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Xu Youyou panicked and instinctively reached out to grab Madam Lins arm.

However, when Madam Lin saw Xu Youyou was about to fall, not only did she not reach out to help Xu Youyou, but she even took a step back when Xu Youyou was about to grab her arm.

Xu Youyous eyes widened in surprise.

Just as she was about to fall to the ground, someone caught her up and helped her to stabilize her footing.

Before Xu Youyou could react, an arrogant and angry voice rang out, “F*ck! You actually attacked my sister!”

The voice belonged to Xu Jialu.

When Xu Youyou looked up and saw Xu Jialu, her eyes reddened again.

For a moment, the grievances and humiliation she suffered surged up uncontrollably in her heart.

Madam Lin looked at Xu Jialu, who was dressed in a pink suit, as her face flushed red from anger.

She said self-righteously, “I only pushed her gently! She was the one who lost her balance! How dare you scold me How did your parents raise you”


Lin Zhihui chimed in, “Thats right! She clearly lost her balance and fell.

What does it have to do with my mother!”

“What does it have to do with you how my parents raised me” Xu Jialu retorted.

His pair of seductive phoenix eyes were filled with anger as he glared at Madam Lin, “That bast*rd Lin Yin is lucky that Youyou was willing to marry him, but he actually dares to f*cking run away on the day of the wedding! Does he think our Xu family is easy to bully”


Xu Jialu had overheard the earlier conversation and had nowhere to vent his anger.

He thought now was a good chance to do so.

He turned to Lin Zhihuan and continued to say, “And you, Lin Zhihuan, who the f*ck do you think you are Your legs are like that of an elephant, your waist is like a bucket, and you have a flat face.

You cant even compare to a strand of Youyous hair! Are you so jealous that you lost your mind I bet its hollow inside your head!”


Lin Zhihuan began to cry as Xu Jialu scolded her.

“Mom, he…”

Madam Lins anger soared when she listened to Xu Jialus insult that was peppered with curse words.

She was so angry that she could only say, “You, you, you…”

“You what” Xu Jialus expression was dark as he said through gritted teeth, “When you return, tell your son not to appear in front of me in the future.

Otherwise, Ill beat him up every time I see him.

Ill beat him up until his mother cant recognize him!”

Xu Jialu was a well-known hedonist in Mo City.

He was known for racing cars and fighting.

Hence, Madam Lin did not doubt Xu Jialus words.

She said furiously, “What a terrible family.

Your family is really not up to standard.

Apart from my son, who else would fancy this vulgar country bumpkin”

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After saying that, Madam Lin pulled Lin Zhihuan and walked away.

“F*ck!” Xu Jialu cursed.

How dare these people insult his precious sister!

Xu Jialu was about to step forward to teach the duo a lesson when Madam Lin turned around and saw the vicious expression on Xu Jialus face, she was so frightened that she hastened her steps and hurried away.

“Brother…” Xu Youyou grabbed Xu Jialus arm as she calmly said, “Forget it.”

Despite Xu Youyous calm tone, a hint of sorrow and loss could be heard in it.

Xu Youyou knew that if her brother acted against those two women, he would be labeled violent and vicious again.

Over the past few years, Xu Jialu had fought for her a lot.

Xu Jialu cursed under his breath before he turned to his sister.

He inhaled deeply to calm down before he said, “Youyou, dont be sad.

That bast*rd Lin Yin, that son of a b*tch, doesnt deserve you at all! In the future, Ill find you the best man in the world!”

Xu Youyou pursed her lips.

She would be lying if she said she was not sad when Lin Yin left without any hesitation.

After all, she had liked him.

In any case, she was one to look ahead.

She would always do her best to live and survive.

It was her goal to become better and better.

Finally, she said, “Im fine.

Its just that Grandma…”

Half a year ago, Xu Youyous grandmother was diagnosed with terminal cancer.

The doctor said that she had a year at most to live.

This was the reason her parents went to the Lin family to bring up the matter of Xu Youyou and Lin Yins engagement.

Her grandmother was most worried about her, and her only wish was to see Xu Youyou get married and start a family of her own.

She wanted Xu Youyou to live a happy life.


Xu Youyou was worried about her grandmothers reaction when her grandmother found out that she had broken up with Lin Yin and there would be no wedding.

Would her grandmother be able to endure such a shock

Xu Jialus expression turned grave when he thought about his grandmothers condition.

Suddenly, as though he just thought of something, he placed his hand on Xu Youyous shoulder and said, “Its okay.

I have an idea.”

Xu Youyou looked up at him, waiting for him to speak.

Xu Jialu said confidently, “Wait here! Ill definitely find the best man in the world to marry you!”

After saying that, Xu Jialu did not wait for Xu Youyous reply before he walked toward the elevator as he brought his phone out to make a call.

“Brother, Brother…” Xu Youyou called out.

In the end, she did not stop him.

She really did not know what her brother was going to do.

Since there would be no wedding today, she had to inform her parents.

Just as she lifted the hem of her dress and turned around, her ankle twisted slightly, causing her to cry out in pain.

Just as she was about to fall, a pair of fair hands with long and slender fingers reached out from the side and firmly grabbed her arm.



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