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Bai Qingyu could only watch helplessly as the property manager slipped away.

She felt both angry and powerless.

Mo Shenbai held Xu Youyous hand and walked into the house.

Cang Ming, who was following behind them, closed the door.

“What are you trying to do” Bai Qingyu looked at the few of them warily.

She could no longer conceal the panic in her heart.

“Shouldnt I be asking you this question” Xu Youyou asked with a hint of coldness, “How did I offend Miss Bai Why do you hate me so much Not only did you expose my past, but you even made sure my grandmother found out about it.”

“I, I dont know what youre talking about,” Bai Qingyu denied immediately.

She pointed at the door and said, “Please leave immediately.

Otherwise, Ill really call the police!”

Xu Youyou looked at Xu Jialu.


A frosty smile appeared on Xu Jialus face.

“I guess you wont give up until youve seen your coffin, right”

Xu Jialu looked at the message Mo Zhiyun sent him again.

Mo Zhiyun: The account on Weibo is newly created.

You should be able to find something.

Following that, Xu Jialus gaze landed on a white laptop on the dining table.

Bai Qingyu followed Xu Jialus gaze, and she quickly dashed to the dining table.

Xu Jialu reacted faster.

He grabbed Bai Qingyus hair and forcefully pulled her back before pressing her face against the wall.

Then, he said mockingly, “Why are you panicking Do you want to destroy the evidence”

Xu Jialu was still grabbing Bai Qingyus hair, and the strength he exerted was not small.

Bai Qingyu felt as though her scalp was going to tear.

She cried out in pain, “Ah.

Let me go! Let me go! Hurry up!”

Xu Jialus charming eyes were dark as he asked, “Are you going to pretend again”

Xu Jialu reached out with his other hand and gripped Bai Qingyus chin tightly, causing her fair skin to redden.

Bai Qingyu felt like her bone was going to break.

Xu Jialu had been a tyrant since he was young.

No one dared to bully him at school or on the streets he played in when he was young.

Now that he had grown up and entered the upper-class circle, he had only become more ruthless.

In his eyes, there was no distinction between men and women when it came to those who provoked him.

Bai Qingyu struggled desperately with all her might, but she still could not free herself.

She shouted anxiously, “Xu Youyou! Tell this lunatic to let go!”

Xu Youyou called out lightly, “Brother…”

Xu Jialu turned to glance at his sister.

Then, he released his grip on Bai Qingyu as he said fiercely, “Consider yourself lucky.”

Since Xu Youyou was present, Xu Jialu did not want to completely reveal his violent side.

Otherwise, he would definitely not let Bai Qingyu off so easily.

Bai Qingyu leaned against the wall.

She was so frightened that her body went limp.

She slid to the ground as she looked around fearfully.

She realized now that Xu Jialu did not act according to common sense.

Xu Jialu walked to the dining table and turned on the laptop.

Although Bai Qingyu had set a password, it was nothing to him.

Meanwhile, Xu Youyou looked at Bai Qingyu expressionlessly and asked, “How did you find out about my past”

Only a few people knew about Xu Youyous past.

Bai Qingyu was not in her past, and she had also just returned from abroad recently.

How could she have known about Xu Youyous past

Bai Qingyu lowered her gaze and did not say anything.

Xu Youyou moved to stand in front of Bai Qingyu before she squatted down.

For some reason, this was more intimidating than if she were to look down at Bai Qingyu from above.

She said, “Its unlikely that Lin Yin told you about it so it can only be Lin Zhihuan…”

Bai Qingyu looked at Xu Youyous moving lips.

The words that came out of Xu Youyous mouth were like a chill that permeated her bones, causing her to shiver involuntarily.

“The post on the university forum wasnt posted by you.

It was posted by Lin Zhihuan.

However, when you saw that the original post and the subsequent posts had been taken down, you were so angry so you sent a message to my grandmother before posting on Weibo, right”

Although Xu Youyou had spoken nonchalantly, Bai Qingyu was very frightened.

She suddenly realized Xu Youyou was not like what Lin Zhihuan described at all.

Xu Youyou was not simple-minded, sweet, weak, and easy to bully.

Xu Youyou was far smarter than them.

It was just that most of the time, everyone was deceived by her sweet and cute appearance and did not notice her intelligence.

“Since Lin Zhihuan told you so much, did she tell you that my grandmother is very ill If anything happened to her, youd be a murderer.

Even if the law cant punish you, do you think I, my brother, and the Xu family will let you go”

Bai Qingyus eyes widened in fear as she hurriedly said, “I didnt know your grandmother is seriously ill! I only wanted to make your grandmother anxious and teach you a little lesson! I didnt mean to hurt anyone! I dont know anything at all!”

‘A little lesson

Xu Jialu sneered.

‘These people really dont know what pain feels like unless its inflicted on them.

Xu Youyou smiled, but the smile did not reach her eyes as she said, “You dont know anything Why are you helping Lin Zhihuan to do evil What did I do to offend you Even if you resent me because of my engagement to Lin Yin back then, shouldnt the person you hate be Lin Yin Im not the one who abandoned you.”

“Thats because…” Bai Qingyu stopped speaking abruptly when she saw Mo Shenbai, who had been silent the entire time, raising an eyebrow.

His gaze was cold and piercing, seeming as though it could cut her into pieces.

Compared to Xu Youyou and Xu Jialu, Mo Shenbai made her feel a sense of danger.

He was not someone she could afford to offend.

Otherwise, she would not even know how she died.

Xu Youyou was too lazy to continue speaking to Bai Qingyu.

She rose to her feet and walked toward Xu Jialu before she asked, “Brother, have you found it”

Xu Jialu nodded.

“Her account is logged in on the laptop.

The number she used to send Grandma the message was from an app.”


Then call the police and let them handle it,” Xu Youyou said.

“You really want the police to handle it” Xu Jialu was surprised.

The incident back then was also handled by the police.

In the end, the outcome was… unsatisfactory.

Xu Youyou said with certainty, “Call the police.

We have to believe in the justice system.”

Xu Jialu did not say anything.

Instead, he looked at Mo Shenbai.

Mo Shenbai nodded.

With that, Xu Jialu said, “Alright.

If you want to call the police, then well call the police.”

Bai Qingyu, who was leaning against the wall, sighed in relief.

Compared to Mo Shenbai and Xu Jialu, the police were the better choice.

Xu Youyou turned to Bai Qingyu and said, “Miss Bai, the marriage agreement I had with Lin Yin had ended long ago.

In fact, even if it had not ended, youre welcome to take him away.

I really dont care.”

Xu Youyou shrugged.

Clearly, she did not care about Lin Yin at all.

Mo Shenbai glanced at Xu Youyou briefly.

He was displeased by the mention of Lin Yin, but he endured it.

After Xu Jialu gathered the evidence, he rose to his feet, preparing to lodge a report.

When Xu Youyou was at the door, she suddenly thought of something.

She turned back to look at the woman, who was leaning against the wall weakly, and said, “Dont be the knife in another persons hand in the future.

Perhaps, a bit of leniency might be shown if it involves the members of the Xu family and the Lin family due to old friendship.

However, its not the case for you.”


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