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Xu Youyou injured her right arm.

However, apart from the inconvenience of daily life, it did not affect her much.

She was only hospitalized briefly before she was discharged.

The drivers seat was hit the most severely.

Although Mo Zhiyuns life was saved, she was seriously injured, and her legs were crippled.

Her face was mottled with bruises, her lips were cracked, and her eyes were lifeless like those of a doll.

It was as though she had lost her soul.

Ever since she regained consciousness, she had not spoken.

When Xu Youyou saw the state Mo Zhiyun was in, her eyes could not help but redden in sadness.

Mo Shenbai put his arm around her shoulders and said comfortingly in a low voice, “This isnt your fault.

Youve done well…”

After all, if it were not for Xu Youyou, Mo Zhiyun would be in a crematorium right now, not the hospital.

“If only I could stop her…” Xu Youyou said, blaming herself for not being able to stop Mo Zhiyun.

Mo Shenbai stroked her head and said, “Even if you can stop her this time, what if theres a next time How many times can you stop it No one can control fate…”

These words were meant for Xu Youyou and even more so for Mo Zhiyun.

Xu Youyou nodded reluctantly.

Then, she walked to the bedside and said softly, “Zhiyun, dont be sad.

Everything will be fine.”

Mo Zhiyuns eyelashes fluttered slightly.

When she met Xu Youyous eyes, tears rolled down her cheeks.

Although no one had told her about her condition, she could sense it herself.

Perhaps, it was more precise to say she knew about her condition due to what she could not sense; she could not sense her legs.

Xu Youyou clumsily wiped the tears off Mo Zhiyuns face with her left hand.

“Dont cry, dont cry.


Bai will definitely find the best doctor to treat you! Right, Mr.

Bai” She turned to look at the aloof man pleadingly as though she was saying, “Hurry up and say something!”

Mo Shenbai was expressionless, and his voice was cold as usual as he said, “Its good that shes crippled.

It saves me the trouble of finding someone to keep an eye on you when I lock you up at home.”

Xu Youyou: “…”


Bai, I really didnt expect you to be such a person!

Mo Zhiyun seemed to be agitated by Mo Shenbais words.

Her tears fell faster, and she cried until she was gasping for air.

Her delicate face was flushed red.

Xu Youyou frantically wiped Mo Zhiyuns tears away.

Her heart was about to break from all the tears.

She said, “You, dont cry anymore… Youre making me want to cry too.”

‘Crying is contagious!

Upon hearing this, Mo Shenbai frowned.

He said icily, “If you continue crying, Ill send someone to break his legs.”

To Mo Shenbai, it did not matter if Mo Zhiyun cried until she went blind.

However, he would not let Xu Youyou cry.

Mo Zhiyun sniffed and quickly restrained her tears with much difficulty.

Her lips were tightly pursed.


Xu Youyou was dumbfounded.

She discreetly gave Mo Shenbai a thumbs-up as she thought to herself,So this method works as well…

A faint smile appeared on Mo Shenbais face when he saw the thumbs-up.

When the two looked at each other, their love could not be concealed at all.

Mo Zhiyun pouted, feeling aggrieved.

She was already in such a state but was treated in this manner.

It was one thing for her brother to threaten her, but was there a need to display his love to her sister-in-law in front of her She really felt that perhaps, it was better if she had died.

Mo Shenbais smile vanished from his face when he shifted his gaze to Mo Zhiyun.

His voice was very faint as he said, “Hes outside.

He wants to see you.”

Mo Zhiyun raised her head in shock.

After a few seconds, she hurriedly shook her head.

She was already crippled; she could not face him.

“Ill ask Pei Chuan to drive him away,” Mo Shenbai said lightly.

Upon hearing this, Mo Zhiyun looked at Mo Shenbai tearily.

After hesitating for a moment, she called out weakly, “Brother…”

In the end, Mo Zhiyun still could not bear to drive Lu Heyun away.

However, she also could not bear to see him.

With Mo Shenbais intelligence, how could he be unable to see through Mo Zhiyuns thoughts He said, “Rest well.

Well talk about other things later…”

Mo Shenbais meaning was that he would no longer care about or interfere with her and Lu Heyun.

The meaning behind Mo Shenbais words dawned on Mo Zhiyun, she was not happy.

Her gaze that was brimming with bitterness fell on her legs under the blanket as she thought to herself,Im crippled now.

Im no longer worthy of him…

Moon Pavilion.

Due to her injured arm, it was difficult for Xu Youyou to change her clothes and such.

It was not enough that Mo Shenbai helped her change her clothes, but he also insisted on helping her bathe.

Xu Youyou said shyly, “You dont have to do this… Just let the female helper do this…”

Mo Shenbai frowned.

“Youd rather have someone else help you with this”

Xu Youyou: “”

‘Why do you make it sound like Im abandoning you

Mo Shenbai lowered his head and whispered next to her ear in a husky voice, “Previously, I helped you bathe every time you fell asleep.

Were you dissatisfied with my service”

Xu Youyou: “!!!”

‘Hey! Can you stop saying such words!

Xu Youyou was so embarrassed that her entire body turned red.

She did not know how to reply to him at all.

In a moment of desperation, she tiptoed and quickly kissed him to prevent him from talking again.

Mo Shenbai was afraid that she would fall so he hurriedly reached out to wrap his arm around her slender waist before he seized the opportunity to deepen the kiss.

After a moment, he said, “Although your arm will heal, the doctor said that you need to rest well.

Be good and endure for a while, okay”

Xu Youyou: “…”

‘Endure what! I dont have to endure anything! Youre talking nonsense!

When Mo Shenbai saw Xu Youyous speechless and crying without tears expression, he was very amused.

He smiled and said, “Youre really too cute…”

Xu Youyou became proud as soon as she was praised.

“I really envy you for having such a cute girlfriend like me!”

The smile on Mo Shenbais face deepened.

He leaned over and gently bit her lips before he said, “Not girlfriend, but wife…”


Xu Youyou leaned against him with a smile on her face.

‘Im his wife, and hes my husband.

Weve been husband and wife for quite a while now…

In fact, Xu Youyous injury was rather minor.

Although it looked scary, it was essentially just a surface wound.

She did not break her bones or damaged her nerves.

She took care not to let her wound get wet and changed the dressing on time.

As such, her wound healed rather quickly.

After a few days, it no longer hurt, but it was only a little itchy.

Needless to say, Mo Shenbai made sure she did not scratch it, afraid that it would leave a scar if she accidentally tore the scab.

He could already imagine her sadness if it left a scar.

During the day, Mo Shenbai had to go to the company so he could not keep an eye on her.

As such, he instructed the butler and helpers to keep an eye on her, making sure she did not pick at the scab or scratch it.

Xu Youyou, who was being watched 24 hours a day, felt like it was worse than being in prison.

In the end, she used the excuse of visiting Mo Zhiyun in the hospital to escape.

Alas, Cang Ming parked the car when they arrived at the hospital and followed Xu Youyou into the hospital.

“Im not a criminal.

Why am I being watched 24 hours a day” Xu Youyou asked exasperatedly as she pressed a button in the elevator.

Cang Ming lowered his gaze and pretended not to hear her.

He was following orders after all.

He had been instructed to keep an eye on her.


Xu Youyou walked out of the elevator and made her way to Mo Zhiyuns ward.

When she arrived, she saw the door was slightly ajar.

She was about to push the door open when she heard Zhiyuns weak and hoarse voice.

“You dont have to come here every day to take care of me.

You dont have to feel obligated to do so.”

Xu Youyou withdrew her hand immediately, planning to return later.

At the same time, another voice rang in the room.


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