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After listening to Fu Jianchens words, Xu Youyou agreed without hesitation.


A hint of a smile finally appeared in Fu Jianchens eyes.


Its a deal then.”

At this time, Xie Yumu ran over and pointed at the sky as he said excitedly, “Godmother, I found my mother.

Shes really in the sky.”

Xu Youyou nodded with a smile as she squatted down to look at Xie Yumu and said, “Thats right.

Your mom is watching you from the sky so you have to eat well and sleep well.

Just like your mom said, you have to grow up well.”

“Okay!” Xie Yumu nodded fiercely.

Then, his eyes were drawn to the painting in Xu Youyous hands.

He asked, “Wow! This is a painting of you, Godmother!”

Xu Youyou nodded.

Xie Yumu quickly looked at Fu Jianchen and asked, “Brother, can you paint my Mommy too”

The vein on Fu Jianchens forehead throbbed.

Xie Yumu had addressed Xu Youyou asgodmother and addressed him asbrother.

Suddenly, he was a generation lower.

He said, displeased, “Whatbrother Call meuncle.”

Xie Yumu was very flexible.

He changed his tone and called out, “Uncle…”

Before Xie Yumu could finish his words, Fu Jianchen refused Xie Yumu decisively.


A crestfallen expression appeared on Xie Yumus face immediately.

Xu Youyou patted Xie Yumu and said, “Dont be sad.

Did you forget that I can paint and draw as well”

Xie Yumus eyes lit up instantly as he looked at her hopefully.

“Ill start painting when we return!”

Xie Yumu said with a smile, “Thank you, Godmother!”

“Lets go home,” Xu Youyou said as she held Xie Yumus hand and rose to her feet.

She was at a loss when she looked at her surroundings.

They were on top of a mountain, and there were no cabs.

Even if she called Cang Ming, it would take about an hour before Cang Ming arrived.

At this moment, the person who put them in this situation walked over with his helmet and said casually, “Lets go.

Ill send both of you back.”

Xu Youyou hesitated.

She did not want to ride on the motorcycle, and she really did not want Xie Yumu to ride on the motorcycle.

“The temperature here will only get lower and lower.

Are you sure you want him to endure the cold here” Fu Jianchen asked as he handed the helmet to her.

Xu Youyou did not hesitate for too long before she took the helmet and put it on.

Then, she squatted down and helped Xie Yumu put on the helmet and buttoned up the coat.

Xie Yumu sat in front of Fu Jianchen while Xu Youyou sat behind Fu Jianchen.

There was no support behind her so she could only hold on to Fu Jianchens shirt tightly.

“Hold on tight,” Fu Jianchen reminded Xu Youyou.

Without waiting for a reply, he sped off with a loud roar.

Xu Youyou: “…”

‘What did I do wrong that I have to sit on a motorcycle on such a cold night I really feel like crying!


The torture from the cold did not last long.

Not long after Fu Jianchen rode down the mountain, a few cars drove over from two directions and pulled to a stop, blocking the motorcycle.

When he pulled to a stop, he was only about ten feet away from the cars.


Xu Youyou and Xie Yumu had yet to react.

At this time, the door of the car in the lead opened, and Mo Shenbai got out of the car.

The expression on his face at this moment was bone-chilling.

The bodyguards who stood at his back looked extremely intimidating as well.

Xie Yumu, who was sitting in front, had the best view so he quickly saw Mo Shenbai.

He said, “Godmother, its godfather!”

Xu Youyou leaned to the side and saw Mo Shenbai.

Before Xu Youyous joy spread to her sparkling eyes, Mo Shenbai said coldly, “Little treasure, come here.”


Xu Youyou obediently got off the motorcycle without hesitation.

However, due to the limited space on the motorcycle, she struggled with getting off.

Upon seeing this, Mo Shenbai strode over, grabbed her waist with one hand, and carried her off the motorcycle.

At this time, Xie Tingxi got off the car at the back.

He walked over and carried Xie Yumu down.

Xie Yumu did not like Xie Tingxi so he struggled desperately in Xie Tingxis arms as he cried out, “Let go of me! Dont touch me!”

Xie Tingxi smacked Xie Yumus butt with a hint of impatience.

However, his voice was calm as he said, “Behave yourself.”

Xu Youyou, who was already standing on the ground, quickly said, “Dont be so fierce to him!”

Xie Tingxi turned to look at her meaningfully as he said, “Sister-in-law, you should worry about yourself first.”

After Xie Tingxi finished speaking, his eyes swept over to Fu Jianchen meaningfully.

Xu Youyou did not understand Xie Tingxis meaning.

She only felt Mo Shenbais hand grip tightening around her hand.

It felt as though he was going to break her bones.

Mo Shenbais icy gaze was like a knife as he looked at Fu Jianchen, who was still sitting on the motorcycle.

After a moment, he said frostily, “Stay away from my wife.”

Then, without waiting for a reply, Mo Shenbai led Xu Youyou to the car.

“Wait! Mumu… Mumu…”

Mo Shenbai did not seem to hear Xu Youyou as he forced her into the car and slammed the door shut.

Then, as he walked to the other side of the car, he looked at Xie Tingxi and said, “Send him back to Moon Pavilion.”

From the beginning to the end, Mo Shenbai did not spare Fu Jianchen another look.

Xie Tingxi pursed his lips before he said, “Fine.”

Then, Xie Tingxi removed the coat on Xie Yumus body and tossed it to Fu Jianchen before he said, “Thank you for your kindness, Young Master Fu.”

Fu Jianchen caught the coat with one hand; he did not put it back on.

His eyes were trained on the Bentley in front of him.

Meanwhile, after getting into the car, Mo Shenbai ordered the driver to drive.

The bodyguards got into the other car and drove away as well.

Soon enough, Xie Tingxi also left with Xie Yumu.

After all the cars left, Fu Jianchen still did not leave.

Instead, he leaned against the motorcycle before lighting up a cigarette and looked in the direction where the Bentley had driven away.

He licked his lips before a smile appeared on his face.

‘Forget it.

I wont struggle anymore…

Fu Jianchens rationality and reason over the past few days disappeared the moment he saw Xu Youyou again.

He knew it was against morals, but he still chose to follow his heart in the end.

He allowed his feelings to spread in his heart.

In the car.

Mo Shenbai did not speak.

His expression was tense, and a frown could be seen on his face.

His aura seemed to keep others from approaching him.

Xu Youyou licked her lower lip as she stole a glance at him.

She felt like she had done something wrong, but she did not know exactly what she had done wrong.

Soon enough, a thought appeared in her mind, and she said apologetically, “Im sorry.

I didnt mean to make you worry.

He suddenly said he was going to bring Mumu to see his mother.

I was so anxious, and there was no time to call Cang Ming…”


Before Xu Youyou could finish speaking, Mo Shenbai asked icily, “How long has it been”


For a moment, Xu Youyou did not understand what Mo Shenbai meant.

“How long have you known each other” Mo Shenbai asked as he turned to look at her with his dark eyes.

He tried his best to hide his surging emotions from her.

“We met when I was helping Zhiyun pursue Lu Heyun.

Its been almost half a year,” Xu Youyou replied truthfully.

‘Half a year! Without me knowing, theyd known each other for half a year!

Mo Shenbais hands that were at the sides were clenched into fists.

Xu Youyou sensed something was amiss so she asked softly, “Mr.

Bai, whats wrong”

There was an indescribable anger burning in Mo Shenbais heart at this time.

However, he still tried his best to suppress it.

He reminded himself that Xu Youyou did not know anything and that he should not vent his anger on her.

After suppressing his emotions, he finally managed to force out a few words.

“Dont ever meet him again in the future!”

Xu Youyou was puzzled and stunned.

Her curiosity got the best of her, and she asked, “Why”


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