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Chapter 1034: Diversion (2)

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Under the attention of all the guests, the Holy ChildArthur with the Crown of Thorns on his head, wearing a white robe, faced the 100 Divinity Temple Knights standing under the stage, and made mysterious gestures with both hands.

Camael was still nodding secretly when he saw that the whole spirit gathering magic circle was affected by the gestures.

ThisArthur is worthy of being valued by Sir Raphael.

He can actually cause fluctuations of this magnitude.

It seems that this time Divinity Temple Knights conversion ritual should work without any problems.

The actual pattern formed by energy appeared in the air, spreading out with Chen Rui as the middle.

The Crown of Thorns above his head glowed with a bright white light.

Just when Vantis and the others thought that the [Divine Blessing] conversion ritual was about to be launched, the white light suddenly rolled back in the opposite direction, converging at a point.

A strange image appeared in the space at that position.

This was a strange hugetree.

What was striking was that there was a human body, a delicate woman wasinlaid in the tree.

Her hands and feet had been fused by the tree, extending out countlessroots that spread in the air.

This scene surprised everyone.

What is this A special program for the conversion ritual

The fastest to respond was Holy Lady Eudora, who had always had an ominous premonition.

She was shocked.

She never imagined thatArthur would actually reveal Tiffanys location in this canonization ceremony that everyone was watching!

How did he know Tiffany

What is he going to do

‘Arthur turned around, stepped on some kind of stairs in the space, and walked toward the big tree that merged with the woman.

He ignored the Divinity Temple Knights under the stage, and didnt even look at other people.

“Arthur!” Vantis didnt expect such a change, and he suddenly got up, “What are you doing!”

Eudoras action was faster than Vantis voice.

She appeared on the scene in an instant, trying to stopArthur, but someone was faster than her and stopped in front of her.

A woman in a veil and a green dress.

Eudora recognized that this woman was 1 of the guardians ofArthur.

Her strength was only Saint.

For her who had already stepped into the kingdom, it was not worth mentioning at all.

Besides, this was the Holy Blessing Summit, her home court.

However, thisSaint actually stopped her shifting, and she was easily stopped several times after that.

That speed was simply unbelievable.

Only then did Eudora become vigilant.

She heard a familiar female voice, “Oh, isnt this Atlas Why are you wearing womens clothes”

When Eudora heard the wordAtlas, her pupils shrunk suddenly: I have only used this pseudonym in 1 place!

And this womans voice, could it be…


Just when Eudora was shocked, a green light flashed in front of her eyes, “Slap!” A burning sensation came from her left face.

She was already slapped by the woman.

In the midst of panic and anger, the figure approached like lightning, “Slap! Slap! Slap! Slap!” Another 4 slaps in the face.

Eudora had to stagger for several steps before regaining her balance.

Blood spilled from the corners of his mouth, and even her face was swollen.

Fortunately, she had a veil covering it.

“Atlas, why are you injured”

“Let me have a look… Ow, you seem to be very angry Is the fire element of the Heart of Burning Lightning still burning your vicious heart day and night”

“By the way, you seem to have another name,Andee It should be a mothers name, but unfortunately, you dont deserve the title ofmother at all!”

The mocking voice continued to sound in Eudoras ears, making her even more terrified, as if all the secrets that had been hidden in her mind for many years had been revealed by the other party.

“Its you!” Hearing the wordsHeart of Burning Lightning, Eudora had completely confirmed the other partys identity.

She became even more astonished, “Youre not dead yet!”

Back then, she devoured the power of this woman and activated the [Light Annihilation Seal].

It stood to reason that this woman should have been annihilated long ago, but she was still alive and appeared in front of her!

“Do you really want me to die Unfortunately, Im still alive and well.”

Isabella added another sentence in her mind.

I will live well in the future too, with him.

Eudora gritted her teeth, “How dare you come here to court death”

“I dont know if Im going to die, but you are definitely going to die.” Isabella said lightly, “I wont kill you.

Even slapping you a few times makes my hands dirty, but youdeserved it… Have you thought of it Why is the [Light Annihilation Seal] dispelled”

Eudoras thoughts turned quickly, and she quickly responded, “Snow Dallet!”

Could it be that the Snow Dallet incident…

“Also, our strengths are similar, but why is my speed so fast Let me state first, I didnt use [Flash].” Isabella ghostly appeared behind Eudora.

When Eudora was about to turn her back, Isabella reappeared in every direction.

Her attack was swift.

Her target was only 1, face.

“Slap slap slap slap…” The continuous slaps made Eudoras eyes dazzled with golden stars.

This was a veritable slap in the face, and it was in front of all the guests.

“Haih.” Isabella shook her hand in disgust, “It looks like I have to throw this set of gloves later.”

Eudoras mind was filled with more shock than the shameful anger because she had seen the boots on Isabellas feet.

Although the appearance of the boots had changed a lot, Eudora had brought it to the human world from the Demon Realm, so she knew these boots better than anyone – Breeze Shadow Boots!

TheWind Badge, stolen not long ago, is actually back in the hands of this Demon Realm woman!

So, last time, that incident that even Sir Michael was furious of…

Eudora finally understood why this demon woman said she wasdefinitely going to die.

Because if the 3 archangels knew that the 2 big events that shocked the Holy Light Mountain… even this canonization ceremony was all because of her, her good days as the Archbishop Holy Lady would also be over.

While Eudora wasreminiscing about the past on this side, the other side was also very lively.

Now, everyone knew that it was not normal.

The Divinity Temple Knights had surroundedArthur under the order of Vantis.

However, before the knights approached, they were thrown away by a force, including Zamindar, the hall master of the Heavenly Thunder Hall.

What caused all this was another veiled woman in a pale purple robe.

At the same time, the entire Holy Glory Platform was turned into powder under this power.

Vantis and the others were blown away.

Everyone in the VIP seats was repelled into the distance by a huge force.

In an instant, the entire Cloud Platform became empty.

Apart from the woman in purple clothes, there was only Isabella who was fighting with Holy Lady Eudora, andArthur who was walking step by step toward thetree in the space.

Whether it was the battle between the woman in green clothes and Holy Lady or the woman in purple clothes shattering the Holy Glory Platform, it was just a blink of an eye.

Everyone was stunned.

No one expected that the highly anticipated canonization ceremony of the Holy Child would have such a sudden change!


All these are planned by him!

The purpose… obviously is for the woman who is imprisoned in thetree!

At this moment, many of the guests who are usually self-proclaimed wise couldnt wrap their heads around it:Arthur who is envied by countless people, theHoly Child who has a bright future and is about to become the next pope, would actually give up for a woman of unknown origin…

Lex the Great and Princess Landbis were also in shock.

Landbis had contacts and deals withArthur.

In her mind,Arthur was an insightful, level-headed terrifying guy.

She couldnt imagine he would actually do such an unbelievably foolish thing on this occasion!

Just for a woman Is he out of his mind

Lex the Greats shock was different from Landbis.

Cutting off the father-son relationship and exposing the difference inArthur soul was actually theprocess written down on the note long ago.

From that moment on, Lex knew that this son was going to do something extremely dangerous, which might also have something to do with the church.

Before that,Arthur gave his father the most prosperous place of wealth in a special way, then he used a series of conflict events to distance himself from the entire Dragon Bright Empire.

What Lex could not have imagined was that when and whereArthur would make a move.

It was actually at this ceremony, in the lair of the Holy Church, on the Holy Light Mountain with countless powerhouses and even the legendary angels…

Spirit gathering magic circle.

The power of the woman in purple clothes was extremely mysterious.

Even Demi-God powerhouses like Camael, Stanwell, and Kilanya were not immune to that mighty power.

Camael could see clearly that this was not only the power of the woman in purple clothes, but also the power of the rune array set up by Raphael – Sir Raphaels spirit gathering magic circle has actually become a weapon used by the enemy!

Zamindars teacher, theGlorious Swordmaster Parsali who had entered the kingdom shouted loudly and rushed toward the purple-clothed woman.

The splendid sword light was like light streams; it was the strongest attack, [Break Army].

The woman just waved her hand lightly, and the sword light dimmed.

Parsali only felt an irresistible force flying toward him.

At the moment of shock, he parried the sword horizontally and activated the strongest defensive move [Unassailable], but it was still useless.

The irresistible power penetrated the defense of [Unassailable] in an instant.

In the blink of an eye, Parsali had already followed the footsteps of his apprentice and fell into the distance.

The greatsword was full of cracks.

He completely lost his ability to fight.

Demi-God! Stanwell sensed the level of breath of that kind of power, and he was startled.

Of course he knew that this veiled woman in purple clothes was Merias daughter Zola, but the last time Zola was in the Dragon Valley, she was only at the peak stage of the Kingdom level.

Her strength now actually had reached Demi-God! And it was even a stable Demi-God power!

Considering Zolas ability to compete against Demi-God at the peak stage of the Kingdom level… Now Stanwell felt that he might not necessarily be Zolas opponent.

Thinking of this, the holy dragon shuddered.

Meria, Demi-God.

Span, Demi-God.

Zola, Demi-God.

Dear Dragon God, is there any damn justice!

TL: No justice for weakling… and, nice slaps!

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