the magician tower into a terrifying Kingdom level bomb in a short period of time.

In the magician tower, magicians, subordinates, various magic circles, items… all become the energy to buff the explosion.

The power of the white towers explosion was quite astonishing.

The shining light and the terrifying shock wave instantly engulfed the fairy dragon who was caught off guard.

Even the mountain range that had been protected by some kind of enchantment was cracked by a huge tremor.

Shiro, who succeeded, did not stop, but he took advantage of the precious opportunity to teleport continuously, pulling the distance from Zola.

He was well aware of the opponents terrifying ability.

Although the attack just now was sudden, it couldnt seriously injure her or reduce her combat power much; it can only slow down the pursuit to a certain extent.

This exaggerated explosion should also attract the attention of the Magician Tower Groups vigilance forces.

No matter what method it is, it is enough to stop this woman for a while and let me escape into the Magician Tower Group smoothly.

As long as I enter the tower group, I will be in myhome court.

No matter how powerful this woman is, she will only be helpless.

Besides, there is also the Demi-God level Lelia there.

It should be very safe.

As for the exploded white tower and the people inside… They are just human ants.

It is a great honor for them to use their lowly life to exchange a precious opportunity for me, a super powerhouse, to escape.

The light of the explosion quickly dimmed, and Zola appeared unscathed in the smoke.

The explosion just now was sudden and powerful, but for Zola, who had enough energy to catch up, it would not do her any harm.

When Fairy Dragon looked at the position behind her, the white tower there had turned into powder along with the lives inside.

A gleam of light flashed across her beautiful purple eyes.

Her body flickered, and she disappeared in place.

On the other side, Chen Rui was flying quickly toward the tower group with Lildshelp.

As a Saint peak stage magician who was proficient in wind element and water element, Lilds flying speed was quite fast, but it was far from being able to match a Kingdom level powerhouses who couldshift.

He just followed the battle traces all the way.

When flying to the area of ​​the white tower, Lilds speed suddenly slowed down.

He was surprised to see the mountains that turned into rifts and the terrifying traces of explosions.

“Whats the matter, Sir Lild” Chen Rui asked curiously.

“There used to be the magician tower here.” Lilds facial expression was a little unsightly.

“The magician Ed has a special identity… If he dies, this incident will shake the upper echelons of the empire.

The consequences will be serious.”

Chen Rui frowned, “As far as I know, Zola wont attack ordinary trainers, and I didnt see her hurting any innocents along the way.

Did that Ed attack Zola”

Lild didnt fly forward.

Instead, he brought Chen Rui down to the ground.

“The ground enchantment around the magician tower is generally equipped with a magic circle projected by the water element, which is used to monitor and restore some enemy attacks.

The enchantment here is seriously damaged, but there should be some remaining magic circles.

Can Sir Arthur take some time to try to repair and activate the magic circle This matter is very important to me…”

Chen Rui noticed that Eds identity was not trivial, so he nodded and agreed.

He began to repair the badly damaged projection magic circle nearby with the help of Lild.

Chen Ruis magic circle accomplishments were fully manifested at this time.

It was obviously just amagic circle fragment that was completely destroyed, but it was quickly reconnected ​​and restored by his incredible means.

He actually restored most of its functions.

“It should be able to be used, but since I dont have enough materials, Ill let you inject water element magic to activate it.

Theres nothing I can do about it.”

“Its hard to believe that such a brilliant master of magic circles cant master real magic.” Lild shook his head, and a soft blue light appeared in his hands – This Saint magician could really sense that the element didnt have any affinity fluctuations around Chen Rui.

Chen Rui shrugged.

He admitted that he was a magic idiot.

Althoughmagic circle andmagic were only 1 word difference, there was a fundamental difference.

Briefly speaking, magic needed him to sense and mobilize elements, which involved various aspects such as magic power, spirit power, and soul power, while the main body of magic circle was material and inscription skill; which layouts and materials could be used to invoke and trigger elements response.

Of course, the former was self power, so it could be activated at any time.

It could theoretically be enhanced indefinitely; the latter needed to be realized with the help of various foreign objects, and the growth was limited by the entire knowledge system and category.

For Chen Rui, he could inject kingdom as a replacement.

The most representative ones were the ancient runes and Dragon Inscription.

But for now, Chen Rui was playing the role of a sole magic circle masterArthur, so he naturally wouldnt show any power.

After Lild cast magic into that restored projection magic circle, the key parts that shocked Lild were faithfully played, albeit the projection was fragmented.

When Shiro waved, the white tower rose and exploded.

The restoration of the truth shocked Lild.

Themurderer was actually Shiro, not Zola!

“Sir Lild” Chen Rui asked tentatively.

“Its okay, lets go first…” The Saint magician didnt answer this time, but his face looked unsightly.

Lild flew forward with Chen Rui all the way, and he seemed to use all his strength as the speed was faster than before.

A layer of floating mist appeared in the vision ahead, and the magician tower could be faintly seen in the mist; it was not just 1.

The visibility of mist was very low, but some kind of light was faintly reflected in the sky in the distance.

Lilds speed suddenly slowed down, and he entered the mist carefully.

“This is the Magician Tower Group”

“En,” Lild replied.

His gaze looked solemn and dignified.

With a faint glow on his body, he moved forward cautiously, “To be precise, it is the tower group that entered the emergency combat readiness.

These mists are all protective magic circles.

It seems Madam Zola has no doubt caught up here.

I hope that were not too late.”

Although it wasnt clear in the mist, Chen Rui could clearly sense the scale and power of the Magician Tower Group in the protective magic circles.

The so-calledtower group was not simply a batch of concentrated magician towers.

Various magic circles, enchantments and things related to magicians were intertwined and distributed just like a city.

A true magician city.

Lild was very familiar with this place, and he also carried some special items to avoid attacks.

Now the tower group had entered an emergency combat readiness state and the power of the protective magic circles was fully activated, he was cautious when flying.

They gradually approached the hinterland of power fluctuations.

The sky in front suddenly shone brightly.

They could vaguely see that brilliant colored lights were dancing, and the mist around them quickly became thinner.

Immediately afterward, a muffled bang was heard.

A circle of intangible huge patterns spread out from the center where the colored light was located in front, and all the mists actually disappeared in an instant!

“The tower groups defensive magic circles… collapsed!” Lilds eyes widened as he couldnt believe what he saw.

To be precise, it was not only the protective magic circles of the Magician Tower Group that collapsed but also the Elf Elder Shiro who escaped into the tower group.

Shiro was defeated by Zola in the Magician Tower Group!

Lilds breath was a little short.

He felt that he was more shocked today than all the times in the past combined.

At this moment, a bright moon rose in the sky.

Blue crescent moon.

The colorful light suddenly dimmed, and the air was instantly filled with an icy breath.

“Oh no!” Lild exclaimed, “Madam Dursa is going to make a move!”

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