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Su Lanxus smile froze.

She recalled what had happened the night before and felt melancholic again.

Xu Youyou could roughly guess what happened based on Su Lanxus expression.

She said comfortingly, “My brother speaks without restraints, and hes used to doing whatever he wants.

No matter what he says, dont take it to heart.

Dont be angry.

Its not worth it to get angry with him.”

Su Lanxu regained her senses and quickly smiled.

“Its not the first time Ive quarreled with him.

If I were angry every single time we quarreled, Id have died from anger by now.” Then, she reached out and patted Xu Youyous head before she continued to say, “Dont worry about me.

You should think about how youre going to pursue Mo Shenbai instead.”

At the mention of this, Xu Youyou felt dismayed.

She leaned on the table and said, “I dont know how to pursue him…”

Xu Youyou was frustrated.

The opportunity was right in front of her, but she did not know how to seize it.

Su Lanxus mind began to spin.

After a moment, an idea appeared in her mind.

She lowered her head and whispered into Xu Youyous ear, “Isnt it Christmas in a few days Why dont you…”

After listening to Su Lanxus words, Xu Youyous face flushed red immediately.

“No, no.

Thats too embarrassing.”

“Whats there to feel embarrassed about” Su Lanxu said confidently, “Trust me.

As long as you do as I say, even if theres 100 Mo Shenbais, itll be easy for you to capture them!”

Xu Youyou frowned slightly.

Her expression was shy as she struggled to make a decision.

Finally, she said, “Let me think about it first…”

Xu Youyou had not come up with a way to pursue Mo Shenbai yet when her teacher informed her that they would be going to an ancient town near Mo City for a three-day trip to sketch on Friday.

The ancient town was not as warm as the city, and the temperature difference between day and night was quite drastic.

Hence, Xu Youyou brought an extra down jacket when she was packing.

Her teacher had already arranged the transportation so Cang Ming only needed to drop her off at school.

There was no need for him to send her there.

Before Xu Youyou left, Mo Shenbai came out to send her out.


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“Hm” Xu Youyou turned around, in the midst of opening the car door, to look at the man who was walking toward her.

She did not know when it started, but he had begun to address her asYouyou.

Mo Shenbai raised his hand and put a pink woolen hat on her head.

Xu Youyou was stunned.

She instinctively looked up to see what he had put on her head, but she naturally could not see it.

After putting on the hat for her, Mo Shenbai adjusted the white scarf around her neck, making sure she was warm.

When he was done, only her pair of bright eyes could be seen.

He thought that she looked lively and cute.

He said gently, “Be careful when youre there.

Remember to keep warm.

Call me if you need anything.”

Xu Youyous nose and mouth were covered by the scarf, making it slightly difficult for her to breathe.

Her face turned red immediately when she heard his words.

After she pulled the scarf down, she said, “Im getting in the car after this.

Itd be warm.”

Mo Shenbai looked at her silently for a few moments before he said calmly, “Alright.

Take it off when youre in the car.

Remember to put it back on when you get out of the car.”

“Okay.” Xu Youyou nodded.

“Alright, go…”

Xu Youyou turned around to get into the car when she recalled something.

She turned back to look at Mo Shenbai before she glanced at Cang Ming, who was standing nearby.

Then, she said in a low voice, “Dont be anxious.

I promise to pursue you after I return.”

Xu Youyou was worried that Mo Shenbai would go back on his word after she left.

Mo Shenbai smiled immediately.

He said, “Alright.

Ill wait for your return.

You have to pursue me well…”

Mo Shenbai did not lower his voice on purpose, and his final sentence was particularly loud.

It was clear that Cang Ming heard him as well.

Xu Youyou blushed and hurriedly got into the car.

She closed the car door and did not dare to look at him.

Although Mo Shenbai could not see Xu Youyou through the tinted car window, he could imagine the shy expression on her face.

With that thought in mind, a faint smile appeared on his face.

Before Cang Ming got into the car, Mo Shenbai turned to him and said solemnly, “Take good care of Madam.”


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