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Mo Shenbais heart pounded loudly in his chest.

A warm current surged into his heart, and the feeling frightened him.

He swallowed a few times before he said slowly in a low voice, “Me too…”

‘I like you, and Im very happy that you like me too…

Xu Youyou fell asleep very quickly despite the loud noises from the movie, missing his confessions again.

When Xu Youyou finally recovered, Mo Shenbai allowed her to return to her classes.

With that, he also returned to work.

When Xu Youyou returned to the university, she heard that one of her classmates had dropped out.

The specific reason was not clear, but she could vaguely guess it.

After all, if Lin Zhihuan did not have any help, it would have been impossible to lock Xu Youyou and Kang Mingcheng in the room.

As for how Kang Mingcheng figured out the identity of the accomplice, Xu Youyou did not care.

The important thing was the matter was over, and both her and Kang Mingchengs reputations were not tarnished.

There was no point in dwelling on unhappy things.

After that incident, Xu Youyous relationship with her female classmates had gotten better.

Nonetheless, they still could not help but gossip and ask Xu Youyou about her relationship with Mo Shenbai.

Xu Youyou and Mo Shenbais relationship was a little complicated.

She did not know how to answer the questions, and she did not want to lie.

In the end, she often relied on her smile to get through it.

A few of her male classmates who had been interested in her had also given up completely.

Not only was she taken, but their competitor was so strong.

They did not want to embarrass themselves and fight a losing battle.

At the end of the month, Su Lanxu invited Xu Youyou out to a barbecue restaurant.

The duo ate happily, and after filling their stomachs, they began to chat.

After hearing about Lin Zhihuans actions, Su Lanxu was furious.

She said through gritted teeth, “Where did Lin Zhihuan get the courage and confidence to compete with you Has she ever looked into the mirror at her house Her face is plastic! Even if all the women in the world went extinct and she was the only one left, Mo Shenbai still wouldnt spare her a glance!”

Xu Youyou sighed.

“Fortunately, I didnt marry into the Lin family.

Otherwise, Id be living in hell now.”

Su Lanxu nodded in agreement.

Suddenly, she thought of something and asked, “Thats right.

Mo Shenbai has a sister, right”


Xu Youyou nodded.


‘If it werent for his sister, he wouldnt have married me back then…

Su Lanxu said, slightly worried, “Most of the young misses from wealthy families are spoiled and a little unreasonable.

What if Mo Shenbais sister is also like that”

The image of Mo Zhiyun lying on the hospital bed appeared in Xu Youyous mind before she said in an uncertain tone, “I dont think so…”

When Xu Youyou recalled Mo Zhiyuns delicate and pretty face, she thought that Mo Zhiyun did not seem like a spoiled and rude girl.

Su Lanxu said, “I hope so.

Mo Shenbai looks aloof, but hes well-mannered and polite.

His younger sister shouldnt be that bad.

Moreover, youre so likable!”

Xu Youyou pouted and said, “Stop teasing me…”

Su Lanxus words reminded Xu Youyou that she did not know much about Mo Shenbai.

Apart from knowing he had a sister, she knew nothing.

He also did not mention his parents.

The duo continued chatting, losing track of time.

If Cang Ming did not call, Xu Youyou would not have realized it was almost 10 pm.

She hurriedly bade farewell to Su Lanxu and returned to Moon Pavilion.

As soon as Xu Youyou entered the house, the butler greeted her.

“Welcome back, Madam.”

Xu Youyou nodded before she asked, “Mo Shenbai still isnt back”

“Yes,” the butler said as he helped her remove her down jacket.

At the same time, he muttered to himself, “Its already past 10 pm.

If he doesnt come back soon, he wont make it in time to eat the Longevity noodles.”

Xu Youyou stopped in her tracks and asked, “What Longevity noodles”

The butler looked rather surprised.

He asked, “So Madam doesnt know Today is Sirs birthday.

Although he doesnt celebrate his birthday, I always get the kitchen to prepare a bowl of Longevity noodles for him every year.”

The wordstoday is Sirs birthday kept replaying in Xu Youyous mind over and over again.

It was Mo Shenbais birthday, but she was completely unaware of it.

Moreover, when she left this morning, he did not mention anything at all as though he himself had forgotten about his birthday.

It was already so late so the malls were already closed.

It was too late to buy a gift now.

However, Xu Youyou could not pretend like she did not know it was his birthday.

Even if Mo Shenbai did not care about this, she cared very much about this matter.

Xu Youyou hesitated for a moment before she called out, “Wait…”

“Madam, what are your orders” the butler asked respectfully after he turned to look at Xu Youyou.

“All of you should go and rest.”

“But Sir has yet to return…” the butler said with a hesitant expression on his face.

“Ill cook the Longevity noodles for him.

No matter how late he returns, Ill wait for him.

So, all of you can rest now,” Xu Youyou said in a soft but determined voice.

Upon hearing this, the butler smiled.

He knew Mo Shenbai would be very happy if Xu Youyou personally cooked for him.

Hence, he said, “Then, thank you for your hard work, Madam.”

After that, Xu Youyou went into her room.

She walked toward a cabinet and pulled the bottom drawer out before bringing out an exquisite box.

The hesitation in her eyes was slowly replaced by determination as she looked at the box.

During her birthday, Mo Shenbai had renovated a room into an art studio for her as a birthday present.

Now that it was his birthday, she wanted to give him something special as well.

‘Its a little embarrassing, but perhaps, hell like it!

After making up her mind, Xu Youyou changed her clothes before she went downstairs to make preparations and cook the Longevity noodles.

The moonlit night was quiet.

The streetlights illuminated peoples way home no matter how dark and late it was.

At this moment, a black Bentley pulled into the driveway.

Soon after, Mo Shenbai alighted from the car.

He looked up, and when he saw that the villa was completely dark, he frowned slightly.

No matter how late it was, the butler would usually leave a few lights on.

Mo Shenbai strode to the entrance and began to key in the password.

He took steps into the house when he caught a glimpse of the brightly-lit Christmas tree from the corners of his eyes.

It was the Christmas tree that he had previously placed in the attic.

At this time, a soft noise rang in the air before light flooded the room, illuminating the slender figure standing near the stairs.

Mo Shenbai instinctively looked up and was stunned.

Xu Youyou wore a white short-sleeved blouse with a red checkered bow.

Her long black hair was tied into pigtails.She wore a purple skirt that fell above her knees, and a pair of white stockings covered her legs below her knees.

She also wore a pair of flat leather shoes.


Xu Youyou looked rather young to begin with.

With her costume and hairstyle, she looked very cute.

Mo Shenbais breathing hitched as his eyes gradually darkened.

The heating in the villa was very good.

Even if Xu Youyou was dressed thinly, she would not feel cold.

However, at this moment, under his burning gaze, she could not help but shiver.


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