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Mo Shenbai quickly video-called Xu Youyou again.

However, all his calls were declined by Xu Youyou.

When she thought about how she had changed in front of him, she felt so ashamed that she really did not feel like living anymore.

After Mo Shenbais calls were rejected over a dozen times, he could only send her a message.

Mo Shenbai: I was eating earlier.

Why did the call suddenly end

When Xu Youyous read the message, her eyes lit up.

‘Since he just returned from eating, does this mean he didnt see anything earlier

Xu Youyou: Oh, so your phone wasnt with you when you were eating

Mo Shenbai: Thats right.

Whats wrong

Xu Youyou: Its nothing.

I just took a shower, and Im going to rest now.

You should rest soon as well.

Mo Shenbai: Alright.

Good night.

Xu Youyou: Good night.

After setting the phone down, Xu Youyou tossed and turned briefly before falling asleep.

At the same time, after setting the phone down, the tempting scenes from earlier appeared in Mo Shenbais mind.

His eyes burned as he reached up to loosen his tie.

While he was eating earlier, the phone was placed in front of him.

He would glance at it occasionally.

He did not expect to catch a glimpse of a slender waist and fair and tender skin.

There were soft and beautiful lines.

His heart stopped beating for a moment as he reacted to her changing, revealing her graceful figure.

For so many years, Mo Shenbai had maintained a distance from women.

If it were not for his psychiatrist, he did not think he would be able to endure having a female secretary, let alone having any fantasies about the female body.

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However, tonight, unprecedented desire rose in him.

He was completely bewitched.

Clearly, Xu Youyou was frightened and embarrassed.

She had rejected all of his calls.

He did not know if she would be too embarrassed to return so he could only pretend he did not see anything.

Mo Shenbai lowered his head.

A faint smile could be seen on his face as his eyes burned with anticipation.

At this moment, Xu Jialu pushed the door open.

Upon seeing the lewd smile on Mo Shenbais face, he clicked his tongue and said, “Your smile is so lewd! Are you in heat”

Mo Shenbai adjusted his expression and looked at Xu Jialu.

If Xu Jialu found out about what he had just seen, Xu Jialu would likely stab him with a knife.

The corners of his lips twitched slightly before he asked tonelessly, “Why are you still here”

Xu Jialu pulled out the chair and took a seat.

Then, he let out a long sigh and said, “You still have the audacity to ask I used to think working in the IT department was tiring.

However, after working on bidding for the new project, I realized I was wrong…”

In order to win the bid for the new eco residential area, Xu Jialu had gone out almost every day to entertain his client.

Every day, he drank until he vomited.

He thought that this work was truly not made for humans.

Mo Shenbai naturally knew what it was like to bid for projects.

He asked, “Dont tell me you plan to give up I heard that Lin Yins communication with the government is very good.”

Xu Jialu said disdainfully, “Hah! Even if I have to drink until my stomach perforates, I wont let him win this project!”

‘I wont allow that beast to win this project!

“Then, work harder!” Mo Shenbai, the ruthless capitalist, did not pity his brother-in-law at all.

After all, his brother-in-law was the biggest stumbling block in his relationship with Xu Youyou.

Meanwhile, Xu Youyou, who thought Mo Shenbai did not see anything, went to sleep.

That night, she had a dream again.


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